The Avengers

Alan Silvestri - The Avengers
아티스트: Alan Silvestri
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MXC 250
MXC 250 답글 연결
James M
James M 답글 연결
Love this music
Warunyu Panpetch
Warunyu Panpetch 29 답글 연결
Anyone came here after watching infinity war trailer ?
Carlos Yk
Carlos Yk 답글
Mike Bunnyhops
Mike Bunnyhops 답글 연결
Justice League disliked this
Ainsley Kinney
Ainsley Kinney 답글 연결
Played this in marching band! Was a blast.
Jax243 답글 연결
Joshua Cowling
Joshua Cowling 1 답글 연결
This should have been playing during the last scene of season 6 episode 10 of game of thrones😎
Chris_Is_Gaming_ 2 답글 연결
Heroic as fuck
Urnd Edogg 1 Edogg
Urnd Edogg 1 Edogg 답글
Chris_Is_Gaming_ no bad words sir
Alun Jones
Alun Jones 5 답글 연결
I can see them using this song in the next Avengers film during the fight
Joey Pasbrig
Joey Pasbrig 답글
we can hope
Oliver Clark
Oliver Clark 5 답글 연결
loki, ultron,crossbones,zemo,thanos,strucker,the chitari,the other,red skull,iron monger,the abomination and the frost giants disliked this
CodeofComics 22 답글 연결
And History was Made
도티짱 4 답글 연결
I love Marvel!!!
silentx mirage
silentx mirage 답글 연결
and crossbones
MelficeXD 답글 연결
Jayden Varghese
Jayden Varghese 답글
MelficeXD now I hear it lol
Grant Nesselroad
Grant Nesselroad 31 답글 연결
And this is without a doubt, the anthem for The Avengers.
Torilinn Cwanek
Torilinn Cwanek 4 답글 연결
Jonathan Pinzon
Jonathan Pinzon 8 답글 연결
Wait! That's the same guy that did the music for Back to the Future?!? Mind-blown!!!
KeatonHenke 1 답글
Don't forget the Polar Express.
jp3813 5 답글
Alan Silvestri's filmography includes the BTTF trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump, Predator 1&2, Cast Away, Contact, The Abyss, Judge Dredd, Eraser, The Quick and the Dead, The Mummy Returns, Captain America: The First Avenger, etc...
Torilinn Cwanek
Torilinn Cwanek 답글
Hyperion5182 Couldn't have said it better myself
Hyperion5182 답글
The man is one of the true Gods of Music the fads will fade away. This man's music will echo in eternity centuries later along side the true greats.
Steven Schoenfelder
Steven Schoenfelder 답글
JONATHAN PINZON and Predator believe it or not. he's been around lol
Nightshade 답글 연결
I really like this song
Meadow Flower
Meadow Flower 1 답글 연결
It's so awesome that we get to play it in Marching Band

H&NKinsha 1 답글 연결
good song to wake up to
Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter Saturn 답글 연결
This is so AWESOME !!!
aricente 2 답글 연결
came here after reading Young Avengers. great read, really like wiccan and hulkling
William Anderson
William Anderson 92 답글 연결
Loki, Ultron, Baron Zemo and Thanos disliked this.
Javier Zamora
Javier Zamora 답글
Forgetting the Red Skull???
Trevon boyles
Trevon boyles 1 답글
Trevon boyles
Trevon boyles 1 답글
jakakorn 5 답글
This is actually the best thing I've ever read...
SeanTom86 17 답글
+William Anderson Looks like Crossbones did, too.
一之瀬廉 8 답글 연결
He said
Turn up to work for living!!!
Jeyfeather 1234
Jeyfeather 1234 6 답글
Time to work for a living
Captain Walrus
Captain Walrus 1 답글 연결
Favorite part is 1:24 to the end. :D
Bricklore Studios Filming
J'adore les Avengers!
Daniel Joya
Daniel Joya 15 답글 연결
Hans Zimmer need to do a powerful theme just like this!
Gustav Ramirez
Gustav Ramirez 8 답글
+Daniel Joya
For the Justice League movies, right? xD
Jesus 129 답글 연결
Just imagine this theme song playing in the background while

Iron Man
Captain America
Black Widow
Black Panther
Ant Man
Doctor Strange
Scarlett Witch
Star Lord
Rocket Racoon
Captain Marvel
Jessica Jones
The Punisher
The Winter Soldier
War Machine

