Jed Kurzel - Spores
아티스트: Jed Kurzel
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D Bammstein
D Bammstein 답글 연결
For all the problems this movie has, it has brilliant music
Michelle Hogan
Michelle Hogan 답글 연결
ok this one scares the crap out of me
T-800 CSM-101
T-800 CSM-101 1 답글 연결
A Quiet Place, anyone?
sentient02970 답글 연결
I love that this film was mostly about the bio threat and the music really compelled you to think of that sort of barely visible threat.
Mr'Koalas 답글 연결
I knew that damn sound was a music, it looks like some alien sound in the movie.
Das Institut
Das Institut 답글 연결
The beginning reminds me of The Legend of Zeldas Forest Temple.
lee pearson.
lee pearson. 답글 연결
This film has totally inspired me to set up and monster making SFX shed, and make my monsters for fun.
lee pearson.
lee pearson. 답글
Something I always wanted to do
SehrBA 답글 연결
Great visuals, a fantastic soundtrack, great effects. Alien: Covenant, a movie that would be great if it weren't for the writing...and the characters...and the lack of subtlety...and no tension...and disregarding everything Prometheus had set up...and sucking out all mystery and fear from the Xeno...and a twist ending a 5 year old could have figured out...and--you know what, I don't think this is a very good movie.
Jed Kurzel, Dariusz Wolski (cinematographer), Framestore/MPC (effects) deserve awards. Ridley...deserves a stern talking to.
There are so many ways to conceive innocent new life....
James Somogyi
James Somogyi 답글 연결
When I saw this film in the cinema I never thought it could be good. But soon as this kicked in and we see the alien burst from that guys back I felt so unsettled very on edge and that woooo everyone is talking about is the reason I looked up the soundtrack. Can't wait for the next film in the franchise just wish my mum who introduced me to them as a kid could have seen it she died Christmas morning 2016 :(
Pat Gogan
Pat Gogan 답글 연결
The spore sound was the creepiest thing in this mess of a film imo
Dan Backslide
Dan Backslide 답글 연결

“Shhhhh. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”
ayyappa swami
ayyappa swami 답글 연결
creepy as hell
Nishant Rajani Karhadkar
Just stay on your own planet.dont mess with outer space
leafman 답글 연결
When you're home alone in the middle of the night and the wind from the windows shuts the doors closed.
The 80's Wolf
The 80's Wolf 답글 연결
Best thing about the movie.
Perhaps... the only good...
tHaH4x0r 2 답글 연결
This is one of the most well made songs. That sound at the beginning, characterizes the movie for me, the star of the movie. The subtly unsettling eeriness of it goes through bone and reverberates through the entire film.
Josh Shorba
Josh Shorba 답글 연결
those creepy continuous wind chimes clicking at 0:08 is creepy as shit. I love the whhhooooooo whoooooo sound throughout the movie too. then the pulsating thudding when they are trying to get the first sick guy back to the covenant. Everything about this movie was perfect
YK Gaming
YK Gaming 답글 연결
A.H.B. Escritor
A.H.B. Escritor 8 답글 연결
This track has been recent used in the trailer of a Quiet Place, the new Platinum Dune's movie...Only true fans recognized it...The wooo woooooo should stay as the xenomorph theme, it's so perfect for the creature...Covenant is the best since Alien! Honestly as good as Alien & Aliens

Jocelyn Rose
Jocelyn Rose 2 답글 연결
get ya wetwipes
get ya wetwipes 답글 연결
Richie hawtin should remix this
Jordan G
Jordan G 11 답글 연결
They added this soundtrack on the upcoming movie “a quiet place”
Andre Wilson
Andre Wilson 답글
I noticed that too
Josh Shorba
Josh Shorba 1 답글
i'm going to see that tonight! pumped!
DankBooze 1 답글
Jordan gomez noticed that too
Mike Flangerus
Mike Flangerus 3 답글
I thought I was the only one noticing that they used the same sound
Void 답글 연결
I’m 666th like yay. I finally achieved something great in my miserable life.
ghostbusterdal1 답글 연결
as bad as the movie was, this park of the soundtrack did creep the heck out of me
Digital Leftovers
Digital Leftovers 20 답글 연결
Really glad they reused this in A Quiet Place trailer. Such a perfect motif to indicate a creepy atmosphere or presence of the unknown
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie 1 답글
They also used this outside of the seeds of extinction haunted house at Halloween horror nights this year. very cool and very appropriate given the whole house is about a meteor with foreign spore crashing into earth and killing basically everything but bugs in 5 days.
Sharon Yarbrough
Sharon Yarbrough 답글
I'm liking it too!
Moral of the scene: When you survey an unexplored planet, remember to wear an environmental suit.
1:04 "It appears to be some kind of vehicle?" -Walter
paolo carmona
paolo carmona 답글 연결
These Sounds make such an uncomfortable feeling but in a nice way... amazing
Laura Susan Johnson
Laura Susan Johnson 6 답글 연결
Very reminiscent of Goldsmith's original sounds for the 1979 movie. Weird ass sounds. Very operatic but creepy too.

Void 6 답글 연결
For some reason, every fucking time I play this video I get a pringles ad.
I DeathSinger I
I DeathSinger I 답글
Once you pop....
Galejro 답글 연결
Covenant - A movie about copyright infringement. If you have no imagination and can't create your won sh..t just steal it, consider it your own and then fuck up the original inventor... Nobody can sue you in space >:P
It's weird the here comes the bride interval can feel like this
mark werenczuk
mark werenczuk 3 답글 연결
Anyone know where you can download a high-quality sound file of that 'woooo woooo' tone that plays throughout the movie? I would love to make it the notification sound on my phone for when I get a text message. I know I can make one myself but I am busy and lazy and other people with skill can do it better than me.
TH3C001 답글
+Michał Jaroszewicz you could probably make others inspired by the soundtrack and upload them here on YouTube.
Scarlett Luger
Scarlett Luger 답글
Michał Jaroszewicz can you please help me get it? -thank you!
Michał Jaroszewicz
Michał Jaroszewicz 답글
If you still need this, write to me, I made notification sound for my phone with this "woo wooo" sound, cut from FLAC file.
Unknown 9 답글 연결
Spores better than eggs, I prefer Neomorphs over Xenos any day because of their brutal nature even just born.
Kitteh 2 답글
Xenos are generally better then neomorphs. being more stealthy to aid them in their hunt.
Olegh Rozman
Olegh Rozman 17 답글 연결
this is like National Anthem of Viruses/Germs..
Ed Garazaky
Ed Garazaky 3 답글 연결
jed kurzel,the man who rescued a doomed movie with his hideous sountrack
Lucas Valladares
Lucas Valladares 2 답글 연결
sounds like the amnesia the dark decent main menu theme
DankBooze 답글
Lucas Valladares Dead ass what I thought too
Cameron Pich
Cameron Pich 답글
After the first 50 seconds, sounds similar to it , but for those first 50 seconds, no it doesn't
Dylan Maldonado
Dylan Maldonado 답글 연결
Spores, indeed.
Dylan Maldonado
Dylan Maldonado 답글 연결
This one is IT! I got it confused with the first song in this track. At this point where this song comes on, and it doesn't stop throughout the rest of the movie! It's so creepy. I love it.