Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) 가사

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
아티스트: Pink Floyd
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We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone All in all it's just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave those kids alone Hey! Teachers! Leave those kids alone All in all you're just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall "Wrong, do it again!" "If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?" "You! Yes, you behind the bike sheds, stand still laddy!"

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Valentino Fleischpeitsche
#fff is the same but from the other way run=?
Chris9017 답글 연결
Now in this day and age we need that teacher back!!!! LOL!!!!
THE #1SNIPER 001 답글 연결
Listening to this while doing math!!!
Desi Vega
Desi Vega 답글 연결
10000 Zomklek
10000 Zomklek 답글 연결
The children are like: Thug Life.
Elisabeth Christianson
Your Mom
Your Mom 답글 연결
I wanted to listen to the whole album in order and I ended up putting this on repeat for two hours
Sir Jimmy Savile
Sir Jimmy Savile 2 답글 연결
I'm every students worst nightmare of a teacher!
amelia uwu
amelia uwu 답글 연결
this video has haunted me for years and i’ve just realised what the song was called and i’m complete but i’d rather not be
James Gwinner
James Gwinner 답글
Masterpiece of masterpiece!!!
I miss the 90’s
I miss the 90’s 3 답글 연결
Britain looked depressing in the 70s
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 답글 연결
You don’t need drugs to enjoy Pink Floyd, you need Pink Floyd to enjoy drugs.
Sick Twistedone
Sick Twistedone 답글 연결
Don't need an education? So you want to remain ignorant?
Birat Ghimire
Birat Ghimire 답글 연결
We don’t need ‘no’ education? Sounds like you do, buddy!
Miaxu 1 답글
Birat Ghimire it's a purposeful implementation in the song but ok lmao
Dino Maršić
Dino Maršić 답글 연결
I like this song and what it represents, I like learning and I have good grades, but I hate school, hate it.
Im just a Fangirl
Yea I have no idea what the fuck is going on, is this what acid trips look like?
Andy JS
Andy JS 답글 연결
Nice view of The Barbican Estate at the start of the video.
Nicos N Games
Nicos N Games 답글 연결
This video is trippy
Gianfranco Vignaduzzo
Mario Giordano approva
Dina Fanni
Dina Fanni 답글 연결
E chi meglio di voi... nessuno

Donata Maria Sileo
2019 La BAND......FOREVER
Non Solo MUSICA👍👍👍👍👍👍
Joseph Tworzydlo
Joseph Tworzydlo 답글 연결
Jesus H. Christ 2:41 is one hell of a march
birdy wu
birdy wu 답글 연결
Cornelia Koller
Cornelia Koller 답글 연결
Kid Zenith
Kid Zenith 답글 연결
Nostalgia 💕
Luiz Henrique Mendonça
Algum Br ouvindo esse álbum inteiro?
jcjrifme jcjdhd
jcjrifme jcjdhd 답글 연결
Nils Reifenstein
Nils Reifenstein 답글 연결
Schulstreik - 20.09.2019 - weltweiter - freitags - aktionstag .. Schilderns helps childrens . - helps refugees ..-- helps girlies .-. gelesen in Dresden an der elbe -- Wann hört dieser Irrsinn dieser ERWACHSENENWELT endlich auf ???

P.S. ich bin so ein -- bu shi do .-.. ?? ein grosser kleiner buschido -- oder ???

wollte nie erwachsen sein .-. also -- 20.09.2019 - friday .. worldwideschoolstrike .. with familys and grandmother and opa ???

yeah ..--..
yuumii 답글 연결
me on the first day of school
Carson Seagrave
Carson Seagrave 답글 연결
I love the music for The Wall and I think the movie is really good a bit creepy but good

tyson Perry aka velez the dragon
I love this song the kids must be in their 40s now
Anubhav Bhagat
Anubhav Bhagat 답글
tyson Perry aka velez the dragon 50s as they must’ve been teenagers back in ‘79
Michael moore
Michael moore 1 답글 연결
Samantha Foster
Samantha Foster 3 답글 연결
The kids in the video were not paid and teachers weren't happy that they were in video, ironic !!
Cesar ST
Cesar ST 3 답글 연결
A masterpiece
MariaO 1 답글 연결
This song reminds of the indoctrination of the LGBT and the leftists that want to push in our school systems . 👹
FiFi 101
FiFi 101 1 답글 연결
Hammer time
Erin Bonnett
Erin Bonnett 2 답글 연결
I remember when I was about 6/7 I watched the music video. I don’t really remember when or where but I just remember seeing the teacher puppet and it’s just stuck in my head ever since then. I always understood what the song was about and I was always fascinated by the animation and stuff. Now I’m 15 and I still love it. I love pink floyd
Regina K.
Regina K. 4 답글 연결
Old but Gold!Thank's PINK Floyd!A great SONG!
DasTubemeister 3 답글 연결
"We don't need no education " The members of Pink Floyd got a good education. Its like celebrities like flying halfway across the world to lecture us on climate change. Brilliant song though.
A Fat Penguin
A Fat Penguin 1 답글 연결
*awesome guitar solo intensifies*