Theme from "A Summer Place"

Percy Faith - Theme from "A Summer Place"
아티스트: Percy Faith
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roberto galhego serrano
lindo lindo lindo.
Sofia B
Sofia B 답글 연결
Reese's commercial anyone?
Sidia Rosado
Sidia Rosado 답글 연결
i love it, i love it.
Celso Henrique
Celso Henrique 답글 연결
Se pudesse, voltaria a esses tempos ROMÂNTICOS!!! Maravilhoso..
Yara Correa Caio
Yara Correa Caio 답글 연결
lembrei minha infancia nos anos 50 quando ia na escola ja ouvia essa musica muitas saudades
luciernaga1960 답글 연결
Musica de mi niñez, en Barranquilla ,Colombia, existia una emisora q transmitia musica instrumental y todos estos temas los escuche por radio, por alla en los 60's y luego en discos, este se quedo en mimemoria
Ulrike Kühlwein-Weber
Komponist Max Steiner war Österreicher ;-) und berühmter Filmkomponist.
exionem 답글 연결
Beautiful but why do I feel sadness in this song. Seems like a tune of better days that are now long gone.
testerpt5 답글 연결
Damn this is propper music
jay kay
jay kay 답글 연결
britanico ingles
britanico ingles 답글 연결
britanico ingles
britanico ingles 답글 연결
Buena melodia
Peter Macias
Peter Macias 답글 연결
#1 on the billboard charts 1960. And for a great reason. Absolutely beautiful.
Blind Bob
Blind Bob 답글 연결
And his all white straight clean cut "no Chicks or blacks allowed" Orchestra
Lisbeth Lares
Lisbeth Lares 답글 연결
Macchez 답글 연결
Old World Radio Boston anybody?
raymundo alfredo islas aguilar
Gran trabajo para restaurar este video, Felicitaciones!!! Además un gran tema
Carolina Andrade
Carolina Andrade 답글 연결
La melodia más hermosa que puede haber escuchado ese 26 de diciembre de 1975. Hermosos 15 años
Antoon Suijkerbuijk
the most beautifull instrumental song ever made. Saw the movie and when I was young and never have forgotten this song
maillaarni 답글 연결
I wonder if kids nowadays even know these musical instruments. Only thing they know are guitars and drums.

James Blackman
James Blackman 1 답글 연결
Born in 1955 this was the national anthem for what would be, the height of mid-century modern, in its most perfect post-war form and this was the soundtrack for that moment in time.
rocky mullins
rocky mullins 1 답글 연결
My all time favorite song.
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 1 답글 연결
Lim Cindy
Lim Cindy 1 답글 연결
I just love this piece of music.
7smr 1 답글 연결
Brings back memories of when I was 7 years old in 1973 when my dad used to play the radio in the car. I never knew it was from the early 60's. I didn't know what the music was or orchestra that played it until I stumbled on it while going through youtube videos. My son used to play viola and now my daughter plays the french horn in school.
Piquot Evelyne
Piquot Evelyne 1 답글 연결
Wouah j'Adore c'est vraiment très beau à écouter encore et encore .....!!!!
90s glorious
90s glorious 1 답글 연결
Breathtakingly beautiful music Thank U Max steiner~
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 1 답글 연결
This was a huge favorite of mine when I was just nine in 1960!  I was particularly mesmerized but the sound of the piano & French horns in the background.  I also loved the movie by the same name.  Many years later it prompted me to buy the movie.
Kline Tacardon
Kline Tacardon 1 답글 연결
such a beautiful sound of music of all times, of all season. Love it
FWD37 1 답글 연결
A great rendition so many memories of that time ,early sixties , Those strings wow !

Sido Lanters
Sido Lanters 1 답글 연결
Rose Red, anyone? ;)
Colleen Galello
Colleen Galello 1 답글 연결
Thomas what a beautiful memory. One u will have forever🎈
Rose Pongracz
Rose Pongracz 1 답글 연결
I love this song! My favourite, Always. From Susanna. ❤️💙❤️💙
ratax2006mo 답글 연결
Muchas gracias por este vídeo e esta música! Fantástica!
Flor Candela
Flor Candela 답글 연결
I love, love, love it..!!!!!
Jennifer Hjelmeland
Now I know why my parents picked this song as their love song!! 51 years and still in love!
Anthony 답글 연결
One of the most beautiful songs ever made!
jesus gomez
jesus gomez 답글 연결
simplemente hermosa una gran cancion y una gran orquesta me encanta escucharla
jesus gomez
jesus gomez 답글 연결
The best song is a beautiful song
jose alberto hurtado jimenez
love this song,if I could go back to the past..