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Dear Mister Fantasy play us a tune Something to make us all happy Do anything take us out of this gloom Sing a song, play guitar Make it snappy You are the one who can make us all laugh But doing that you break out in tears Please don't be sad if it was a straight mind you had We wouldn't have known you all these years

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Steve Hibbs
Steve Hibbs 1 답글 연결
Love this song
Pete White
Pete White 1 답글 연결
That voice never fails to amaze me.
sean craine
sean craine 2 답글 연결
Make it snappy!
Dolores5000 답글 연결
It's missing the flanging on the vocals???
Allan Burns
Allan Burns 답글 연결
The opening lyrics are somewhat reminiscent of Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man": "Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me ...." But the tempo & atmosphere are obviously quite different. Classic Winwood.
Shawn Mollett
Shawn Mollett 답글 연결
Shawn Mollett
Shawn Mollett 답글
AZDuffman 답글 연결
The Enron documentary brought me here
johnny davis
johnny davis 답글 연결
Churchhh..Preach Ttraffic...🙏📖🙏
johnny davis
johnny davis 1 답글 연결
This is when music. Had a Message..and a very vital and profounded effect on how we think and lived our lives.. man I miss those good old days of( acid rock )Churchhh..and my I also added..This was B.C...Before Christ..!..Now that I'm Born Again.. I don't need that psychological Escape anymore ..Now that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord of my life ..He will lead and guide us into all truth but we must be born again .. man it's just as simple as asking God to come into your heart and whom the (Son set free is free indeed Jesus Christ of Nazareth) Churchhh 📖🙏📖
dasgator1 답글
UR right Johnny. Music had a message. Sometimes not always the right one. Good music back in the Daze !! Take Care my friend.
johnny davis
johnny davis 1 답글
Stay in. touched...mighty woman of valor..dignity..Honor...a woman after God's Own Heart..❤Churchhh..🙏📖🙏
johnny davis
johnny davis 1 답글
anibal lopez You're quite welcome..virtuous woman..and May God Blessed you..as well...🙏📖🙏
anibal lopez
anibal lopez 1 답글
johnny davis Nice words my friend,God bless you.
Richard Norman
Richard Norman 2 답글 연결
Such a great tune! Shifts my mood for the better every time I hear it. Never fails.
anibal lopez
anibal lopez 답글
Richard Norman Good for you brou
Lonnie Cavenee
Lonnie Cavenee 1 답글 연결
24 people, oh forget it.
anibal lopez
anibal lopez 답글
Ashley Oberst
Ashley Oberst 3 답글 연결
Fuckn a
Bernie Zenner
Bernie Zenner 2 답글 연결
The older I get, the more I love the 60's. I wish I could do it again without the drugs. The additions didn't really set in until the 70's.
Ronie Wilson
Ronie Wilson 2 답글 연결
Just one of those songs that truly capture time and holds it forever perfectly preserved.
Alice Godinez
Alice Godinez 1 답글 연결
Kevin Crispell
Kevin Crispell 3 답글 연결
Summer of 67 ... summer of love ... I was 17 ... sigh ...
Michael Britt
Michael Britt 1 답글 연결
Wow. Waaaay before their time.

If this donsent make you want to wave picket signs at some town hall, maybe it makes you want to check your gun, scared shitless, taking that last drag off of whatever you and you're buddy just rolled, and go defend his honor.

Andrew Baclawski
Andrew Baclawski 3 답글 연결
So Beautiful..........Powerful...........and............Moving !!
Martin Davies
Martin Davies 2 답글 연결
steve windwood is a geniuse
DJ Childs
DJ Childs 5 답글 연결
Ahhh Vintage R&R, take me back...

