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Brand X Music
Brand X Music 5 답글 연결
Steven D.
Steven D. 답글 연결
I like the 2pac remix.
misael alpizar
misael alpizar 1 답글 연결
Amazing mix!!!
vicjames2011 1 답글 연결
2pac track is called "Untouchable"
xyzdig 1 답글 연결
An unrelated question, but do you know the name of the track at the end of this trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g4e7WxKHUI&list=WL&index=4

It starts at around 0:37. I already looked everywhere and I can't find it
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 답글
Got no idea, sorry.
maui strife
maui strife 1 답글 연결
awesome dude,one question:do you know where i can find the one with the two songs combined i cant find it,just one or the other
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 답글
It's a Chroma Music "Waking Life", but I can't post Chroma Music anymore on the channel.
João Vicente
João Vicente 4 답글 연결
Damn I still remember the Ninja Tracks used in trailer for the first one, feels like it was ages ago...
One Punch Man
One Punch Man 답글
4 years isnt a whole generation, buddy
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 1 답글
Schattenu 20 답글 연결
To hell with the Tupac remix, I need that sweet Pacific Rim theme remix.
kal-el 답글 연결
Gimme 2pac
Dovahkiin 답글 연결
do you know what name is the tupac remix in this trailer ? thx
Last Jedi
Last Jedi 답글
Dovahkiin There are 2 songs

The one from 2pac is "untouchable" and there is an other song but not from 2pac. It's called "War ready" but I don't know anymore from where the song is...
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 1 답글
Nop sorry.
AMV Channels
AMV Channels 5 답글 연결