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Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good
아티스트: Linda Ronstadt
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Feeling better now that we're through Feeling better cause I'm over you I learned my lesson, it left a scar Now I see how you really are You're no good You're no good You're no good Baby you're no good I'm gonna say it again You're no good You're no good You're no good Baby you're no good I broke a heart that's gentle and true Well I broke a heart over someone like you I'll beg his forgiveness on bended knee I wouldn't blame him if he said to me You're no good You're no good You're no good Baby you're no good I'm gonna say it again You're no good You're no good You're no good Baby you're no good {Instrumental} I'm turning you down baby and I'm going my way Forget about you baby cause I'm leaving to stay You're no good You're no good You're no good Baby you're no good I'm gonna say it again You're no good You're no good You're no good Baby you're no good Oh, oh no You're no good You're no good You're no good Baby you're no good

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Yeah !! You have a Wife & a girlfriend!!!
RockersN_Rollers 답글 연결
Van Halen sent me here
Pj Durkin
Pj Durkin 답글 연결
She's got " It"
George Adkins
George Adkins 답글 연결
How'd the guitar player, not have a boner????
dropkick743 답글 연결
Beautiful legs and double chin
Randall Denison
Randall Denison 3 답글 연결
What a set of lungs and what a set of legs!👅
Randall Denison
Randall Denison 답글 연결
Gorgeous Linda in sexy miniskirt.
Lo Loo
Lo Loo 1 답글 연결
baby doll.
grgl140 답글 연결
At 1:18, you see her mouth "wow" cuz the audience was weak. Didn't add low her down a bit though. She was a true professional!
Karmic Selling
Karmic Selling 6 답글 연결
Quite a talented Lead Guitarist in the band. Went by the name of Mr. Andrew Gold. Some of you may have heard of him too.
Threepster 답글
Talented, but he seems... lonely.
Andrew B. Richardson
Andrew B. Richardson 답글
Thank you for being a friend. Pure....gold.
Willie Barrett
Willie Barrett 답글 연결
Great voice. Love this song. Fantastic performance.
TallCoolDrink 3 답글 연결
Yup. There was way more talent back then.
Ezwider109 1 답글 연결
andrew gold... was a rare.. talent
frankty67 1 답글 연결
Linda in her prime, in a killer mini, mini, mini skirt, singing her heart out, especially after the guitar solo. It's good to be alive!
matt harris
matt harris 답글 연결
Linda , what a voice
Karl Kruger
Karl Kruger 4 답글 연결
Don't remember seeing Linda in a white mini before, must have set someone to sweating.
1.30 -- 1.36 waving her cute little bum at the audience wow. lucky not to start a riot.
veejonesify 1 답글 연결
Weak audience, but a great job nonetheless.
thinkerly1 답글
L. M. ALG 답글
Hey, they were angry cause they weren't able to prove to her how no good they really were.
stgroove11 2 답글 연결
2:09 when she comes back in after the guitar solo,remember those?
Rock and roll singers like this don't exist anymore its all style over substance.
jon Dunn
jon Dunn 1 답글 연결
giving me goosebumps...i remember why i had a crush on her back then, i still remember the rolling stone when she was on the cover, so luscious
F Macdonald
F Macdonald 5 답글 연결
Concert is at Tenn State Pen.1974.   Audience  are inmates. Go online to find out her unusual wardrobe  peculiarity which made this show even more bizarre.
jdhrap 2 답글
Dressed like that for a prison show?? Can’t believe there weren’t 10 guards surrounding her for protection. And the inmates surely appreciated the song title choice for the show....
TJ Wash
TJ Wash 답글
Dean Thomson you can buy the dvd on Amazon and other sources. Johnny Cash: A Concert Behind Prison Walls. She sings this, Desperado, Silver Threads and Golden Needles, and Love Has no Pride.
TJ Wash
TJ Wash 1 답글
And sang desperado there, your prison is walking through this world all alone. What was she thinking
Dean Thomson
Dean Thomson 2 답글
No panties?
Dean Thomson
Dean Thomson 답글
Can't find anything - where do I look - very curious

steviedreadio HIM
I-MAN inna pretty good PO-sition ta go forward...yet I cannot afford to look ridiculous!
pork cutlet
pork cutlet 8 답글 연결
those legs....
steviedreadio HIM
steviedreadio HIM 2 답글
go all the way to her ass!
Hel Ces
Hel Ces 18 답글 연결
Great voice, great face, great legs, and enormous talent. A classy singer who didn't need any gimmicks, just a good song and a good band. Your voice will live forever, welcome to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Is about time!! Thank You Linda
Deniz Kuru
Deniz Kuru 답글
I Hear litle bit at a TV show ,,Dont now this kind of Musik That was bevore my Time , i search to hear more of it ,Like it
Costas beatles
Costas beatles 1 답글 연결
outrageous........... the lady sings so passionately , the  music of the band  i guess its sounds loud enough  but the audience is sitting;
ChanoineStraub 1 답글
The inmates were too shocked because Linda kept reminding them they were no good.
David S.
David S. 1 답글
They were inmates........if they moved, they might have been shot.
feelwhatuknow 3 답글 연결
#Classic  This is a legend at work.  This is the woman who helped the Eagles, a couple of whom used to play back up for her, breakthrough.  Some of these comments are hilarious.  At about 1'20" is see someone tapping their toe, looks like the crowd is getting wild.  I guess that's how audiences behaved back then for a live (probably televised) performance.  It may have been to maintain the integrity of the live recording. 
David B.
David B. 답글
@Tracy Ritchey singing to a bunch of convicts, your no good, your no good, your no good. LOL
Tracy Ritchey
Tracy Ritchey 2 답글
"A Concert Behind Prison Walls" hosted by Johnny Cash, taped in 1976 in the Tennessee State Prison. I liked how Linda was dressed up in a short Bady-doll Dress. It must have been real mental punishment for some of the inmates. Love the WOW she says at 1:17.
Petch Klinpayom
Petch Klinpayom 답글 연결
una mckillen
una mckillen 1 답글 연결
Seriously burly, mean guards on duty that shift. Without that restraint, they may possibly have needed riot gear.
WasabiBeast2000 답글 연결
I'm 23 and you're not special.
adamnowa78 2 답글 연결
Nice legs
Suzanne Bowling
Suzanne Bowling 1 답글 연결
Wow, what a set of lungs!!! fantastic!!!

Zug75 1 답글 연결
im 23, love this music
JiminRnow 답글 연결
joy laughter
joy laughter 1 답글 연결
Love this song! Added to my favorites.
adcan45 3 답글 연결
All of today's "singers" need to study this! ;)
Puti Rayner
Puti Rayner 3 답글 연결
How can the audience sit so still?? Linda Ronstadt, you rock girl!!!! Thanks for uploading
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan 1 답글 연결
i think i have more of her on my dvd i talk a look debbie she great cheers sean :-)
misslantana52 답글 연결
WOW...another fantastic upload Sean! Linda is, and always will be a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing! Straight to my LR playlist, liked and faved :) ♥