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The Association - Never My Love
아티스트: The Association
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You ask me if there'll come a time When I grow tired of you Never my love Never my love You wonder if this heart of mine Will lose its desire for you Never my love Never my love What makes you think love will end When you know that my whole life depends On you (on you) Never my love Never my love You say you fear I'll change my mind And I won't require you Never my love Never my love How can you think love will end When I've asked you to spend your whole life With me (with me, with me)

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Chris S
Chris S 답글 연결
60’s and 70’s music will live on in the hearts of those who lived and experienced real life, the music is and will last forever.
andyrewpantah94 답글 연결
My whole life is a lie its never my love not nevermind love
Edward Mahoney
Edward Mahoney 답글 연결
what happened to melody?
RedYellow Blue
RedYellow Blue 답글 연결
I think its funny how people bash modern artists for lip syncing. These guys aren't even trying to pretend they aren't, not a mic in sight! Classic song though, don't get me wrong.
bellinghammond 답글 연결
written/recorded and 'cherished' in a time before amerikan culture wanted everyone to be corrupt and degenerate.
peace and love
Karl Lux Lusitania
instant childhood memo swoon for such Melody hooks and vocal harmonies… Odin almighty, they were Good.
Tubemanjac 답글 연결
Haven't heart this one since 50 years and it keeps singing in my head for days now.
45 years my honeydo & i this month (nov) & everyone gave us 6 months
Brandee Shell
Brandee Shell 답글 연결
Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice 💜
Yliana Franco
Yliana Franco 답글 연결
Love the harmonizing
Tania Perez
Tania Perez 답글 연결
Makayla Blake
Makayla Blake 답글 연결
This is one of the only songs that puts me in a happy place and the video makes it even better <3
L D 3 답글 연결
I never liked this song until after watching Netflix "Echo in the Canyon" with Jakob Dylan. Jakob brilliantly changed the way I hear this genre.
Mariska delaere
Mariska delaere 2 답글 연결
there was a certain magic in the air during the mid to late 60's
what makes you think love will end
when you know my whole life depends on you...
never, my love...
just beautiful--and timeless
long live beautiful love songs
Michael A
Michael A 답글 연결
shoot on sight
Darryl Talks About New Zealand
The melody sounds like Rachmaninoff. Variation 18.
AhYaOkRgT 2 답글 연결
you hear the birds, beach boys, mamas papas, beatles, everything
Tubemanjac 답글
From the same era. Competition!
nancy gorman
nancy gorman 답글 연결
Gosh they just started jamming at the end and stopped. Awesome song! Jesus is singing that to us!
potsguy 답글 연결
Under the Silver Lake brought me here.
JP W 답글 연결

coy clown
coy clown 답글 연결
As sweet and soothing as a gently babbling brook. ♡
Gary Arvin
Gary Arvin 답글 연결
The association was a great underrated band I wonder what ever became of them ?
tubularbill 답글 연결
As good as anything the Beatles wrote
DK NJ 답글 연결
Hip hop groove underneath a 1960s Laurel Canyon harmonic dreamscape. Amazing and brilliant.
Henry Frederick
Henry Frederick 답글 연결
This song makes me think of suicide...
ron mund
ron mund 답글 연결
Wow these guys could not be any creepier but this is a fantastic song
Peregrine C
Peregrine C 답글 연결
Remember with matching lime green suits were a thing? No I don't either...But, I do love this song.
Swan Electro
Swan Electro 답글 연결
came here from puddles pity party. Never heard this before, but I like it a lot!
Brian Dettling
Brian Dettling 답글 연결
Terry is so laid back he's almost in a coma. :D Ah, but the world just don't make music like this anymore.
The Association are often dismissed today for being too lightweight, but their vocal harmonies IMHO were right on par with the Mamas & the Papas.

Chick Strothers
Chick Strothers 답글 연결
Bonnie Taylor. Do u remember this one from 1967
Lynorrie Marshall
Hey does anyone have the whole album? I loved every song. Thanks for upload!
Tarantulisimo 1 답글 연결
Before you start talking about what classy, polite, & well-behaved young men they are -- The Association was a band made up of folk singers, beatniks, hippies, & wandering troubadours -- I'm sure the record label made them shave, clean up nice, & smile bigly for this appearance on one of mom & dad's variety shows....
Gregor Miller
Gregor Miller 답글
..not that there's anything wrong wit that. The real crime are the producers and film makers money raping singers...
classickruzer1 답글 연결
My favorite song while making out with my girl in the back seat of my 56 Chevy... Life was good... Boy was it good....
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson 답글 연결
Such a great song.
bentbooster012 답글 연결
No no they were smiling because they were baked out of their minds
cliff cox
cliff cox 답글 연결
This song, I remember as a child growing up in Texas, driving the long roads from home to the base, with my dad right before he shipped off, AGAIN for a voluntary 3rd tour of
Billy Club
Billy Club 답글 연결
<enter tear jerking sentiment here>
<enter angry bash about today's music here>
oliver leyco
oliver leyco 답글 연결
1:43, Charice Pempengco???
Dagmar Crmanova
Dagmar Crmanova 답글 연결
One of the nicest songs in my young years, it was better music that time. Also Cherish is great!