Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) 가사

The Temptations - Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today)
아티스트: The Temptations
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1, 2... 1, 2, 3, 4, Ow! [Eddie] People moving out, people moving in Why, because of the color of their skin Run, run, run but you sure can't hide An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth Vote for me and I'll set you free Rap on, brother, rap on [Dennis] Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the (preacher) And it seems nobody's interested in learning but the (teacher) Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, Aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation Ball of confusion. Oh yeah, that's what the world is today. Woo, hey, hey [Paul] The sale of pills are at an all time high Young folks walking round with their heads in the sky The cities ablaze in the summertime And oh, the beat goes on [Dennis] Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soul Shooting rockets to the moon, kids growing up too soon Politicians say more taxes will solve everything [Melvin] And the band played on So, round and around and around we go Where the world's headed, nobody knows [Instrumental] Oh, great googamooga, can't you hear me talking to you Just a ball of confusion Oh yeah, that's what the world is today Woo, hey, hey [Eddie] Fear in the air, tension everywhere Unemployment rising fast, the Beatles new record's a gas [Dennis] And the only safe place to live is on an Indian reservation [Melvin:] And the band played on Eve of destruction, tax deduction, city inspectors, bill collectors Mod clothes in demand, population out of hand, suicide, too many bills Hippies moving to the hills. People all over the world are shouting, 'End the war.' [Melvin] And the band played on [Instrumental] Great googalooga, can't you hear me talking to you Sayin'... ball of confusion That's what the world is today, hey, hey Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya Sayin'... ball of confusion That's what the world is today, hey, hey Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya Sayin'... ball of confusion

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Bill Muir
Bill Muir 답글 연결
A trip back I love it.
Kim Kelly
Kim Kelly 답글 연결
There's a part in this song that talks about kids growing up too fast... kids today think they know it all.
“To watch. To wait. To wonder at a world in chaos,' the girl said. 'And hope one day you fools might learn.” ― David Hewson, Macbeth
And the world wags on, ... Will
Henry cochran II
Henry cochran II 답글 연결
Yeah Trump is the lead singer,I can see it😲
Cannapot Hanfsamen
I love this song...for years now - they were ahead of its time and the song is so powerful - it is just amazing!!!
Chris Maw
Chris Maw 답글 연결
This fits all times sounds like what where at
Johnnice Milton
Johnnice Milton 답글 연결
This song predicted the future
jabbar ali
jabbar ali 답글 연결
The beatles are gone
Stephen Martinez
Stephen Martinez 답글 연결
My hat's off to you boy I remember this song growing up on Eastside of Detroit Michigan when it first came out in the 60s how it's so true today come full circle look at our climate look at the narcotic situation the pill situation the taxes situation look how the commercials for our elected officials how were lied to and how they lie on each other and on and on and on a ball of confusion
Jimmie Perryman
Jimmie Perryman 답글 연결
Wow..the tempts must have seen this coming..
TREV617 답글 연결
Its as relevant today if not more so as now we are told what to think and say by the man but no problem
coastalcowboy707 답글 연결
What has changed from then and now? Hopefully, a Republican Rule, instead of the Failed generation of Democrats that have an has come up. Nothing has changed under the Tulige of Democrats.
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 답글 연결
Bao Radcliffe
Bao Radcliffe 1 답글 연결
This song is as true today as it was in 1970
Russ Ramey
Russ Ramey 답글 연결
The total relevance of this song, literally brings a tear to my eye. Lord help us, we have learned nothing, we are making it worse.
Richard Yescas
Richard Yescas 답글 연결
S I N.
flufferstuff 답글 연결
Great song, good video. Consider remaking with with the flat earth model.
The earth is about 4 times smaller than the implied size by the lie of a globe earth.
Carla Costa
Carla Costa 2 답글 연결
I was in sixth grade this song came out. I was a little hippie. The teacher let me and several friends entertain them after lunch. We had 45's and tambourines and we sang to the records on stage in the auditorium. Nothing has changed much today, hey hey!
Angela Greene
Angela Greene 답글 연결
If you are USA 🇺🇸 American this is a great 👍 Historical Song !!!
Why? Listen 👂 to the All American Industry : Manufacturing ~ blow the whistle :: Transportation ~ blow the whistle & whistle while you work because the day goes by much faster & builds creativity & the wheels of a car 🚘 & a 🚂 trains go ~ Round and Round ...
Michael Whalen
Michael Whalen 답글 연결
I hope there is someone to sing it in 40 years..few listened to the song's relevance in the 70s.

