Jed Kurzel - Spores
아티스트: Jed Kurzel
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Cecilio BlinkyGhost Garcia III
1:04 "It appears to be some kind of vehicle?" -Walter
paolo carmona
paolo carmona 답글 연결
These Sounds make such an uncomfortable feeling but in a nice way... amazing
Laura Susan Johnson
Very reminiscent of Goldsmith's original sounds for the 1979 movie. Weird ass sounds. Very operatic but creepy too.
Void 5 답글 연결
For some reason, every fucking time I play this video I get a pringles ad.
I DeathSinger I
I DeathSinger I 답글
Once you pop....
Galejro 답글 연결
Covenant - A movie about copyright infringement. If you have no imagination and can't create your won sh..t just steal it, consider it your own and then fuck up the original inventor... Nobody can sue you in space >:P
It's weird the here comes the bride interval can feel like this
mark werenczuk
mark werenczuk 1 답글 연결
Anyone know where you can download a high-quality sound file of that 'woooo woooo' tone that plays throughout the movie? I would love to make it the notification sound on my phone for when I get a text message. I know I can make one myself but I am busy and lazy and other people with skill can do it better than me.
NC Quadraxis
NC Quadraxis 2 답글 연결
Spores better than eggs, I prefer Neomorphs over Xenos any day because of their brutal nature even just born.
Olegh Rozman
Olegh Rozman 9 답글 연결
this is like National Anthem of Viruses/Germs..
Ed Garazaky
Ed Garazaky 1 답글 연결
jed kurzel,the man who rescued a doomed movie with his hideous sountrack
Lucas Valladares
Lucas Valladares 2 답글 연결
sounds like the amnesia the dark decent main menu theme
Dylan Maldonado
Dylan Maldonado 답글 연결
Spores, indeed.
Dylan Maldonado
Dylan Maldonado 답글 연결
This one is IT! I got it confused with the first song in this track. At this point where this song comes on, and it doesn't stop throughout the rest of the movie! It's so creepy. I love it.
Jacob Gold
Jacob Gold 21 답글 연결
It's one thing with eggs, but if the very air you breathe and thrive on could have a chance of containing the beginning of a slow, painful death is the very definition of horrifying.
Mahekun Linklater
Mahekun Linklater 1 답글 연결
When your home alone and you hear scratching. 0:03
.viilth 답글 연결
oh. my. godness.
AutisticWhale 2
AutisticWhale 2 5 답글 연결
When you hear the "woo wooooo", you better fucking run and don't look back...
rusamene 답글 연결
0:55 entering zero gravity;)
Godzillafan 2018
Godzillafan 2018 1 답글 연결
wooo woooo wooooo
jessica jones
jessica jones 35 답글 연결
That whistling sound is so unique and, for lack of a better word, "alien". It invokes such an unsettling sense of unfamiliarity and I love it
Tony Basil
Tony Basil 6 답글
Totally agree. Very unsettling and sets the stage for the medbay scene. I eventually go so involved with the scene that I felt like I am in a different planet fighting for survival. Its a movie making win

Ne ar
Ne ar 2 답글 연결
Ana Skywalker
Ana Skywalker 6 답글 연결
Sounds like Mushi-shi (?)
Timothy Ma
Timothy Ma 답글
Random Boy
Random Boy 22 답글 연결
that sound. The first you hear on this track. Made me feel so uneasy in theaters. Whatever the hell that is,it's perfect.
Random Boy just like the organism
EduardoTerrorGamer 14 답글 연결
orgywithpigs6 Poor Ollivander
orgywithpigs6 3 답글
EduardoTerrorGamer helmet didn't do much good for Kain
.viilth 2 답글
hm more like: NEVER GO TO SPACE
Ne ar
Ne ar 2 답글
EduardoTerrorGamer And without a minigun
Flavio Sousa
Flavio Sousa 답글 연결
Magnificent OST.
babyyfusiion 18 답글 연결
Idk bout yah but every time I heard this I was like ooooooohhh shit bout to go down ....I love this tune lol anyone else
Daniel Carpineto
Daniel Carpineto 4 답글 연결
KronnangDunn 7 답글 연결
My favorite track from the film's soundtrack...
Dukefazon 20 답글 연결
Sends chills down my spine every time even if I only think about the tune.
MarcovGam3r 9 답글
enough for your spine to burst out
Matthew Crawford
Matthew Crawford 46 답글 연결
And this ladies and gentleman is why, in the year 2084, OSHA standards explicitly state to WEAR A GODDAMN HELMET WHEN YOU ARE ON A FOREIGN UNDOCUMENTED WORLD!
BlotRorschach 2 답글
If only Kane wore a helmet -- oh wait.