Are all lined up to fight Thanos
ceddy jj
ceddy jj 답글
Bitch pudding lol
shipsnthenight 답글
It will be.
Hannah Killian
Hannah Killian 답글
Idk why, but at first I thought you were gonna say "To play Monopoly", and now I would like to see a short of them playing Monopoly.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 답글
And Iron Fist and Luke Cage
Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri
SuperMarioPlushLand 64 It dosen't matter, and he forgot ghost rider
RevanReborn96 2 답글 연결

Benimation 7 답글 연결
the best part starts at 1:25
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 44 답글 연결
Personally Age Of Ultron would've been much better if they didnt replace Alan Silvestri with Brian Tyler and Danny Elfman. His music was one of the many things that made the first one so epic. Dont get me wrong, I liked Brian and Danny's score as well. But Alan's was perfect
Akindu Dasanayake
Akindu Dasanayake 답글
Yes exactly! I missed Silvestri's broad tones, from the main themes to even the motifs. Just makes me twice as excited about Infinity War because he's returning..
R O 답글
Can never understand why they have to mess with using different people on sequels. Alan's score is so much more memorable.
Mattias Westby
Mattias Westby 답글
+KallenSC I kind of agree - other than the main theme, I found much of the Avengers soundtrack surprisingly underwhelming when I finally got a chance to listen to it.
João Marcos
João Marcos 답글
+KallenSC "Assemble", "Stark goes green", "A promise" are great, but I have to agree, Elfman and Tyler did a better job.
Nathan DeField
Nathan DeField 답글
Yeah, I like both movies and soundtracks, but opinions are opinions, and I respect yours. :)
Gustav Ramirez
Gustav Ramirez 44 답글 연결
2 dislikes eh? Loki and Thanos, I know it's you! :D
Retro Robert
Retro Robert 2 답글
+Jupiter Saturn Hydra disliked it
Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter Saturn 2 답글
The Chitauri grow restless!
DJ Jenny :3
DJ Jenny :3 7 답글
5 dislikes now, Crossbone just found this D:
Captain Walrus
Captain Walrus 9 답글
4 now. Guess Red Skull decided to join in. :P
Jam_Filled_Mochi 4 답글
+Andrew Struckmann Beat me to it!
Dreaklock 13 답글 연결
Avengers 1 > Age of Ultron, and it's not even close. AoU was horrid crap. Avengers 1 was awesome.
Red Big'un
Red Big'un 답글
Vern Hestand III Not true. Age of Ultron was shit. The only good Avengers sequel was Captain America Civil War. It didn't borrow stuff from other movies, it wasn't boring and, while he wasn't the best villian, Zemo was cracking dad jokes for no reason.
Vern Hestand
Vern Hestand 3 답글
"Horrid crap'? MAN, you guys are hard to entertain.
Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon 답글
AoU might not be a better film, but even it has it's moments.
KallenSC 답글
+Dreaklock haha especially Cap suit was better in Avengers... or that the Avengers was really "Iron Man 3: the Avengers" - So Age of Ultron was really first Avengers Movie - they was real Avengers, not couple of heroes bunching each together and fighting when there was other option. Besides of that Both Avengers movie could be much better than Joss Whedon created....First Avengers: idiotic suit of Cap, Useless Thor in 90% of movie, Stark everywhere with cinic jokes, and Chitauri.....worst thing in this Movie! Avengers 2 had some mistakes too: Death od Quicksilver, Not so cold evil Ultron, water of something...... So i hate when something total complain on Avengers 2 and love too much Avengers - they both great movies for real Marvel Fans with mistakes of course! If you don't like your are crap!
Nathan DeField
Nathan DeField 4 답글
Opinions, people. There is such a thing. Can't we all just get along?

The movie is neither good or bad. My opinion doesn't mean more than anyone's. It would be self-centered for me to think that. It could totally suck to you and that's alright. It could be great to me and that's alright too. Art is subjective. ¯\(ツ)
camille amélia
camille amélia 답글 연결
Ça envoie du lourd les Avengers -
Kaito Shion
Kaito Shion 9 답글 연결
There was a similar song to this the theme of The Avengers but I cant recall it. The song is like rock type and sounds exactly to the first part of The Avengers theme, anyone know what was the name of the song? The only difference is that this song has an actual singer while the theme song for The Avengers does not have a singer.
Kaito Shion
Kaito Shion 4 답글
Thx, I already found it accidentally while uploading songs to my iPod xD
But I appreciate your help :)
Martin Rufer
Martin Rufer 15 답글
I know exactly what you mean, it's called Kashmir (by Led Zeppelin)
Strigoi Mortii
Strigoi Mortii 답글 연결
신현정 답글 연결
This music is very good!!!
I love Avengers!