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Walk the Moon - Surrender
아티스트: Walk the Moon

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[Verse 1] Another night in my new skin Throw emotion to the wind And just try to find a face that'll make me feel something And for all the pretty mouths Pretty words that turn me out I just end up at your house 20,000 leagues beneath the ocean I've been trying to keep my distance (I still need you) So hard to keep my distance (I still need you) And you make me want to stay Cause you look so good But I know you babe, and this can't wait Not one more touch Not one more drink One more minute One more night [Chorus] So I surrender This is the moment I surrender [Verse 2] Now all the shapes I know are gone The charts and maps I've drawn just get me lost And I'm falling off the edge And you make me want to change With the look on your face Cause I miss you babe but I can't stay not One more kiss One more fix One more minute One more night [Chorus] So I surrender This is the moment I surrender Even now, let it in Oh Lord, I surrender I been trying to keep my distance So hard to keep my distance I still need you But i i can’t stay Heart still beating Heart still the same Send me back in time Break me again I still need you I still need you When I speak will you listen? [Bridge] So send me back a thousand days That first night at your old place And tell me how it ends I'd do it all again For one more minute One more night If all that I could ever be was the best ex-lover of your life If all that I could ever be was the best ex-lover of your life And all that I could ever be was the best ex-lover of your life And all that I could ever be was the best ex-lover of your life Still tryin' to keep my distance

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nellingwood2 답글 연결
The wall-of-sound 80s vibe is very in right now in music
Ray Roark
Ray Roark 답글 연결
Why isn't this up to 1 million views already?
Sean Manley
Sean Manley 답글 연결
this groove is....ridiculous in the best possible way !!
1EPICGAMER 1 1 답글 연결
came from The Upside trailer
tdreamgmail 답글 연결
Upside trailer with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston
Xian小 답글 연결
Giovanny Moreno
Giovanny Moreno 1 답글 연결
This song makes me believe, makes me happy, this song change my state of mind!!!! Omg
Kenny Nuqui
Kenny Nuqui 답글 연결
"The Upside" trailer for me.
Enter The PC
Enter The PC 답글 연결
beans 답글 연결
o.o Here from the Upside, lol.
josh prince
josh prince 답글 연결
Why did it take me so long to finally hear this??
Itai Assaf Raizman-Greif
I came here from the Upside trailer
Victor Renoux
Victor Renoux 답글 연결
Ugh, this song is so strange and wonderful... it somehow makes me simultaneously feel nostalgic for the past, and awed and hopeful about the future. It's so sad, but it somehow also fills me with a strange sense of joy. It's calming, but it also makes me want to achieve something great. There's indescribable levels and ranges of emotions in this song, and it's really amazing
Stephanie Boss
Stephanie Boss 2 답글 연결
This song comforts and pains me all at once. Loving someone so much it hurts. Reaching out but holding back at the same time. Being lost but seeing the destination at the same time. The regret but the joy. Every contradictory emotion at once in your heart and mind. Brilliance in music
abi schmitt
abi schmitt 답글 연결
Surrender, lost in the wild, and all night are my favorite songs from the what if nothing album
andrea ricardo
andrea ricardo 답글 연결
i can't stop listen it, i love it, is a really good song.
T Leigh
T Leigh 답글 연결
This is a bop <3
Candra Rosean
Candra Rosean 답글 연결
Best song in 2017
T Leigh
T Leigh 답글 연결
Mark Lorenz
Mark Lorenz 답글 연결
Bestest lover turned out to be best ex-lover of my life. Sometimes misheard lyrics come true.

青木朋博 답글 연결
The God of Truth
The God of Truth 2 답글 연결
Such an awesome song!
Sonya F
Sonya F 답글 연결
Saw them Sunday 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Anne Lopez
Anne Lopez 답글 연결
I came here from a theme park in Denver Colorado aka Elitch gardens and they had a fun magic show and they played this Song!!!❤❤❤ I love it and can't stop listening to it!! I think I broke the replay button 😊
warriorgirl126 답글 연결
Saw them do this live a few weeks ago and was blown away!!!!
Karson 답글 연결
This would definitely be in TFIOS if it came out then ...
Tomás Sagrero
Tomás Sagrero 답글 연결
Esta ganial #LoveSimon 🙌
frankscrank99 답글 연결
Beautiful ballad.
Ytalo Monteiro
Ytalo Monteiro 답글 연결
Oi Hi
sim.ilicious 답글 연결
i just watched love simon im in love.

Kevin Canete
Kevin Canete 답글 연결
A nice song to start the day
Blendon Queiroz
Blendon Queiroz 답글 연결
Com Amor Simon...
zapalloso 답글 연결
This is so 80ies!
keiran lee foord
keiran lee foord 답글 연결
No matter how many times I will listen to this song, I will always get the chills
Ladies Man 217 Sun-Luc-Dong
Love, Simon.
jotapiere official
En que parte de love, simon se escucha esta cancion?? Alguien q me responda
Yiara Palacios
Yiara Palacios 답글 연결
Tarde un poco en recordár donde la había escuchado. 💜
Anubis Pan
Anubis Pan 답글 연결
This is THE SONG when I propose! ❤❤❤
Gleison Nunes
Gleison Nunes 1 답글 연결
Linda Música 👏😍❤🎶
Andrew Custer
Andrew Custer 답글 연결
That love simon is a cutie.