Audiomachine - Redshift
아티스트: Audiomachine

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Celil Görgülü
Celil Görgülü 답글 연결
H*ly shı
FormicStrike 답글 연결
Dudufilms brought me here
Shayne Baker
Shayne Baker 답글 연결
Sith Juggernauts brought me here
Weilai.music 답글 연결
Oh, come on! Don't tell me you know what reshift actually is :D
Hejje Guruthu
Hejje Guruthu 1 답글 연결
Agent E
Agent E 답글 연결
Marvel brought me here
Mbathroom1 답글 연결
I'm so glad this finally reached one million views! I've loved this song ever since I first heard it and I'm so glad that the new decade can start with a million views!
Darius TI
Darius TI 답글 연결
Here from Heartblur Simulations F-14 trailer!
Yer Ma
Yer Ma 답글 연결
As used in Infinity War & Venom trailers : "OK cool..."
As used in UFC 229 fan promos : "WAR! WE'RE GOIN' TO WAR!!!!!"
Fuck venom, I grew giant gold wings made from pure energy listening to this. I wish 😭😭😭😭😭
Sam Konkel
Sam Konkel 답글 연결
Some people will probably live their lives not knowing the name of this song.

But not us.
Abel Romero
Abel Romero 답글 연결
This is good, but here's a song that has the same name, hope you like metal https://youtu.be/FDt5iS-c-UE
Anthony D. Jackson, Jr.
Is this the actual song?
Speed Killer
Speed Killer 답글 연결
F-14 Tomcat
Derac 답글 연결
This song is how getting angry sounds like
M.V. Madhan
M.V. Madhan 답글 연결
Venom brought me here
Everett Eberhardt
i created my own movie to this
still one of the most epic songs ever to be released
Pedro Cano
Pedro Cano 1 답글 연결
I keep seeing all these “Venom brought me here” or “Avengers brought me here”. Am I the only one that came here due to Magnificient cbo’s Tom Brady - Doubted? 😮😮😮

DarthChratis 답글 연결
I am a warrior
Paul O'Connor
Paul O'Connor 답글 연결
This suits thanos perfectly R.I.P the mad titan the best villian to ever grace our screens
Agnib Syndicate
Agnib Syndicate 1 답글 연결
Am hear after the trailer of Karma chakra India's First Animae
Leonard Bondzio
Leonard Bondzio 답글 연결
"Feel the Emperor's Wrath!"
Oguzhan Kara
Oguzhan Kara 답글 연결
Masterpiece, my motivation music for gym
s7adow ga9er
s7adow ga9er 답글 연결
I am ivar the boneless
Shere Khan the invicible fighter
Shere khan is Coming
Máté Ferenczi
Máté Ferenczi 답글 연결
99%: Infinity war and Venom trailer
Me: The rat of mapping AFOE standstill
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin 답글 연결
Doesnt the UFC use this song?
Sammy Drew
Sammy Drew 답글 연결
What??!!! This beat is madness! Now I feel like I have to go workout to burn off this energy that I got from this genius combination of sounds! This to me feels like the type of song that pushes you to the brink in a very good way.

terVotron 답글 연결
That was you music?

That's incredibel.
Nuclear Nadal
Nuclear Nadal 1 답글 연결
And now call of duty modern warfare brought me here again..
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon 답글 연결
if you think this is the best trailer music
then put a like
if not comment
Mbathroom1 1 답글 연결
After a year, this finally reached 900,000 views!
Procyon 답글 연결
Inspired by Ninja Tracks' 01 Neon?
Vietcong666 답글 연결
Khabib vs Poirier bought me here 😁
Poke 답글 연결
Some people have forgotten about Maple Kombat.
But not us.
note importa
note importa 답글 연결
venom trailer version is the best!
zero 답글 연결
Me and the boys getting in minecraft village with Bad Omen VI
Parker M.
Parker M. 답글 연결
DCS F-14 brought me here