The House of the Rising Sun 가사

The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun
아티스트: The Animals

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There is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy And God I know I'm one My mother was a tailor She sewed my new blue jeans My father was a gamblin' man Down in New Orleans Now the only thing a gambler needs Is a suitcase and trunk And the only time he'll be satisfied Is when he's all drunk [Bridge - Organ Solo] Oh mother tell your children Not to do what I have done Spend your lives in sin and misery In the House of the Rising Sun Well, I got one foot on the platform The other foot on the train I'm goin' back to New Orleans To wear that ball and chain Well, there is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy And God I know I'm one

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Benedict Nocum
Benedict Nocum 답글 연결
2019? Who's still listening?
Kolichan Semenov
Kolichan Semenov 답글 연결
Я тоже
Frootlewpz 답글 연결
the nazi version is better tbh
시아루 1 답글 연결
Generalmajor Wand
Das Haus in Neuberliiiin
un Xpected
un Xpected 답글 연결
Louisa Mey
Louisa Mey 답글 연결
I remember how when I was 10 my Fahrer would listen to this song constantly. I hated that song. I thought its not cool cause it's old. But guess how's now listening to this song constantly.
João Luís Magalhães Silva
Mais alguém aqui veio pelo episódio dos fantasmas na estrada, de Supernatural?
Diogohaz 답글 연결
Um hino !
caballero templario
el cantante se parece a mi profe de especialidad
Michelangelo Bernacchi
I love it
Ricardo Quintana III
I played this song to my dog, now he pisses standing up
Anime Erdoğan
Anime Erdoğan 답글 연결
Battlefield V wtcn saolsun <3
Chris Bilionz
Chris Bilionz 답글 연결
how did you know about battlefield v 9 years ago?
Fandyboy 33
Fandyboy 33 2 답글 연결
This song is old, but old things always stucking in our hearts
Aerol Christopher Infante
Yep first time I listened was 16. Still 16.
Михаил Федоров
Совсем молодые пацаны, а создали такой шедевр! Уже более полувека слушают. И куча каверов.
SaskiBoo 1 답글 연결
Haha. Been singing this song since I was 7 and when I was 9 I sang this at my talent show came first. When I was 11 I sang this at a retirement home, they loved it. And here I am now, today, this minute, this hour singing it in front of a live audience about to do a gig.
I said to myself when I was 6-7.
"I wanna do a little performance and come first in it. Next, I wanna sing where wise people will get thrown back to Thursday. And next, I wanna perform this in front of a live audience. Did I make it future me?"

And now to myself I say.

"Yeah we made it"
Stefan Marder
Stefan Marder 답글 연결
Ok I know this is a bit shocking 4 u, but I'm 16. And I like this track. And I like it really much.
Mikej1592 1 답글 연결
love this song, one of the few I can play on guitar

Патрик Факов
respekt from Russia
Edward Wiegand
Edward Wiegand 답글 연결
What a pleasure to see a group who knew how to dress and behave on stage. This is beautiful. What has happened in the ensuing years!
Gabriela Salles
Gabriela Salles 답글 연결
This vídeo remind me red dead
Михалыч 1 답글 연결
Федот Пулемет.
Андрей Шаповал
Ой-ой-ой.... оргазм для ушей.. Как он крут
Célia Santos
Célia Santos 답글 연결
Minha música da vida \o/
Ivana Coledan
Ivana Coledan 답글 연결
Bring back those good drugs!
Matt Matthew
Matt Matthew 답글 연결
Love this one, a true classic.
Ipan Ajalo
Ipan Ajalo 답글 연결
Young face for old sound
Luciano FF
Luciano FF 답글 연결
Like si vienes de nexxuz :v

Adam Luck
Adam Luck 2 답글 연결
I have no clue what "Mafia III Trailer 3 Casino Battlefield V !!!" is, but this is one of the best videos ever. Matching ensembles, dorks on guitars, an air organ, and a dude that looks 15 with the most amazing set of pipes! Awesome Song!
Manon Paquereau
Manon Paquereau 답글 연결
Kittopaul 답글 연결
This song is so perfect
Daily Red Pill
Daily Red Pill 답글 연결
2112 Moviefreak
2112 Moviefreak 답글 연결
I dunno why, but I always thought it's a western song. Still do
Thamires Cristina
Eu vi pelo filme do esquadrão suicida ❤️👏🏻
Trilha sonora perfeita
Thamires Cristina
Thamires Cristina 답글
Marlon pedroso Esquadrão Suicida
Marlon pedroso
Marlon pedroso 답글
Em qual cena do filme toca?
Icaro Gomes
Icaro Gomes 답글 연결
Supernatural ❤️ última temporada chegando junto com minha depressão kkk
Juti Rótulo
Juti Rótulo 답글 연결
Thought I had found a good chord progression, then I found this song
miggy zalvo
miggy zalvo 답글 연결
Favorite q eh2 kantang to..khit nong bata pa me..i love it..
Ya Girl Penguino
Ya Girl Penguino 1 답글 연결
Dad introduced me to this song a few years back and I still listen to it till this day.