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I, I wish I could swim Just like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim But nothing, nothing will keep us together Yeah, we can beat them, forever and ever 'Coz we can be heroes, just for one day I, I will be king And you, you will be queen And nothing can drive us away We can be heroes, just for one day And we can be us, oh, just for one day And I, I can remember Standing, by the wall And the guns, the guns shot above our heads And we kissed, as though nothing could fall And the shame, was on the other side Oh, we can beat them, oh, forever and ever Then we could be heroes, oh, just for one day We, we can be heroes We, we can be heroes And we, we can be heroes, just for one day We can be heroes

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joE Kr
joE Kr 답글 연결
Release the Snyder cut 😢
The King Of Kings
Claudio Menchinelli
Ya all love to hear this
Ro John
Ro John 답글 연결
I'm here because I love Bowie
Lionel Messi Fans Club -
Kaizar Wilhelm
Kaizar Wilhelm 답글 연결
Please make a instrumental version of this song
Jadenthecoolfella 1 답글 연결
Strong man is strongest alone. Ever hear that?

That’s not a saying that’s the opposite of what the saying is.
Sonny Fish
Sonny Fish 답글 연결
Vanja Sorokin
Vanja Sorokin 답글 연결
Can anyone link me on what the hell they're talking about with the justice league trailer?
ValLovesBatmanAndTR 1 답글 연결
obviously originals are better than the cover, but this version is amazing!!!
Rodney Sprague
Rodney Sprague 답글 연결
everykid has a superhero inside them.and they carry them to adulthood.
Ben SpencerVlogs
Ben SpencerVlogs 답글 연결
Good song but the avengers trailer is better then the hole justice league movie
UniQue 답글 연결
So many feelings with this track, after WB butchered Zack's Justice League.

Please sign the petition people, it must do something.
Sabrina fogarty
Sabrina fogarty 답글 연결
American sniper brought me here
Riza Vergil
Riza Vergil 답글 연결
You can't save martha alone
Eden Filipe
Eden Filipe 1 답글 연결
Ama Mohammed
Ama Mohammed 답글 연결

My Man!!!
josué asencio
josué asencio 1 답글 연결
Thank you Lord Snyder <3
Liv Ashdown
Liv Ashdown 답글 연결
'You guys have all been in battle before, I've just pushed someone then run off!'

-The Flash 2k17
The Marionette
The Marionette 답글 연결
Just Ice Leauge

Yojan Patrick Calderon Quiza
David Bowie 😍
Adam W
Adam W 답글 연결
Its an Okay cover, defenitley not as good as Bowie and the song is abbreviated. I guess it sounds more contemporary then Bowie's original. Maybe its fitting since Bowie was bigger than life just like these iconic characters to use this song as opposed to something like Live To Rise from Soundgarden from Avengers Assemble. Which featured another great artist who unfortunately was also taken from us, Chris Cornell. Either way I think maybe it would have been nice to hear something else as the main theme with a little more original as well as inspirational and with more oomph like Alter Bridge's Champion. Then maybe Bowie's original could have also been featured.
SomeOrangeJuice 답글 연결
"Thats not Will."
rammy 답글 연결
Yojan Patrick Calderon Quiza
Justice League × David Bowie 😍
Thiago Lima
Thiago Lima 답글 연결
Amazing version !!
Eduardo Rerisson222 ps4
Justice league
Reaper Revenant
Reaper Revenant 1 답글 연결
Superman is back!
El EMRXY 답글 연결
The ride aint over yet
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 답글 연결

Lucie Grimes
Lucie Grimes 1 답글 연결
Justice league HYYYYPPPPPE
Amyy 답글 연결
People came from JL I came from the Sky Cinema Superheroes advert lmao
Gama 2Santos
Gama 2Santos 1 답글 연결
You Can't Save The World Alone ...💙❤🎧😍
abisheg joe
abisheg joe 답글 연결
There is a heavy metal rock cover for this right?
Ride ain't over yet.
Vu Le
Vu Le 답글 연결
Justice Laeague bruoght me here !!!
WolfieGR 답글 연결
Justice League! <3
Aquaman ♥
Rul 답글 연결
this one is really good but I prefer david bowie´s
perks of being a justice league fan. My man!
CarbaXGamer 1 답글 연결
"The world needs Superman, and I made him a promise"