Eugene Onegin - Polonaise

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Eugene Onegin - Polonaise
아티스트: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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川口健太郎 답글 연결
ThrashansEXE 3 답글 연결
One of my all time favorite compositions! Tchaikovsky was a freaking genius.
curiosidades de antigüedades y mas
y love musica
Da Pepe
Da Pepe 3 답글 연결
Phúc Lê Văn
Phúc Lê Văn 답글 연결
Piot is my God, my Buhda.
snowcarriage Cheng, Cheng-hung
Thanks for uploading!
Mily Balakirev
Mily Balakirev 답글 연결
0-0 best music ever
Bluejeans0701 답글 연결
While I find the sound quiality really amazing, the tempo is bit slow for me to be thrilled. I like a version of this polonaise played with the length of 4.5 minutes.
Corrie Crazy
Corrie Crazy 답글
I agree, and it could be a bit more "booming", if you know what I mean. Regardless, though, it's a beautiful and exciting piece of music.
Gustav Ramirez
Gustav Ramirez 26 답글 연결
Music worthy of the greatest LGBT composer of all time! :P
Jacob Shafer
Jacob Shafer 답글
I don't understand why you had to bring sexuality into it. He's one of the best composers ever, the fact that he was gay had nothing to do with it, so why bother bringing it up, why make it part of the conversation
GryffinclawPrefect 1 답글
Nicolas Portwood LGBT doesn't mean 'part of the community'. It's literally just an umbrella term for anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bi or transgender (or pan, ace, intersex, etc in the case of the longer versions). Tchaikovsky was LGBT even if he wouldn't have chosen to be part of the LGBT community - they're separate things.
Nok 3 답글
He was gay, but not LGBT. I'm not sure he would have voluntarily been a part of the LGBT community.
pheonixmon1 답글
he was hot too :/
Frédérique Chantal
You don't understand. A lot of countries actually modify some of the names of known people so that it sounds and is pronounced in their native language better. Polish version is also different from the original one and noone consider it being wrong. So Chaikovskij, Tchaikovsky, Čajkovský or Czajkowski are all right names.
Chian 10 답글
+Frédérique Chantal Really, really strictly speaking, it's Чайковский.
DiabloIIIPolska 16 답글 연결
CZAJKOWSKI kurwa, a nie zaden pedalski tchaikovsky!
DiabloIIIPolska 2 답글
+Frédérique Chantal So if it's Chaikovskij, it shoud be Chaikovskij. Same as Skłodowska Curie, Chopin or Wałęsa. Have you ever seen Skuodowska or Wauensa?
Frédérique Chantal
Frédérique Chantal 7 답글
Haha, maybe in Poland. His name in original is spelled as Chaikovskij, Tchaikovsky is an english version and im sure there are plenty of versions of his name in the world. Depends on country, really.
Jack Warren
Jack Warren 13 답글 연결
cant get enough of this piece...
david cox
david cox 3 답글 연결
This why I love music
Николай Седов
david cox БРАВО!!!
minhali 2 답글 연결
Always a pleasure to hear. How beautiful to have been dancing to this music at a ball centuries ago.
valjazz 답글 연결
Happy Holidays! I always enjoy your postings, they have added to both my musical enjoyment and education. Hears to great music in the New Year.
This is from his third act from Eugene Onegin
Insomnium 답글 연결
Fröhliche Weihnachten !
anlinwang2 답글 연결
whos playing here?
Hans de Korver
Hans de Korver 답글
It comes close to the Bolshoi Theatre Orch. / Alexander Vedernikov
TheWickedNorth 답글 연결
@NSgsus I'm glad it does.. thanks for subscribing.
yeahsee33 1 답글 연결
I love this!!