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Roger Hodgson - Give a Little Bit
아티스트: Roger Hodgson
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Oh, yeah Alright Here we go again Hey hey, whoa no, da na, hey hey, yeah Give a little bit Give a little bit of your love to me I'll give a little bit I'll give a little bit of my love to you There's so much that we need to share So send a smile and show that you care I'll give a little bit I'll give a little bit of my life for you So give a little bit Give a little bit of your time to me See the man with the lonely eyes Oh, take his hand, you'll be surprised Mm, take it now Ooh come along Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Give a little bit Oh, give a little bit of your love to me Oh, give it, give it, give it now Give a little bit I'll give a little bit of my life for you Now's the time that we need to share So find yourself, we're on our way back home Oh, we're goin' back home Don't you need, don't you need to get back home Oh, yeah, we're goin' back home We gotta get a feelin' Mm, gotta get a feelin' Mm, get a feelin' right now Oh, right now Mm, Come-a come-a come-a come along We've come a long way Oh, what a long ride We've come a long way Well, can we sing it tonight

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Elie Elis
Elie Elis 답글 연결
Victor Manuel Navarrete Torres
Roger Hodgson fue grande entre los grandes...
Walid Rourou
Walid Rourou 답글 연결
un géant !
Alain OCCHIPINTI 답글 연결
Un dieu 👍👍❤❤,Grand Roger Hodgson 🎹🎹🎹🎹
DF RI 답글 연결
Mr. Hodgson, this is a phenomenal song. Thank you for writing it and the way you perform it. Cheers!!
Manuela Gil
Manuela Gil 답글 연결
one of the greatest song ever. ...... a timeless 😄😎
guyandjackie 답글 연결
Give a Little More ROGER to Me.......Love Rogers Voice......I could listen FOREVER.....Jackie from Canada
Kalinatek Music / Language
Now when I listen to this, all I think of is singing Amazon boxes...
Chris Caldwell Voiceovers
あけ 1 답글 연결
April Cox
April Cox 답글 연결
Licensed to amazon!!
Nico Auer
Nico Auer 답글 연결
Roger Hodgson thanks for all the magical feelings when i listen to your awesome music !
chandler bing bong
proper music is this.
Trailer Entertainment
what kind of guitar is that?
Trailer Entertainment
Trailer Entertainment 답글
yellofury thanks
yellofury 답글
GUILD F512 acoustic 12 string
Hugo Cornejo
Hugo Cornejo 답글 연결
Roger excelente profesional...
William Zheng
William Zheng 답글 연결
I wish he can have a performance in China
sanedcab1 답글 연결
Love this song! Thanks for sharing it!
Steven Middlehurst
british legends
b opp
b opp 답글 연결
Love it! Here is my smile
brigitte R.
brigitte R. 답글 연결
J'adore !!!! Que de souvenirs sur cette superbe chanson. Merci et bravo !!

Romina Benitez
Romina Benitez 답글 연결
Roger amo todas tus creaciones!! Sos un genio!!
Marie José Scornet
Roger Hodgson ou la musique intemporel. Elle glisse dans l'air que je respire, nourrie mon coeur de bonheur. Give à little bit , écrit par Roger pour supertramp, sorti en 1977 dans l'album " even the quietest moments " un vrai délice
Олег Мешик
great music
Alexander Schneider
And A very big thankyou to the RBB It's A german TV Producer in the near. Thank You
zdrastvutye 1 답글 연결
es war neulich in einem tv spot
mundicojr 답글 연결
Thank you for the wonderful concert in Belo Horizonte Brazil last March. Hope you be back soon.
Julie Dubsky
Julie Dubsky 답글 연결
For me this song is bitter sweet!! . . . Love listening to it, singing to it, dancing to it and watching the audience . . . I cant hardly wait to hear Roger and the Band perform the song, you know one of the ones you come to hear . . . you have been waiting for and then . . . the Concert is over!! . . . Roger performs this as the end of the Concert, the last song :( . . . bummer! Thank goodness for you tube! x0x I LOVE ROGER! ♥ x0x
Andreas Schaller
Andreas Schaller 6 답글 연결
Amazon ? ^^
Nick Hawkins
Nick Hawkins 답글
Ok.not very impressing to myself
puxi puxito
puxi puxito 답글 연결
Hfhjchyfjg hryj ftj yeah
Steve Shovlar
Steve Shovlar 2 답글 연결
Fabulous. No more to say.

Luciana Valim Santos
Maravilhosa canção.
mmbmbmbmb 답글 연결
YES Roger ..."needed TODAY more than ever".
Thank you for all the wonderful music!
Cándido Pérez
Cándido Pérez 답글 연결
Indeed, Roger Hodgson has managed with this impressive song to reflect a hymn to Love, Fraternity and Generosity.
Enjoy it live, during his tour, and sing along with him during his live shows, a luxury, a wonder, a beautiful unforgettable moment.
Antonio Borgio
Antonio Borgio 답글 연결
Fantastic - the orchestral version adds brilliant depth to a wonderful song. I can't wait for the news of Roger's 2018 Tour.
Unknown 2 답글 연결
Emotionales Lied von einem großen Sänger
miilou9 답글 연결
La chanson est à l'image du jeune homme au cœur pur, rempli d'empathie et il me semble en l'espoir d'un monde meilleur. Simple et naturelle elle est le contraire de ce monde compliqué, cruel et sophistiqué à l'extrême, égoïste, faux et opportuniste, ou la plupart de gens revêttent le différent costume en fonction du vent .. Au concerts, au moins, elle réveille l'étincelle de la vérité dans la plupart de ces cœurs et amène le sourire de la joie et la sincérité.. et union... Dommage que l'étincelle s'éteint souvent avec l'extinction des lumières des concerts. Car cette chanson est une vrai antidote à l'indifférence qui règne dans ce monde où l'empathie et la compassion sont rares. À écouter et réécouter .. cette magnifique vidéo et encore mieux, live et avec un orchestre. Mais c'est du domaine d'une autre chanson de Roger Dreamer...
Amybeth Hurst
Amybeth Hurst 답글 연결
Holy cow, this is amazing!
Mike Morton
Mike Morton 답글 연결
If we all lived by the credo that Roger is telling us about in this gem of a song the world would undoubtedly be a better place. Hearing this song performed with a symphony orchestra is great; we were lucky to see this in person in 2016 at Casino Rama in Canada, however hearing it sung by Roger with his excellent band is equally stirring. We have been lucky to be able to attend Roger’s shows at least once every year since I became aware of Roger’s touring in 2010 and each show occupies a special place in my heart. If you get the opportunity to see Roger with his band/ symphony orchestra do yourself a favor and go. It will be a night you’ll never forget.
Liene de Paula
Liene de Paula 답글 연결