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Bleachers - Wild Heart
아티스트: Bleachers

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    Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)
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[Verse 1] They closed the parkway late last night And as I sat with the echoes of Lies that I told I felt young, never changed By crooked hearts So put the shotgun back in the glove Come on and wait another year for Dream far away To come home, to be brave [Chorus] Well everything has changed And now its only you that matters I will find any way To your wild heart [Verse 2] They boarded up the windows And the doors to my house No one will ever read the letters Or the lies that I told From the years I was changed By crooked hearts Why did they have to go and do us like that Why did they have to go and run from the Dream far away Were we there? Was I brave? [Bridge] To think everything must die For anyone to matter Got to find any way To your wild heart I will find any way to your wild heart I will find any way to your wild heart [Outro] Well everything has changed And now I can't tell what matters I will find any way to your wild heart Your wild heart Your wild heart Your wild heart Your wild heart Your wild heart Your wild heart Your wild heart (Your wild heart)

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Socially Awkward Potato
This movie made me cry so fucking much, and i want to watch it again but I'm not sure i wanna go through that again lol
Tsunni-chan 답글 연결
cant stop understanding at the end: „Anyone wanna be grateful for... internet??“
Ben Rathel
Ben Rathel 답글 연결
I am in love with this movie I couldn’t even come out in high school because I was scared about what people might think of me so I didn’t do it but now I’m out and proud Thank you Simon 😘
TheRoadKam 답글 연결
This movie makes me smile like a loon. It's such a beautiful story :)
Lu Tomlinson
Lu Tomlinson 답글 연결
Federico Juric
Federico Juric 2 답글 연결
Looovee Simon😍😍😍✌✌✌😭
Connor Cus
Connor Cus 1 답글 연결
Im back 2019
Luz Andrea Gutierrez
Love Simon The Best Movie
:D 1 답글 연결
This movie just has..some power!
Super Erdnuss
Super Erdnuss 1 답글 연결
Daviy Moraes
Daviy Moraes 2 답글 연결
Eu adorooo essa música 🥰🥰🥰
Kuellar Ayelet
Kuellar Ayelet 5 답글 연결
I felt comfortable enough to come out after watching this movie so thank you Love Simon I’ve been happily married to my wife now for the past 3 years ♥️
sad boi
sad boi 2 답글 연결
Whenever I listen to this song it feels like I can't breathe
CrispChin 1 답글 연결
Sims soundtrack?
lea schgrl
lea schgrl 1 답글 연결
Harry styles co-wrote this😍😍 why do i figure that out now?
Mint Mix
Mint Mix 답글
@lea schgrl yhe he's my favorite
lea schgrl
lea schgrl 1 답글
@Mint Mix yeah he did 😍 he is so amazing
Mint Mix
Mint Mix 1 답글
Really ??
Build 2 답글 연결
So I have this project that needed me to watch a movie about a controversial topic. The teacher assigned me this movie. It was an amazing film. Really got invested in the story and characters.

And this song is really good
Raghu Meena
Raghu Meena 답글 연결
Beauitful song
exotixs gaming
exotixs gaming 1 답글 연결
This movie made me question myself
exotixs gaming
exotixs gaming 1 답글 연결
Is it gay to love the book, movie, and listen to bleachers and foster the people.
Shambhavi Pradhan
Shambhavi Pradhan 1 답글 연결
This song makes me happy because it reminds of the end of the movie where Simon and Bram start dating...

RN creador
RN creador 2 답글 연결
I loved the movie and made me realize that i'm done keeping my story straight
Jane Golbach
Jane Golbach 1 답글 연결
You know what. Jon snow posted this vid...
dian 1 답글 연결
this song have energy
Cleber Marchesan
Cleber Marchesan 답글 연결
Gostei da canção, linda melodia porém o filme não retrata nem de longe a verdade.
Victor Emanoel
Victor Emanoel 답글 연결
Oi. Tenho uma pergunta para vcs: é se vcs fossem o Simon? Como seria a reação dos seus pais? E vc já se aceito? Seus amigos te entendam?
Victor Emanoel
Victor Emanoel 답글
Foi mais de um kkkkk
Gundy Asun. GAM.
Gundy Asun. GAM. 1 답글 연결
I love this song❤️😥
Noah_Chimeno904 답글 연결
same here
Lea Kierysch
Lea Kierysch 답글 연결

a) straight peope saw the alphabet
b) gay people saw a keysmash
Benjamin Mella
Benjamin Mella 2 답글 연결
Ah I miss 20gayteen
Karina 2 답글 연결
My crush is straight and she has not seen this movie, and I want to invite her over to watch it with me one day <3 I hope she says yes.

thelonelysoldier1 1 답글 연결
I cry every time I hear this. Still in the closet and not sure will ever have the courage to come out T_T
Gabriel luna
Gabriel luna 답글 연결
Love, Simon! ❤
Mint Mix
Mint Mix 2 답글 연결
I'm from India and seen this movie like 15 times and so happy to discover the bleachers 🤗
Ivan Pietro
Ivan Pietro 1 답글 연결
-Have you ever been in love?
- I dont know..... I think so
Steven Pelletier
Steven Pelletier 답글 연결
Quel film! Extraordinaire
Marko Portuondo
Marko Portuondo 1 답글 연결
This movie changed my life. 🏳️‍🌈❤️
Multiplicity 답글 연결
Have to watch that movie
Shuuici Three wd
Shuuici Three wd 답글 연결
Mateo Berisso2
Mateo Berisso2 답글 연결
Honestly, I prefer "todos merecen una gran historia de amor" than he's done keeping his story straight" but i think that is ingenious.
rachel green
rachel green 답글 연결
This song is my happiness!❤️