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The Flying Lizards - Money
아티스트: The Flying Lizards
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[Verse 1: Deborah Evans] The best things in life are free But you can keep them for the birds and bees [Chorus] I want money That's what I want That's what I want That's what I want Your love give me such a thrill But your love don't pay my bills [Chorus] [Instrumental] Money don't get everything it's true What it don't get I can't use [Chorus] I want money I want a vast amount of money In fact, I want so much money Give me your money Just give me money

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A.J London
A.J London 답글 연결
Is that Queen Elizabeth singing?
Don H
Don H 답글 연결
Every once in a while, when I want to smile, I play this video. It is a real pick me up.
Sergej Klerks
Sergej Klerks 답글 연결
This song is in the 60's by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
jim young
jim young 답글 연결
GOP 101.
Threelly AI
Threelly AI 답글 연결
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Mtg Mtg
Mtg Mtg 답글 연결
For the longest ive been looking for this song. Where's the Asian lady?
Captain Lisa
Captain Lisa 답글 연결
I just found this song randomly and I'm so incredibly happy about it xD
Her v oice sounded bit like zsa zsa gabor
Lisa Ithuli
Lisa Ithuli 답글 연결
My ringtone
Joshua Sanders
Joshua Sanders 답글 연결
Reminds me of how DEVO would cover a song
Michelle Chang
Michelle Chang 답글 연결
Best Beatles cover I know. - Other than Joe Cocker
Alicia Maravillas
Dedicated to the one I love the most 🖕
Kennedy Muinde
Kennedy Muinde 답글 연결
Lol i love this song
Bethany Elliott
Bethany Elliott 1 답글 연결
Joe's money...
Mr_Good_Will 답글 연결
This song would be so much less interesting if it would be at cue
Big O
Big O 1 답글 연결
Who told that woman that she could sing? Someone lied to her
Douglas Raddi
Douglas Raddi 답글
+Big O hey Nancy, do yourself a favor and shut your pie hole. U Americans r not only arrogant, but also aggressive. So shut
Big O
Big O 답글
+Douglas Raddi

And learn a little manners you brute, why are you insulting instead of discussing like a civilized human being?, I thought British people were polite.
Big O
Big O 답글
+Douglas Raddi

I don't get the reference, I'm a man, and why do you need to butcher this fine song of Barret Strong and the Flying Lizards?.
Douglas Raddi
Douglas Raddi 1 답글
Hey Nancy boy or Nancy girl it's meant as a parody to Margaret thatchers government
SacaLaMierdita 1 답글 연결
Wedding singer
Hollow6ones 답글 연결
Way to kill a classic

Salada Spartana
Salada Spartana 답글 연결
God damn the music
Salada Spartana
Salada Spartana 답글 연결
Unser Gott hat die Musik ruiniert.
Salada Spartana
Salada Spartana 답글 연결
Наш Бог разрушил музыку.
joeallen 77
joeallen 77 답글 연결
0:19 when you realise its 10 years old
Cameron Armstorng
Cameron Armstorng 1 답글 연결
She reminds me of verocia salt
Gabbett Family
Gabbett Family 1 답글 연결
Gabbett Family
Gabbett Family 4 답글 연결
i want money
(do do do do)
that's what I want
(do do do do)
because i'm broke
Jamie Bilich
Jamie Bilich 1 답글 연결
this song is awesome speaking the truth you can't survive without it
Skullz skillz
Skullz skillz 답글 연결
I want the money that's what i want omg back in the 80s wow

Barry hairy chest Gibb
Kees van der Spek has send me here
Soldier X
Soldier X 답글
Stem FVD
Amy Pascoe
Amy Pascoe 1 답글 연결
Can anyone else hear the fact she isn’t signing and that she is just talking out of time
Amy Pascoe
Amy Pascoe 답글
I know it is. its just weird to go from the original version which I love to hear this version. +Bread
Bread 1 답글
I think that's the point ?
Thijs Bergervoet
Thijs Bergervoet 2 답글 연결
Kees van der Spek
Soldier X
Soldier X 답글
Stem op FVD
mrfoltz 답글 연결
You would think if Vevo wanted to be "king of the hill", owning all the songs, at least they'd be a bit more responsible and give us a bit more information of when, and who???

"The Flying Lizards were an experimental English new wave band, formed in 1976. They are best known for their deliberately eccentric cover version of Barrett Strong's "Money" featuring Deborah Evans-Stickland on lead vocals, which reached the UK and US record charts in 1979. The group disbanded in 1984."
Jan 답글 연결
This is a good video for My ex- girlfriend 😂
She only wants money 🥵
That I not have 😨
So she dump me 🤪
丁字腳 답글 연결
The Amazing World Of Candy
To those saying it was made in 1980, basically it is except it’s actual release was in 1979 so, close enough I guess
Hazedous 답글 연결
Family Guy brought me here
Tyrone Bigum
Tyrone Bigum 답글 연결
I scene the funniest cartoon of the royal family dancing to this some one plz find it 4 me 💂🏼‍♀️⚔️⚜️
Christopher Bryce
That was some crazy stuff, but it sadly reminded me how much I need and want MONEY!