Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) 가사

The Temptations - Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today)
아티스트: The Temptations
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1, 2... 1, 2, 3, 4, Ow! [Eddie] People moving out, people moving in Why, because of the color of their skin Run, run, run but you sure can't hide An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth Vote for me and I'll set you free Rap on, brother, rap on [Dennis] Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the (preacher) And it seems nobody's interested in learning but the (teacher) Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, Aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation Ball of confusion. Oh yeah, that's what the world is today. Woo, hey, hey [Paul] The sale of pills are at an all time high Young folks walking round with their heads in the sky The cities ablaze in the summertime And oh, the beat goes on [Dennis] Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soul Shooting rockets to the moon, kids growing up too soon Politicians say more taxes will solve everything [Melvin] And the band played on So, round and around and around we go Where the world's headed, nobody knows [Instrumental] Oh, great googamooga, can't you hear me talking to you Just a ball of confusion Oh yeah, that's what the world is today Woo, hey, hey [Eddie] Fear in the air, tension everywhere Unemployment rising fast, the Beatles new record's a gas [Dennis] And the only safe place to live is on an Indian reservation [Melvin:] And the band played on Eve of destruction, tax deduction, city inspectors, bill collectors Mod clothes in demand, population out of hand, suicide, too many bills Hippies moving to the hills. People all over the world are shouting, 'End the war.' [Melvin] And the band played on [Instrumental] Great googalooga, can't you hear me talking to you Sayin'... ball of confusion That's what the world is today, hey, hey Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya Sayin'... ball of confusion That's what the world is today, hey, hey Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya Sayin'... ball of confusion

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charles aniel
charles aniel 답글 연결
most taxes are not paid by the rich
Deborah Head
Deborah Head 답글 연결
Eddie Kendrick is the best tenor voice in music history, imo!
Marie Miller
Marie Miller 답글 연결
i like they used the beat goes on from sonny and cher also the great googamooga from sanford and son tv show grady said that all the time ..cool song really far out man
Kevin Kidder
Kevin Kidder 답글 연결
Ball of confusion should be played to all politicians .Nancy first
Kunchuz King
Kunchuz King 1 답글 연결
Tried to wake us up looong ago ..
starwalker blue
starwalker blue 답글 연결
ball of s#it
CannonRushed 3 답글 연결
Who's watching in 2059?
Michael Beres
Michael Beres 5 답글 연결
"..politicians say more taxes, will solve everything!" The DNC's slogan in perpetuity.
Michael Beres
Michael Beres 답글 연결
1, 2... 1 ,2, 3 ,4 Owh!
Teresa Vasey
Teresa Vasey 답글 연결
And the beat goes on, and I am dancing, and we all live in the matrix...
Joe G
Joe G 1 답글 연결
Liberals keep on the big ball of confusion for their political gain
Christina Tubbs
Christina Tubbs 답글 연결
The world its still in state of mind
Ziad Obaid
Ziad Obaid 답글 연결
Watchmen brought me here
simon holmes
simon holmes 답글 연결
Africa full of fat women and skin and bone children that's what the world is today.
J a Street
J a Street 답글 연결
It is not just my Imagination ✌
William Bethel
William Bethel 1 답글 연결
We love you young kids
Mike Marcott
Mike Marcott 답글 연결
Time traveler I totally dig this video man I watch it at least twice a week! Temptations and Motown is like Led Zeppelin to rock
Valerieann Rumpf
Valerieann Rumpf 1 답글 연결
Still rings true in 2019.
paradiddle16 답글 연결
amazing tune! Tenison in the air ;)
Count 답글 연결
It's not a ball but I love this song.....Learn the true story of how the Michelson Morley experiment proved we aren't spinning and how Einstein wrote a mathematical equation to "spin" the results....read your bible...It's FLAT.

Mud Man
Mud Man 답글 연결
I remember looking forward to on a Sunday in Chicago and watch the Soul Train I'm a white guy I thought it was great I'm 60 and I still remember all the words
john e Lawler
john e Lawler 답글 연결
this sums up todays shit storm perfectly
Lucius Walker
Lucius Walker 2 답글 연결
Do not inpachment
Donald trump he is
A good p
rotabo001 1 답글 연결
50 years ago and we're still dealing with this shit.
2PACBRB2014 2 답글 연결
watchmen brought me here
Spider-Man 199999
Spider-Man 199999 3 답글 연결
Looking Glass and Sister Night
2PACBRB2014 1 답글
Edna Ewell
Edna Ewell 1 답글 연결
Looking for a 2020 Resistance song. Whatcha thank?
LUCKY 472 답글 연결
#MESSAGEINDAMUSIC!!! {-_-} Listen up !!🎼🎶🎤🎧
Stephen Dailey
Stephen Dailey 답글 연결
Excellent video.
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson 2 답글 연결

ludagouda123 답글 연결
Cept it's not a ball...
Kevin Kidder
Kevin Kidder 3 답글 연결
Lived in Detroit in to the 70's this doing was ahead of it's time.
Kevin Kidder
Kevin Kidder 답글
I meant ahead of it's time. The temps were the greatest
I have all their recordings
scott soulia
scott soulia 답글 연결
Timeless commentary on human nature.
Sean Goodman
Sean Goodman 1 답글 연결
We are still that.
Janine Harrington
Janine Harrington 1 답글 연결
The world is still a ball of confusion. Even. More so....
Omniavincitlove 1956
¿Quién está escuchando este gran tema en octubre del 2019?
John Allen
John Allen 답글 연결
Man, that is the way it was back then. There were so many things happening at the same time that some people got vertigo. Music was everywhere and there were so many bands making the scene. I lived around Cleveland and just about every band coming out played there. Demonstrations and sit-ins and things like that along with protests. Even though R&R was driving Motown and the Temptations were right there all the way through. A lot of good groups came out of Detroit. White kids liked Motown just as much as black kids. There was a time there around 67 or so where black and white people were starting to come together as one. I felt it.
Daphne Lynne
Daphne Lynne 답글 연결
Orange idiot in the white house....
jaboa jump
jaboa jump 답글 연결
i dont care who you are black or white this is just GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT...PLAY IT AGAIN,
Septia Woman
Septia Woman 답글 연결
I was just coming into the world...if I knew then what I know now...that where your treasure be, there be your heart also. And many store up greed, etc.