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The Association - Never My Love
아티스트: The Association
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You ask me if there'll come a time When I grow tired of you Never my love Never my love You wonder if this heart of mine Will lose its desire for you Never my love Never my love What makes you think love will end When you know that my whole life depends On you (on you) Never my love Never my love You say you fear I'll change my mind And I won't require you Never my love Never my love How can you think love will end When I've asked you to spend your whole life With me (with me, with me)

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William Mawk
William Mawk 답글 연결
This group The Association was Absolutely Unbelievable, there music is so wonderful. It's almost hard to believe that music could be written this good.
Gabriel Giron
Gabriel Giron 답글 연결
To my daughter piani tongson.your daddy Gabriel giron loves you very much n misses you I will never give up looking for you n trying to talk to you I'm sorry.that.your mom lied to you when you were growing up.
TheDuckMusic williams
Brings back such memories...beautiful iconic song.
Tony Lee
Tony Lee 답글 연결
I have enjoyed those best of time in high school. Hearing song like this made me a full life with no regret. Feel sorry for those young people listen to that rap shit today.
roy centinella
roy centinella 답글 연결
67... Nam...!
Mark Schultz
Mark Schultz 답글 연결
A bigger band of miscreants the world has never seen.
Kathy Everhardt
Kathy Everhardt 답글 연결
jorgb13 답글 연결
Call me a Crack head thought this song is Beatles song
Grover Grandle
Grover Grandle 답글 연결
Standing the test of time
Beach Boys - Topic
The Association needs to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who agrees with me!
Philis37 1 답글 연결
I fee 13 again falling in love with the drummer in Hecksher Park, NY.
Mitchell Bast
Mitchell Bast 1 답글 연결
Can someone please tell Me, what brand of Acoustic guitar this guy is playing. I've never seen a headstock of a fender strat, on an acoustic guitar. That's what it looks like. IDK.
Help me out, it's bugging Me
Tim Russell
Tim Russell 답글 연결
1:12 - some of the very best vocals in the history of music. Puts the Beach Boys to shame, IMO.
John Texas
John Texas 1 답글 연결
Best slow dance song of my youth.
Aho Greggor
Aho Greggor 답글 연결
One of the them looks like Korean or Chinese.
JIM30747 답글
I think that he is Hawaiian
Frank Potenza
Frank Potenza 답글 연결
; we can take
Marie Carreiro
Marie Carreiro 답글 연결
my dad use to love this song....
Adrián Harrison
Adrián Harrison 답글 연결
The Wrecking crew doin amazing in this song!! ;)
Denise Waghorn
Denise Waghorn 답글 연결
MP 답글 연결
One of the sweetest pop songs ever written. That vocal harmony break gets me every time.

Christopher Devo
Christopher Devo 답글 연결
One of the best songs of the 60's!!!
DebUSA 1 답글 연결
❤️❤️ Brings me back to memories of my first teenage love. ❤️ ❤️
Michael Broadbent
My love will never end for you Jenny miss you loads!
Peter Macias
Peter Macias 1 답글 연결
I'm 42 and would rather listen to this than most of today's so called music.

To all who hit the thumbs down. You should never listen to music again.
Zoë Minnaar
Zoë Minnaar 답글 연결
who was brought here by karen kingsbury
Demian white
Demian white 답글 연결
here comes your man
Philis37 답글 연결
I was 10. Thank You for this song. I owned the 45.
Alicia Caggiano
Alicia Caggiano 답글 연결
heard this song on movie Echo in the Canyon, can't stop listening...absolutely beautiful for a girl born in 78
Chris Halkides
Chris Halkides 답글 연결
One of the greatest bands from the 1960s.
Rachel Autry
Rachel Autry 답글 연결

kraft837 답글 연결
Such a beautiful song! Its on my soundtrack at work 👍
Harvey Wellington
Strangest band setup I’ve ever seen! Drums and organ in front turned sideways? Lol.
lovehandr 1 답글 연결
I had to chuckle. Clearly the video dubbed in the original studio recording, but it must have been a live performance. Look at the audience clapping before the song was over. Weird. But, this was a song so associated with the feel of 1967, the summer of love. As a Canadian, this also brings back memories of Centennial Year and Expo 67, an incredible event. If you remember Expo, look up the theme song, Hey Friend, Say Friend. I lived fairly close to Montreal and that song was ingrained in my memory of the time as well as this song.
Henry Frederick
Henry Frederick 답글 연결
0:35 RIP Association band members Brian Cole, heroin overdose at age 29 in 1972, and Larry Ramos, lead singer, dird in 2014, at age 72...
Darlene Carol Sima
Darlene Carol Sima 1 답글 연결
Dear God ,my♥
Mason Lane
Mason Lane 1 답글 연결
Lol those sideburns are tough.
Franklin Peralta
Franklin Peralta 답글 연결
Jean Gentles
Jean Gentles 답글 연결
Isn't this just a great song
hilton driver
hilton driver 답글 연결
I was 12 years old I was playing with GI Joe action figure I took these action figures and I listened to the music of the day in stead of war I pretend they were singing the top ten instead of weapons I bought them guitars and drums my sister had Barbie and formed bands this was the time we played like this
Caleb from Fresno
They sure don't make songs like they used to. I was born in '81 and I'm obsessed with the sound of the late 60's and early 70's. Real music❤️