Symphony No.5

Hidden Citizens - Symphony No.5
아티스트: Hidden Citizens
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이 음악이 쓰인 영상

Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me
My chair listened to this song and became a THRONE!!!
Katie Luzadder
Katie Luzadder 답글 연결
I wonder who took the piano from who? If Hidden Citizens took it from the writer of the trailer music, or if they snagged it from them? If anyone does know please tell me lmao
LunarcomplexMain 답글 연결
I finally found this intro melody, and of course Beethoven, nice.
christian velasco
christian velasco 3 답글 연결
Imagine Avengers 4’s trailer starts with this music as well. Showing a post-apocalyptic earth from what Thanos had done
Priyo Adi
Priyo Adi 답글 연결
Your mission if you accepted
Google não deixou eu colocar um nome maior que esse
finally found this holy shit, I saw the trailer and knew I HAD to find this song
krazy_kh 답글 연결
I feel so epic right now...
London Rollins
London Rollins 2 답글 연결
Hmm... Seems like ma boi Beethoven stole from fallout
Aquatic Goat
Aquatic Goat 48 답글 연결
Can you imagine the music Beethoven could have made if he had access to the technology we have today, or if we was around in our time, it would be insane
Violet Emmott
Violet Emmott 답글

-Using an exclamation mark and a question mark at the end of the same sentence, go back to school!
kushagra arora
kushagra arora 답글
Aquatic Goat maybe he was but was born so poor and without opportunities
S36Nova 8 답글
He's called Hans Zimmer xD
Clyme 9 답글
Calm down, why are you yelling at him for an error?
Daltira 답글

The Raw Chase
The Raw Chase 답글 연결
What are those first notes from, in the beginning? The new Mission Impossible 6 trailer has the same notes, and they're so haunting and powerful.
Nirbeats by Jade
Nirbeats by Jade 답글
yeh I love that slow suspense beat, I just want the first part of the mashup
Anastasia Phan
Anastasia Phan 답글 연결
i didn't know this was used in MI: Fallout trailer. I just came here for Beethoven and Hidden Citizens. Mega Awesome!!!!!!
Sumeet Kumar Yadav
Sumeet Kumar Yadav 5 답글 연결
Beethoven would be proud and Hidden citizens would be honoured
Daltira 답글
That’s exactly why old people love modern pop and rap ay 🤣🤣🤣 fukin idiot!
Sumeet Kumar Yadav
Sumeet Kumar Yadav 2 답글
Daltira He would, if he continued to live in 2018. He would see, understand and accept the changes in the music revolution.
Daltira 답글
Beethoven was a product of the 18th century. He would not like this.
Ernesto López
Ernesto López 답글 연결
DISLIKE, worst music cover/tribute I've ever heard in my life.
Dlight 답글 연결
TheSgedioxide 답글 연결
Jodie Whittaker's leaked Doctor Who Theme.
Daltira 답글 연결
Was looking for this!
Asteroid Belt
Asteroid Belt 답글 연결
EPIC. I just subscribed based on this one
Celia 43 답글 연결
And then people say classical music is always boring, no matter how it is changed.... this most certainly proves them wrong
mudslider 2 답글
no. classical music is still boring. only about 25% of classical pieces are actually good.
The Beat Man
The Beat Man 답글
Daltira oh yh I do the same thought you was talking about classical music lol
Daltira 1 답글
? What. Music like this is so full of story and emotion I can literally close my eyes for hours and imagine entire movies and cinematic universes. Creating characters and plots, twists and turns. I believe its called maladaptive daydreaming. Look it up. To me, people that can’t imagine things are boring and uncreative. I can day dream with no music at all, but with soundtracks its more intense. If there are people who can’t take themselves to other universes with the help of music like this. They are boring.
The Beat Man
The Beat Man 1 답글
Daltira theirs plenty of other music that gives you a emotional feels
Daltira 답글
I think it makes you emotionless
Sylvana Victoria
Sylvana Victoria 1 답글 연결
Counselor Gallius Rax
Just to know, What's the actuall part of the symphony they took to compose this. Or it's just a pile of all the stuff

CNA 답글 연결
dr. Light
dr. Light 8 답글 연결
judge judy intensifies
Lollyczyk 14 답글 연결
Anyone else hearing Beethoven in there
ajai aavang
ajai aavang 답글
Uh because it is
ivanban 16 답글
Lollyczyk Why do you think song title is "5th Symphony"? Lol
CJ Van Meygaarden
CJ Van Meygaarden 72 답글 연결
Your mission, should you choose to accept it. I wonder... did you ever choose not to?
Yuri Dickson
Yuri Dickson 답글
with music like this....i don't think anyone would refuse....and the mission could probably be the most insane/suicidal...
M E M E T H UN D E R 4 답글
CJ Van Meygaarden I hate how they chose to put that imagine dragons over it. Ruined the whole mood of the trailer.
Omega Man
Omega Man 답글 연결
what piece of shit to include beethoven in a song, it honestly does not match. I'm going to give you a giant dislike!!!
Seijiwan Art
Seijiwan Art 36 답글 연결
Love the pic.
Mastagambit 4 답글 연결
So awesome. Magnificent.
pixagio [ пиксаджио ]
Justinian Pescador
Justinian Pescador 답글
pixagio [ пиксаджио ] illuminati are you
It s
It s 9 답글 연결
2:33 👍
خالد - Khalid Wesam

VelSilk 4 답글 연결
Carlos Kato
Carlos Kato 4 답글
Cruise .
CuᎵภᎥ_ Ka
CuᎵภᎥ_ Ka 27 답글 연결
Oh my freaking Beethoven😱
toadofsteel 127 답글 연결
If only Beethoven could hear this.
christian velasco
christian velasco 답글
Maybe like people back then saying rock was the devils music, you think he’d say this music sounds too violent?
EpicFace2020 1 답글
Ernesto López man if you don't shut yo old ass up bro. you ain't cool fam. just stop.
Ryan Sprenkels
Ryan Sprenkels 답글
Ernesto López Have some chill. I like this cover, now, i adore the original much more, but this isn't bad and it gives it an epic twist.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 2 답글
Ernesto López hey guy I said I think he would like it. Also I dont play minecraft. I'm pretty sure I'm also of the last generation not the millennial b.s.. Also I like classical music and I saw nothinh with this remake of it
Ernesto López
Ernesto López 답글
Josh Smith stupidest comment I've read xD, how could u know if a genius that is already dead before u were born, WOULD LIKE THIS'??? WHAT HAVE MINECRAFT DONE TO THIS BRAINLESS GENERATION??!!! :(
Schiebelini 4 답글 연결
Again Hidden Citizens are killing with their work! Amazing! Thanks EHM
Shizuka li
Shizuka li 1 답글 연결
These guys are very EXCELLENT !!! The complete album, although it contains only 5 titles is just brilliant ♥ !! Thank you for this upload :) :) !
Joao Vitor Bonifacio
Marvel vs DC
Marvel vs DC 8 답글 연결
Where is the notification squad at???
IrisFilmProductions 1 답글
they all died when their eardrums bled from the pure amazingness of 1:28