If only Ripley was encased in some protective cocoon or something -- oh wait.

ReVolutioN 31 답글 연결
Smoking is bad.
Ahella Khattab
Ahella Khattab 40 답글 연결
Jed Kurzel is an absolute genius! This is an Oscar worthy score!
Joseph Hoffman
Joseph Hoffman 2 답글
definitely the best score of the year so far!
Candy Love
Candy Love 3 답글
Ahellla Khattab I agree. He's one hell of an underdog. I'll be looking forward to his upcoming film projects if any hopefully.
Mosquitofork666 Films
Mosquitofork666 Films 92 답글 연결
You know some fu**ed up s**t is going to happen when that weird sound plays.
Kevin May
Kevin May 6 답글
Arctic_Mountain Films you're profile Pic is cool 😂
Nymphis 70 답글 연결
This movie's soundtrack is fucking beautiful
Mudassir Ahmedi
Mudassir Ahmedi 답글
and u look like a fucker
WreckingWood 10 답글
I've listened to the most of the soundtrack several times, I'm befuddled that this on the surface plays like any horror music with dissonance orchestra and eerie synths, all the typical tools, but somehow Jed Kurzel perfectly blended and organized those elements into one of the most refreshing horror soundtracks I've heard in eons.
Fyodor 60 답글 연결
Lesson #1- Do not smoke after you see weird dust on an alien planet
Lesson #2- If you feel sick. Report to the Medbay
Lesson#3- Run
Jason Lam
Jason Lam 답글
That's the main issue of the movie! They didn't know the planet existed before but they just assumed the atmosphere is good and just walk out like it's Earth
Conor Mcgayer
Conor Mcgayer 답글
I think the only ones blood that is acidic are the aliens and facehuggers
stevoboy14 답글
Even then, I don't think so. The Neomorph mauled that one girl who ventured off to death and I didn't see any acid.
PrimalDragon1740 답글
stevoboy14 perhaps but what about an acidic bite?
stevoboy14 답글
PrimalDragon1740 I think that may just be from the fact that his hand was bitten off. Keep in mind that Oram shot the neomorph when David was admiring it and there was no acid blood.
Daikaiju Danielle
Daikaiju Danielle 227 답글 연결
I love how this little "wooo woooooo" was a motif throughout the movie, signaling an alien presence. It's such a scary little tune too, very curiously disturbing
Doom Engine FPV
Doom Engine FPV 답글
Daikaiju Danielle the sound feels like that sense of foreboding you get when you think there is something behind you and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, a feeling you don’t quite understand but you trust and yet it’s like an itch you can’t scratch..
SquadHDProductions 답글
finally found it i was trying to figure if it was actually part of the ost i heard it through the entire movie it was nice way to make it more unsettling
Jay Avery
Jay Avery 답글
@yeezey2020 see what I mean?
Kansas462 1 답글
Only 12, eh? When I was 10, my uncle took me and my little sister to see a triple-feature: Cobra (with Stallone), The Fly, and ALIENS. Loved every minute of it.
Joseph Hoffman
Joseph Hoffman 답글
Agreed! Amazing piece of work by Jed!!!