awomanwonderful 답글 연결
That’s what the world is today! Sho nuf! It’s worst!!! People walking into to the work place killing people! All the Temptations are dead.. love me some Eddie! Hahaha. this song, like many others was ahead of the game. The people on planet earth make it messy. We all knew it was headed in this direction. It’s just some of us aren’t around any longer to witness the human catastrophe up close.
mark demers
mark demers 답글 연결
And the band played on !!!! Great lyrics , Everything rhymes !!!
basedjj93 답글 연결
So timeless. I'm only 25 but I know great music & this stuff is the epitome
Alan J Poole
Alan J Poole 1 답글 연결
AshleenWoods 답글 연결
1970: "The only safe place to live is the Indian Reservation." Three years later, the second Wounded Knee. Nope.

40 (nearly 50) or so years later, this song is still relevant. The more things change, the more they stay the same :/
Robert Gage
Robert Gage 답글 연결
OH MY the memories...i listened to this song when i was in college. My goodness...if the Tempatations are still alive what must they be thinking today ?????? 45 years later. Unbelievable. Great job guys. Great song.
ade2trey 답글 연결
With all due respect , I think Leon Bridges's remake of this song is better. Maybe it is because of the use of better instruments.
Ruben Ramos
Ruben Ramos 답글 연결
Its an exact ...!! Year i was born .maybe thats why..??
Cyndi Gallo
Cyndi Gallo 1 답글 연결
Run... run.. but you can't hide.....some people got their heads up into the clouds, The only safe place to live.....is the Indian Reservations...NOT, Becuz the Government/ Corporations are ruining their LAND/Water too. Leave them alone. From this 1/2 Native Apache American Indian.
Cyndi Gallo
Cyndi Gallo 답글 연결
Round and round we go, where we wind up, nobody knows............people moving to the hills, that's what the world is today, BALL OF CONFUSION...............😧and the band played on.............2018.

Randy R
Randy R 1 답글 연결
Welcome to 2018!!!
kariebeez 1 답글 연결
Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it. Repeatedly making the same mistake(s) and expecting a different result indicates insanity. Einstein sure wasn't wrong.
TACOYO 2 답글 연결
On the soundtrack of BlacKkKlansman! this great song!
michael overstreet
Apply the lyrics to today.
Joe Lea
Joe Lea 답글 연결
even more apt today
Angel Tigger77
Angel Tigger77 답글 연결
BlackkKlansmann brought me here before he F**** movie even came out!!!
Angel Tigger77
Angel Tigger77 답글
+Shak Are you f*** up on drugs?? Sure sounds like it! Understand NOW??
Shak 답글
+Angel Tigger77 I just don't know what you are saying?
Shak 답글
+Angel Tigger77 nodding what?
Angel Tigger77
Angel Tigger77 답글
+Shak wake up Shak. Are you nodding? I'm NOT!
Shak 답글
+Angel Tigger77 Wait What?
Michael May
Michael May 답글 연결
don't you think life is this way thats how the mind works
David Pack
David Pack 답글 연결
Talk about way ahead of its time ! ( The sell of pills are at an all time high ). Song was made in the sixties ! WOW !!
John Baldwin
John Baldwin 답글 연결
Detroit right on
agua de luna
agua de luna 답글 연결