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Come with me and you'll be In a world of pure imagination Take a look and you'll see into your imagination We'll begin with a spin Traveling in the world of my creation What we'll see will defy explanation Come with me and you'll be In a world of pure imagination

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Dxtra 30
Dxtra 30 답글 연결
Is this song on the Ready Player Soundtrack?
Michael P. Shipley
Better than the original. Very rare.
Flower9510 답글 연결
where can i find more music/soundtracks like these?? this is gold!
EditsXD 답글 연결
but it is the original soundtrack from the film?
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen 1 답글 연결
Sorry for the wait - it's finally available on ITunes! Pure Imagination - Single by Ghostwriter Music https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pure-imagination-single/1351442702
Mert Güzeloğlu
Mert Güzeloğlu 1 답글 연결
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen 1 답글 연결
I was amazed that a Vietnamese made this 😍
Proud of you Bryan!
Andreas Gajewski
Andreas Gajewski 답글 연결
One dislike? Probably a little brother who was to slow and didn't grab the first controller before playing...Now he's just ready player two
Erion 답글 연결
Plagiary of Airport bar by NOAH - https://youtu.be/rYcTosuhKFU
Angie Rush
Angie Rush 답글 연결
Absolutely fantastic!!
Katty Veers
Katty Veers 답글 연결
I'm sure that half of views is mine
Daniel Ciurlizza
Daniel Ciurlizza 답글 연결
Soooo gooooood
Glassy Dreams
Glassy Dreams 답글 연결
I got the actual trailer while I was waiting
Altharrion 답글 연결
Bryan, my man. You're magnificent!
NiLFz 4 답글 연결
I feel like I am in a dream-like state when I listen to this.
Guile Robs
Guile Robs 3 답글 연결
I can cry myself 2 sleep with this beautiful song
Peter Wooldridge
Peter Wooldridge 2 답글 연결
Laura Lima
Laura Lima 11 답글 연결
this theme song is terrific, I am shocked. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!!!!!!
Urnd Edogg 1 Edogg
Urnd Edogg 1 Edogg 2 답글 연결
It's the theme for my dreams
FlyingKerbecs 2 답글 연결
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen 답글

Diego Hernandez 2.0
Diego Hernandez 2.0 10 답글 연결
Oasis is my city
Ghostwriter Music
Ghostwriter Music 24 답글 연결
A huge thank you TRAILER MUSIC WEEKLY for sharing our rendition of PURE IMAGINATION. More to come soon! -Team Ghostwriter
aldiqi yo
aldiqi yo 1 답글
Oh god yes!!!! I want more!!!! This is addicting!!!!
Jose Matamoros
Jose Matamoros 1 답글
Thank YOU for making this awesome song! This makes the movie more super-duper! 😁
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 3 답글
Thank you from me. I've been Googling for 48 hours and couldn't find it - finally came across this!
L'AnimeAL 2 답글 연결
jfbrown3music 3 답글 연결
BRYAN IS A GOD. seriously, great job. You have come so far. I’m so proud of you. And you are handsome. See you in June:)
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen 답글
Haha Thanks James!
BlueKnight 3 답글 연결
A movie based on a novel that has anything is a sure hit in my book
Jose Matamoros
Jose Matamoros 11 답글 연결
This song... it's just so... beautiful!!! 👍😭👌 Ready Player One is now guaranteed to be the number one movie in the entire world! #bestmovieintheworld
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen 1 답글
Thank you Jose!