Chester's Burst Over the Hamptons 가사

Kishi Bashi - Chester's Burst Over the Hamptons
아티스트: Kishi Bashi
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[Verse 1] All day everyday breeding like a curse You're still wrecking all our averages making us look worse Burst! Brandishing your cavendish, yellow over white Throwing feces at the rhesus making babies every night Burst! [Verse 2] Burst! in the park burst in the zoo Furimuitara camera ni dashiteru Burst! in the plane burst into flames Dokodemo dashitemo iinoda, geemu da Dokodemo dashitemo Burst

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Albert Jean Matthieu
3 years ago, I came for Catfish. I stayed for his talent
Classical Machinima
Classical Machinima 1 답글 연결
Catfish !!!
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 1 답글 연결
Catfish brought me here
Christine Phillips
Christine Phillips 답글
Joe Schmo same old intro vibes
Pifoto 답글 연결
Downsizing second trailer bring me here.
MrToune94 3 답글 연결
Downsizing anyone ?
heypierce 25 답글 연결
Anyone Here from Scotty Sire?
Vanessa Benet
Vanessa Benet 답글
Pierce yassss
King of Love
King of Love 답글
Pierce Ye
likes make me feel good about myself.
Scotty sire brought me here
victoria 1 답글
Reetika Aswal same :>
Marie Lapointe
Marie Lapointe 7 답글 연결
Scotty Sire brought me here
LILMYTransformer 답글 연결
Fuck you
Gothic O
Gothic O 15 답글 연결
Catfish brought me here.
Ken Brown
Ken Brown 2 답글 연결
its like awesome! until 0:44
Tony S.
Tony S. 답글
+Ken Brown Lmfao.
Daniel Feds
Daniel Feds 5 답글 연결
Darn97 답글 연결
Kishi Bashi needs to get 2gther wit Animal Collective and do some work!!!! Just my opinion :-)
greenhouse-nurse 답글 연결
This song is like a if you gave a sugar high a sound and then you gave the subsequent crash a sound and its goddamn brilliant.
Mitch Rogoff
Mitch Rogoff 1 답글 연결
Hate Samsung but glad their commercial brought me to this song
qbert369 답글 연결
Finally! Gotta thank my teen for telling me Siri would guess it and finally after coming across the ad I got it. Couldn't find it on Google
scandalance 답글 연결
I found it after 5 weeks...
Mario Maldonado
Mario Maldonado 13 답글 연결
Has vampire weekend feel
Tom J
Tom J 5 답글 연결
I wish he'd keep on the theme of the first 60 seconds and developed another 60 seconds.  The last 30 seconds sound like something from the Haunted Mansion.  But that is his style.
BlackSaphire96 답글
That may have been his style, but it was the first 60 seconds that really had that great draw. Sometimes you just need to stick with what works.
Delayva 답글 연결

nshaboo101 답글 연결
i wish he would add more to the song...love it!!!
Oyuki Stgo-CZ
Oyuki Stgo-CZ 4 답글 연결
Finally found this song! thanks shazam!!
Cat Dunn
Cat Dunn 답글
It was such a struggle finding it
Maira Gonzales
Maira Gonzales 답글
Same 😁
goldendome10383 13 답글 연결
You can't convince me that this isn't animal collective
Jacob Morales
Jacob Morales 4 답글
When I first heard this I automatically thought AC
Lotte Yanson
Lotte Yanson 34 답글 연결
Finally found this song. I heard it on the Samsung commercial and wanted to hear the full version. Thanks ispot.
Nilsa Riley
Nilsa Riley 1 답글 연결
Like the song but it's too short
Laura Cervantes
Laura Cervantes 1 답글 연결
samsung commercial brought me here too!
Purple Boy
Purple Boy 답글 연결
God,this song is amazing
Ladomingo Mingo
Ladomingo Mingo 17 답글 연결
Samsung commercial brought me here too! XD Luv this song. Wish it was longer.
Ladomingo Mingo
Ladomingo Mingo 3 답글
"All day everyday da-da-da-da-da..." so catchy :D
Chanelle Serrano
Chanelle Serrano 2 답글 연결
Reminds me of animal collective 😊
kabascoolr 답글 연결

Shadonna99 답글 연결
I want a lyric video so bad o3o
Shadonna99 답글
@Nailya Musayeva Thank you!
Nailya Musayeva
Nailya Musayeva 2 답글
@Shadonna99 All day everyday breeding like a curseyou're still wrecking all our averages making us look worse
brandishing your cavendish, yellow over white
throwing feces at the rhesus making babies every night
Burst!Burst! in the park burst in the zoo
furimuitara camera ni dashiteru
Burst! in the plane burst into flames
dokodemo dashitemo iinoda, geemu da
dokodemo dashitemo Burst

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lexi harvey
lexi harvey 7 답글 연결
Animal Collective-y
Justin Simmons
Justin Simmons 답글
@Tempus62 Whaaaat? Really? Awesome I hadn't heard.
Tempus62 답글
@Justin Simmons Same I got really excited,but content with this to. New AC is coming soon so can't wait.
Justin Simmons
Justin Simmons 1 답글
Thought this was a new ac track when I first heard it
Just Ant
Just Ant 답글 연결
Samsung Galaxy S6 commercial brought me here!
Elliem1233 답글 연결
Anyone know the song and artist of the song that goes like 'its been a long time coming'

It's on the episode with Adam and Kelsey, but Kelsey turns out to be Adam the gambler who calls himself the catfish king
prime eccel
prime eccel 답글
Is it like, 'it's been a long,
Long time coming, but I know,
Change gon' come,
Oh, yes it will.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 15 답글 연결
u just got catfished
videodude4 1 답글 연결
Needs to be longer!
Ja Rh
Ja Rh 답글 연결
Utter rip-off of Animal Collective but I still quite like it.
beautifulpromisex3 1 답글 연결
Thank you catfish. And soundhound.
Alyssa Schuett
Alyssa Schuett 답글 연결
why would people dislike this?
MattMoneyG 답글 연결