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The Association - Never My Love
아티스트: The Association
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You ask me if there'll come a time When I grow tired of you Never my love Never my love You wonder if this heart of mine Will lose its desire for you Never my love Never my love What makes you think love will end When you know that my whole life depends On you (on you) Never my love Never my love You say you fear I'll change my mind And I won't require you Never my love Never my love How can you think love will end When I've asked you to spend your whole life With me (with me, with me)

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Roger Roberts
Roger Roberts 답글 연결
I have lost track and do not have access to my collection: Could someone identify Jim Yester in this video?

This group was NOT made up of some college kids who had a streak of good luck as all but one went on to higher grounds after the Association broke up. ( The one who didn't, I remember him as the drummer, died from drugs.)

A few years ago, while looking at the back of a Tom Waits CD, I noticed Yester's name and Yester was mentioned in some articles on Waits. Yester is also involved in today's film(?) Industry.
Sounds of summer of love
Emma Torp
Emma Torp 답글 연결
Thumbs up if Under The Silver Lake trailer sent you here.
Pat Noble
Pat Noble 답글 연결
Harmony, harmony, harmony perfection.
Jacob Maldonado
Jacob Maldonado 답글 연결
tracey born
tracey born 답글 연결
most beautiful love song ever
Alicia Diaz
Alicia Diaz 답글 연결
Mi despertar a la adolescencia 😌12 años ☺️CUÁNTOS AÑOS HAN PASADO!! Bello es REVIVIR 😌💕🌷
Edyon 1 답글 연결
I met my girlfriend when this song came out. " Never My Love " will forever be etched in my mind because everytime we hear it takes us back to the times we started dating, riding around town in my old, beat up 57 ford, of being together. In many of those special moments "Never my love" song was a part of our togetherness, esp. when we parked by the lake.
We married the following year and now we have 8 great-grankids. It's been a wonderfilled life. After 51 years of marriage, my wife is still the same high school sweetheart, we are still very much in love. I sometimes call her my guardian Angel, I don't think I would have made it this far without her loving advice. Everytime I hear "Never my love" I wish we could go back to 67 and start all over again. We love life. Thanks be to God,
I'll never forget the very first moment we met, someone inside of me told me " This is the girl for you " Amazing moment, our eyes met and it all started from there.
04cathconvert 1 답글 연결
Thank you for your service Terrance Wilhite.
Kathleen Engler
Kathleen Engler 답글 연결
"Stupid little person" ...and I am beating the ET Devil... And?
Kathleen Engler
Kathleen Engler 답글 연결
Oh! It's Kasie Kasem...
Kathleen Engler
Kathleen Engler 답글 연결
I dedicate this song, top 40 guy, to Vladimir Putin.
Steve Wennerstrom
Steve Wennerstrom 1 답글 연결
Right at the time I was entering my first year of college and finding a new girlfriend that I was head over heels in love with. Such great memories.....
suscribite a pewdiepie
Voracious Reader
Voracious Reader 답글 연결
The song is a bit goofy, but the HARMONY!!!! Wow, I just love it.
Viki Demos
Viki Demos 답글 연결
Timeless, a song of beauty and class...
João Manoel
João Manoel 답글 연결
Linda canção...Belíssima brother...
trixie898989 3 답글 연결
who the heck gave this a thumbs down? not of my era, but a beautiful song😍
Illyr 2 답글 연결
Im only 21, im tired and pent up and sad so i clicked this, hoping it'll make me feel better.

Thank you.. Its as beautiful as I hoped

Illyr 2 답글 연결
Im only 21, im tired and pent up and sad so i clicked this, hoping it'll make me feel better.

Thank you.. Its as beautiful as I hoped
Dell Chica
Dell Chica 4 답글 연결
I wish a man would never tire of me and his love would be devoted. Never have I found this.
Pamela Kain
Pamela Kain 답글 연결
I remember this song when I was child.
Lyn Martinez
Lyn Martinez 답글 연결
Never until he met a 17 year old n wk.she is 18...bam never saw that coming.....yes I did lmao oooolllllll
belinda hawkins
belinda hawkins 답글 연결
I always enjoyed this song
Never really knew who sung it and saw them today for the first time and I find today Larry Ramos has past away Of melanoma mastitis
Diane Albrecht
Diane Albrecht 답글 연결
Those were the days when there was real, individual & varied talent. Not the garbage the "stars" throw at us today. A totally unique era.
Steve Butler
Steve Butler 답글 연결
Wow..what a beautiful song!
John Handel
John Handel 답글 연결
First time hearing this song. Love it. Encapsulates innocence and has a great melody. They look like they are good people singing a great song.
Tone Seeker
Tone Seeker 답글 연결
Ditto... that's how I got here today. This reminds me of simpler times and stress free days as a kid.
One Asian among Caucasians.

Klay Moore
Klay Moore 1 답글 연결
Jacky chan was a member?
audrey jungels
audrey jungels 답글 연결
Never found my love I was 10 when this came out
Adenoid Hynkel
Adenoid Hynkel 답글 연결
Never knew about Larry Ramos until now--and I was born in 1960! Shame on me!
Robert Snyder
Robert Snyder 답글 연결
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Julia Casey
Julia Casey 답글 연결
This song reminds me of my first love.
Solar Guitar Studio
Not only the worlds most memorable keyboard work, this comment section breaks my heart. Love coming here.
Samson Crosswood
Samson Crosswood 답글 연결
I’ve never heard this before.
JJ Grey
JJ Grey 답글 연결
Back in the day I "liked" these guys...Now now 50 years later I hear how great they really were...
alonzo calvillo
alonzo calvillo 답글 연결
I was 20 years when this song came out and sitting on top of the world. Had a nice job, 65 Impala and single.
Ann Bertoli
Ann Bertoli 답글 연결
Beautiful music