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Iron Spartan Productions
No matter what people say, I still really wanna see the movie
Nathan Hood
Nathan Hood 답글
Iron Spartan Productions my favorite comic character, and the winter soldier. I hope he will be big and epic, not that pussy venom from spiderman 3
Cyberplay 2 답글 연결
diegokiller89 2 답글 연결
Where can I find that wallpaper?
diegokiller89 답글
Yeah, I know. But I mean, how am I supposed to search the image?
Guardian Of Strategy
Guardian Of Strategy 답글
diegokiller89 On Google The Most Reliable Source on the Internet xD
Gewitterhund 3 답글 연결
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BlueFH 1 답글 연결
A venom trailer with no venom...

Guardian Of Strategy
Guardian Of Strategy 답글
BlueFH Wait your joke was meant to say
A "Venom" trailer with no venom.
So it's A Random trailer with no venom?
... A bit difficult to understand.
The Navitro
The Navitro 답글
BlueFH shouldve dropped some hints if you are joking, that sentence fell flat.
BlueFH 답글
SB TMS Oh my god I already said I wasn't being serious...
SB TMS 1 답글
Its a teaser trailer what did you expect? Id rather not show the symbiote and keep it as a surprise! Dont jump on the bandwagon and call it whack?!!
BlueFH 답글
WYL. I apologize. I honestly thought people wouldn't take it seriously
Ayinde Horton
Ayinde Horton 1 답글 연결
Thanks for the upload! You guys are my go-to for dramatic music! :)

(Also this is surprisingly heroic-sounding for a Venom trailer)
Carlos Plummer
Carlos Plummer 1 답글
He's an anti-hero. Eddie will most likely be using the symbiote to protect himself and the ones he loves, but the symbiote will consume him turning him into Venom. He's not out to save the world, but he'll save himself.
Diptarshi Chakraborty
Diptarshi Chakraborty 1 답글
Power of the Epic Music yes. Its confirmed. Carnage will be a part of the movie. Eddie brock is a hero. And theres no spidey. He may do a cameo but thats unlikely.
Power of the Epic Music
carnage will be in the movie ?
Diptarshi Chakraborty
Diptarshi Chakraborty 답글
Venom isnt a villain in the movie. He is the hero. And its venom vs carnage.
Ricky Kendall
Ricky Kendall 답글
Yeah I thought theyd go dark with it.