Don Presley
Don Presley 5 답글 연결
underground music, remember
Gayla Smith
Gayla Smith 1 답글
Don Presley, I was the kid with the covers over my head in the wee hours armed with a flashlight and a radio. I would tune in to WLS and any other station I could locate. Plus, I have an older sister. She and I used to listen to "underground radio" in her room. She turned me on to some stellar music and artists.
Louis Marez
Louis Marez 1 답글 연결
Adamtzsch,along with your 5th grade education your a real asshole,and have -0- taste in music it sounds like your the DEGENERATE ! ! !.
Louis Marez
Louis Marez 13 답글 연결
For the longest time(1973) I been looking for this particular song and the bands name,it brings back sooooo many GOOD memories,those were really the good ole days.i am now 60 years old and still jamming.long live rock n roll.
WOOT 5 답글 연결
I wasn't even a thought yet during this era but I can "feel the time" when I hear this song... Love it.
Joseph Hill
Joseph Hill 39 답글 연결
dear mr. winwood thanks for this tune something to make us all happy
Dan Chick
Dan Chick 3 답글 연결
first time i heard this song it was from a grateful dead radio hour back in the 90s. they covered lots of awesome songs.
Karina watts
Karina watts 10 답글 연결
love this song
Math Person
Math Person 11 답글 연결
Trip out and faze yourself some peace, dudes and dudesses!!!!!!!!!!
Kieser Sozay
Kieser Sozay 8 답글 연결
This gives me a musical boner
T-bone 686
T-bone 686 3 답글
this song gives me a musical anal gape. wanna stick your musical boner in my musical anal gape?
Simon Hernandez
Simon Hernandez 3 답글 연결
one of the great band of all time love the music

adamtzsch 2 답글 연결
They all ought to be in jail. 20-10 for Class A ingestion. Degenerates.
matthew thomas
matthew thomas 2 답글
+adamtzsch ok ok OK lm sorry. probably a cultural thing. Love traffic and you.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
adamtzsch 2 답글
+matthew thomas It was a joke. Now who's fucking stupid?
matthew thomas
matthew thomas 답글
you stupid fuckin fool.
timothy polsfoot
timothy polsfoot 19 답글 연결
I get such a powerful sense of nostalgia every time I hear this song. I so miss the 60's. The good and the awful bad.
Ningauble Seveneye
Ningauble Seveneye 5 답글
Sometimes I wish I could go back but then, we only go around once and frankly it's for the best. So many friends lost. Drugs, the War, life, time.

Age let's us remember the good times. Like that band I played in back in the 60s I was so bad, but we had a great time.
Shipper Trash
Shipper Trash 11 답글
At least you were lucky enough to have been alive then. #BornTooLate :(
יקעב קלי
יקעב קלי 7 답글 연결
Damn I love dis tune.
Math Person
Math Person 1 답글
Gam Anee!
El Cirin
El Cirin 29 답글 연결
One of the best rock songs ever. Love it.
Kat Toudouze
Kat Toudouze 답글
And I with a fifth & 6th 100% agree!
tkatfun 🐈❤️❤️🎸🎤🥁♓️🔮🔮
Jack i fourth that with a fifth
Gail Noble
Gail Noble 4 답글
I third that! Amen
phillywun2 4 답글
+Jack I second that...
Susan Brock
Susan Brock 10 답글 연결
Dear Mister Fantasy....Steve Winwood one my favs. Thanks for the memories. Lovely
Richard Lemon
Richard Lemon 10 답글 연결
Steve Winwood at his best, great tune.
Ilona onaway
Ilona onaway 5 답글 연결
Timeless voice and jam!
smoke1done 11 답글 연결
i appreciate how this track changes my mood from sad to happy
Travis Dorsey
Travis Dorsey 9 답글 연결
Love this damn tune
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust 2 답글
+Travis Dorsey yaaaaaassssssssssssss
cynthia gibbs Barfield
ooooooooooooooohhhh when's this guy coming back to Richmond.?? I won't miss a show of his...this just popped in my head a second ago...Thanking God for the Gift of Music....Good music like this never goes out of style..never sounds depleted and worn out...true talent from a really young bunch of guys...SW couldn't even get into the bars that they were booked in..Legally that is..and to think he was only seventeen when he penned, I'm a Man with The Spencer Davis Group...talented is putting it mildly..I really could go for some of this sound this winter...pretty please....
Zachary Driskell
Zachary Driskell 1 답글
bet your father, could fulfill both youse guys requests