Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) 가사

Irma Thomas - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
아티스트: Irma Thomas
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Anyone Anyone Anyone Anyone You can blame me Try to shame me And still I'll care for you You can run around Even put me down Still I'll be there for you The world May think I'm foolish They can't see you Like I can Oh but anyone Who knows what love is Will understand Anyone Anyone Anyone I just feel so sorry (anyone) For the ones Who pity me 'Cause they just don't know (Anyone) Oh they don't what happiness love can be I know I know to ever let you go Oh, it's more than I could ever stand Oh, but anyone Who knows what love is Will understand Oh (anyone) they'll understand (Anyone) If they try love, they'll understand (Anyone) Oh, try to understand

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Can 1 답글 연결
Melike '
Melike ' 1 답글
"The world may think I'm foolish they can't see you like I can"
leeroy25024941 답글 연결
917.... people do not watch 'Black Mirror'.
RootsReclaimed 답글 연결
This song reminds me so much of Harley Quinn.
Meheboob Doula
Meheboob Doula 답글 연결
Who's waiting for black mirror season 23
EliteHunting1911 답글 연결
This song is amazing, as is that syrupy voice. Wonderful.
No one seems to appreciate the silky voice, lyrics and soothing music.. everyone prattles & blabber about black mirror and the shit where they first heard this song..
It's like u guys the same people from " White Bear"
Efe Egemen
Efe Egemen 1 답글 연결
Nothing brought me here
anon 2000
anon 2000 답글 연결
This song ruined by black mirror
Heavy Hitter
Heavy Hitter 답글
I don't think it was ruined. And Black Mirror even open me to know a good song.
Sithembiso Mkhize
oh yes!.. this!...
Suellen Helena
Suellen Helena 답글 연결
Vim pela imbucete
James Hemsworth
James Hemsworth 답글 연결
Does anyone know what the instrument at the start is? Bells?
thesuburbanelectric 1 답글 연결
I think the use of this song throughout Black Mirror - I think it shows up in some way or another in every episode - is beautiful and brilliant. The lyrics reveal a person who acknowledges both the abuse she receives from the object of her desire and the absurdity in her unwavering commitment to him despite it all, but explains it away as simply as something that love does, and is resigned to continue on.

This toxic relationship is a direct parallel to our relationship with technology. In the name of technological "advancement", we allow ever increasing intrusion of our privacy, the distortion of the societal fabric, distortion of our sense of morality, and just about every other consequence of unrestrained indulgence and over-reliance on technology that Black Mirror presents to us. Yet we not only continue to use it, but allow it ever deeper into our lives. Why? It's hard to explain, but anyone who has an iPhone, a smartwatch, or a social media presence will understand...
TightSeatbelt 답글 연결
This song explains one of my problems. Even the pain that you put me throught I would care for you no matter what. I would break my heart in pieces,take those pieces to fix yours.
Animal finatic
Animal finatic 답글 연결
This song is so so beautiful.
El Hombre Sin Nombre
Black mirror, November 09, 2019. 06:00am, Ontario, Canada.
Gülseren Taşdan
Oh my dear song😍😍😍😍
JOLO!! 1 답글 연결
Damnn black mirror
Ryan Vazquez
Ryan Vazquez 답글 연결

Me: Alex bale?
Andso100492BACK 답글 연결
I love this song so much... No BM tho x) just like old songs
Fiddle Pants
Fiddle Pants 답글 연결
Ooooh, she perky

Paul Blenkiron
Paul Blenkiron 답글 연결
YEET 답글 연결
the hot shot won't accept me because of this song if you know what i mean😂😂
Bella Micaelson
Bella Micaelson 답글 연결
Alguém veio por GITH? Kkkkk
katty thecat
katty thecat 답글 연결
Abi deserved better 🥺
katty thecat
katty thecat 답글 연결
I get chills from this song most likely from black mirror...
Mati Ortiz
Mati Ortiz 답글 연결
Es la cancion mas bonita uwu
katty thecat
katty thecat 답글 연결
Black mirror lead me here🥺🥺
jrb designer alliance
My YT goes to, James Brown and the flames, out of sight,.. ...very good,..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGdmY0N1qZA
jrb designer alliance
You got, Slim Harpo, King Bee,..
jrb designer alliance
OMG father, son and holy spirit,..mercy,..

BogiCECHL04 답글 연결
Wonderful song....brilliant....
Levon Hovsepyan
Levon Hovsepyan 답글 연결
I like this song
Avocados Nest
Avocados Nest 답글 연결
I LOVE black mirror
coquijean 답글 연결
I am here again💜💜💜...and they KNOW who (they) are...💜
Jennifer Eckel
Jennifer Eckel 답글 연결
how many ppl were brought here by Black Mirror???
Link 답글 연결
I fucking hated the ending of that Black Mirror episode. I know I'm supposed to, but still.
Link 답글
@WangleLine 15 Million Merits.
WangleLine 답글
Which one? This song was featured in many different episodes
Günay Arıcı
Günay Arıcı 답글 연결
The world may think im foolish..
cheryl lakin
cheryl lakin 답글 연결
What the hell is "black mirror"?? I was looking up guitar tutorials on Amy Winehouse music, and this song was in my suggested list. I'm glad I clicked on it....nice song😎
Ира Мерцалова
Отличный фильм!
Jaku🅱️ 답글 연결