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John Lennon - Isolation
아티스트: John Lennon
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People say we got it made. Don't they know we're so afraid? Isolation. We're afraid to be alone, everybody got to have a home. Isolation. Just a boy and a little girl, trying to change the whole wide world. Isolation. The world is just a little town, everybody trying to put us down. Isolation. I don't expect you to understand, after you've caused so much pain. But then again, you're not to blame. You're just a human, a victim of the insane. We're afraid of everyone, Afraid of the sun. Isolation The sun will never disappear, but the world may not have many years. Isolation.

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ruppel 답글 연결
the music starting like a ''the fool on the hill''
Johnny Keeling
Johnny Keeling 답글 연결
This the best John Lennon song
Eric Beaulieu
Eric Beaulieu 답글 연결
So real,so true and oddily,errily prophetic.
Angélique Nomade
True .... Merci pour cette publication ... Love is a crazy game.......
The Borden Asylum
John's music was rather depressing wasn't it? I wonder if he was still soul searching on that fateful night?
Demon Slayer 561
Demon Slayer 561 답글 연결
Rings Starr performed good drums on this album.
Worber 1 답글 연결
I’m a weeb
Joshua Stephens
Joshua Stephens 답글 연결
Very relevant for a song made in the 1970's
Gega KS
Gega KS 답글 연결
Such as beautiful,fantastic song !
"A victim of the insane!" Haunting!
nesfan8 답글 연결
Best John Lennon album. The songs are pretty simplistic but so so good
whatsup89100 답글 연결
god there is so much hiss, this really wasn't recored in a great studio
fossie32 답글 연결
I would just like to say I really love this song
Israel Picazo
Israel Picazo 답글 연결
Really music for my ears
Roberto Salinas
Roberto Salinas 답글 연결
Hey guys, you should listen to Lennon's influence on this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy0ABjAP0TI
Ethan Taube
Ethan Taube 2 답글 연결
this is a great album. Double Fantasy is good too
Limbo D
Limbo D 답글 연결
I was 15 when I bought this album at the old Alexanders Department store in Brooklyn, NY for like $5.99. Man it blew me away. The sheer rawness of the tunes. Say what you may about Lennon but he was as real as they come. Show me a multi millionaire performer today who gives a fuck about anything except money. Plus it was cool when my dad walked by and heard fuck in stereo!
bunny fish
bunny fish 답글 연결
31 people have ZERO taste in music
AMAP 답글 연결
Thank you

Kevin Clepps
Kevin Clepps 답글 연결
After dating Yoko, i could see why he would have an interest in isolation
hobo_billy psychedelic
Saw a trailer for a movie "don't worry he won't get far on foot" the other day and it reminded me of this song.
The Fidget Spinner Movie
The Fidget Spinner Movie 4 답글
It used this song. That's why.
Nir Lahav
Nir Lahav 답글 연결
This song is part of my secular spiritualism playlist
Id K
Id K 답글 연결
Joba brought me here joba i know you’re the only person reading this and knowing who joba is i love you man
Bob Wags
Bob Wags 답글 연결
For me personally this is not only his best album but the best album of all time. Many will not understand why I feel that way and many will. It's just a personal thing and for me there's none better than this man and this album.
Kennyknows 답글 연결
I realize that i get tired of wishing superficials girls.

A long time ago.

Adrianna Chechik, love you.
The Cold Poet
The Cold Poet 답글 연결
It makes my heart ache with greatness and love
Mazdud Ahmed
Mazdud Ahmed 답글 연결
Please try including the lyrics in description when you're uploading masterpieces, ALWAYS.
Dash Jeffreys
Dash Jeffreys 답글 연결
If only......how many times can we as humans say that? It pertains to so much. But if only John hadn't been gunned down...Imagine the music he would have given to us. Maybe he could have changed the world. Maybe after his murder gun laws should have been changed. If only.......
Gega KS
Gega KS 답글 연결
Fantastic album and great song.

yuro yuriko
yuro yuriko 답글 연결
many many times I've heard
Lisa Lentile
Lisa Lentile 답글 연결
he can make me cry
Lennon Bedelyn
Lennon Bedelyn 답글 연결
John Lennon piano is so hauntingly beautiful. The words are forever lived. 💙💛💚💖💜💙
Tina Kurtidi
Tina Kurtidi 답글 연결
Lovee awesome
Elliot Holden
Elliot Holden 답글 연결
don't worry he won't get far on foot brought me to this awesome song .
There is no I in the word isolation! BAM
Trocourt 답글 연결
How can someone not like this song? They must be a victim of the insane.
TheSoulmusik 답글 연결
#Isolation #kind #Syndicatly #support
2020Cameron Macdonald
dont worry he wont get far on foot 2017
Gary Mitchell
Gary Mitchell 답글 연결
Genius Lennon Masterpiece