The Night Café

Clint Mansell - The Night Café
아티스트: Clint Mansell

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blonky cz jonas vanek
who saw ,, Loving Vincent"
Ila Lapinski
Ila Lapinski 답글 연결
Mansell's music is so much complementing this beautiful movie I have watch already several times!
Owen McKenzie
Owen McKenzie 답글 연결
this touches my heart
E H 1 답글 연결
This is the first and only movie I have cried with happiness, because this introductory piece was so incredibly beautiful.
YanaKH813 답글 연결
What a beautiful film and gorgeous soundtrack <3
Jon Jennings
Jon Jennings 답글 연결
The Evolution of Clint Mansell. Dark and Beautiful.
Sativum Coalho
Sativum Coalho 답글 연결
This beautiful, restless song is stuck in my head.
Iam Selvinaz
Iam Selvinaz 답글 연결
Farbod Asadi
Farbod Asadi 1 답글 연결
duygulanmamak elde değil
CopterChannel 답글 연결
I like Vincent if he was like in the movie
Piotr Szewczyk
Piotr Szewczyk 2 답글 연결
POLAND masterpiece & Mansell genius!
Eslam Abdelzaher
Eslam Abdelzaher 3 답글 연결
the great movie with the great soul-soundtrack i love it
Plüton'dan Gelen Uzaylı
This music make me feel sad. this man Van gogh drew 800 picture but when he is in life only 1 picture is sold. He was a alone, sad and beautiful.
ufuk uyan
ufuk uyan 3 답글 연결
for all alone in the world
Arda Malkovich
Arda Malkovich 4 답글 연결
Clin Mansell is a genius. That's all.
Thomas Heinrich
Thomas Heinrich 5 답글 연결
loving vincent = a painted dream. van gogh would have loved it!
Jugnu Ray
Jugnu Ray 답글 연결
Francesco Finucci
Francesco Finucci 3 답글 연결
Clint Mansell. What an immense genius
Six Gun's
Six Gun's 1 답글 연결
The movie makes possible you feel almost the same feeling that V. Gogh had... unique experience!

LCA Exclusive
LCA Exclusive 5 답글 연결
This is a beautiful song, I've seen this movie and it's amazing! Every frame in every scene is a Post-Impressionism art work influenced by Vincent Van Gogh. I'm definitely buying the DVD as soon as it becomes available
anouk schellekens
German Lourenço Mejia
I hope everyone listening to this right now is in a good place... Peace and love to you all. You are amazing and beautiful.
Murk Bernson
Murk Bernson 답글
Ya muddah's cunt then.
Michal Mazurewicz
Beautiful piece of music...amazing movie💖
El Gringo
El Gringo 17 답글 연결
2:40 this is the part of the score that showcased the starry night sky at the beginning. It perfectly puts into the format of sound , how the sight of the starry night makes one feel. The grandeur, the awe, dreamlike and psychedelic trance his works puts you in that leaves you amazed and slightly unsettled and unnerved. The music in this movie really made it that more pleasing. A great movie, especially if you are a fan of this great artist.
CopterChannel 답글
El Gringo Your Channel is funny xD
Renee 1 답글
Yes, I could immediately think of the scene. So magical!
Whitefall 답글 연결
Such a good song. Heard it on Youth over Flowers.
SpacePills 25 답글 연결
Th film was great, the music was great. It has led me to come up with many theories if his deaths and has opened my mind
yun 스티브시니
yun 스티브시니 14 답글 연결
Loving vincent forever~~♡
Dustin Yoon
Dustin Yoon 10 답글 연결
This film is beyond the masterpiece and a milestone like Matrix.
rhythmyoursoul 1 답글 연결
The only problem is that the Formats in this painting are not well done. Like Vincent I am a Perfectionist. You can explain this problem in the following way: Vincents Head was Too Big for His Body. When you will see some of my Own paintings Go to my Fb. Page Noël/Emmanuel Schelling.
PolarPoop 9 답글
Buddy this aint the place for self promotion.
Martyna Skrobisz
Martyna Skrobisz 28 답글
But... the real CAST had been involved in this movie and then all the scenes they took part in were (re)painted by artists
from all around the world. So stop telling lies and advertising yourself!

Emanuele Chelini
Emanuele Chelini 36 답글 연결
In a right world this movie would have to win 3 Academy Awards: Best animated feature, best original score and best original screenplay... I mean, maybe best original screenplay is too much (there are a lot of great movies this year), but the first two YES!!!!
Cry Wolf
Cry Wolf 답글
the world is not right. Probably Boss Baby would get the oscar.
mario ivan lopez reyes
mario ivan lopez reyes 1 답글
Best original Score its difficult because greatest showman also have an amazing Score.
AD-SD-vids and stop motion
Or best visual effects cause its paintings
Usama Alazzawy
Usama Alazzawy 37 답글 연결
This music is my fav in this film
Ahmad Kamal
Ahmad Kamal 11 답글 연결
a masterpiece from a masterpiece movie ❤️
Davud Farzullayev
Davud Farzullayev 1 답글 연결
not sure how to feel about the whole soundtrack sounding almost identical to The Fountain :-(  - like, i love it because of Clint, but is he getting lazy? please don't hate me for saying this the internet!!
Kostas Mammos
Kostas Mammos 74 답글 연결
Great movie. Only by seeing it you get just a little close to Vincent van Gogh's genius and to his beautiful soul ...
PapiDarko 3 답글 연결
sounds a little bit like Moon, but that's okay.
PapiDarko 답글 연결
sounds a little bit like Moon, but that's okay.
Majd Fayad
Majd Fayad 18 답글 연결
Magical !
Stu Mite
Stu Mite 105 답글 연결
I cried so much while watching this masterpiece 😭
MrKocman 9 답글 연결
Vincent like Jesus , great movie !
dandycloud 답글
It's the same thing I thought! 😔
Fenekt T
Fenekt T 5 답글
Welll, he loved him at the beginning, his father was minister, and Vincent wanted to be a preacher. But in one moment he understood, that god doesn't exist. It was when he suffered while living in Borinage.
(Sorry for my english)
jerry shaw
jerry shaw 5 답글
actually Vincent hates Jesus :)