Symphony No.5

Hidden Citizens - Symphony No.5
아티스트: Hidden Citizens
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Celia 1 답글 연결
And then people say classical music is always boring, no matter how it is changed.... this most certainly proves them wrong
Sylvana Victoria
Sylvana Victoria 답글 연결
Counselor Gallius Rax
Just to know, What's the actuall part of the symphony they took to compose this. Or it's just a pile of all the stuff
CNA 답글 연결
dr. Light
dr. Light 답글 연결
judge judy intensifies
Lollyczyk 5 답글 연결
Anyone else hearing Beethoven in there
ivanban 6 답글
Lollyczyk Why do you think song title is "5th Symphony"? Lol
CJ Van Meygaarden
CJ Van Meygaarden 23 답글 연결
Your mission, should you choose to accept it. I wonder... did you ever choose not to?
Memethunder Meme
Memethunder Meme 1 답글
CJ Van Meygaarden I hate how they chose to put that imagine dragons over it. Ruined the whole mood of the trailer.
Omega Man
Omega Man 답글 연결
what piece of shit to include beethoven in a song, it honestly does not match. I'm going to give you a giant dislike!!!
Seijiwan Art
Seijiwan Art 6 답글 연결
Love the pic.
Mastagambit 2 답글 연결
So awesome. Magnificent.
pixagio [ пиксаджио ]
Justinian Pescador
Justinian Pescador 답글
pixagio [ пиксаджио ] illuminati are you
It s
It s 답글 연결
2:33 👍
خالد - Khalid Wesam
VelSilk 2 답글 연결
Carlos Kato
Carlos Kato 2 답글
Cruise .
CuᎵภᎥ_ Ka
CuᎵภᎥ_ Ka 11 답글 연결
Oh my freaking Beethoven😱
toadofsteel 58 답글 연결
If only Beethoven could hear this.
toadofsteel 답글
@iliketrains0pwned thatsthejoke.jpg
Trampoukosss 답글
@Liber Amans I dont know the guy i'm gonna search him out i hope he makes good soundtracks thanks
Liber Amans
Liber Amans 답글
Trampoukosss We aren't talking about Beethoven the Dog. We're talking about Ludwig Van Beethoven, a famous German composer who the Dog was named after.
iliketrains0pwned 1 답글
He couldn't even hear his own music though.
Trampoukosss 4 답글
Even if he did i dont think he could understand much its just a dog
Schiebelini 2 답글 연결
Again Hidden Citizens are killing with their work! Amazing! Thanks EHM
Shizuka li
Shizuka li 답글 연결
These guys are very EXCELLENT !!! The complete album, although it contains only 5 titles is just brilliant ♥ !! Thank you for this upload :) :) !
Joao Vitor Bonifacio
Marvel vs DC
Marvel vs DC 6 답글 연결
Where is the notification squad at???
IrisFilmProductions 답글
they all died when their eardrums bled from the pure amazingness of 1:28