I Can't Go on Without You 가사

Kaleo - I Can't Go on Without You
아티스트: Kaleo

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Well they thought they were made for each other One thinking of one another Never thinking just for one second She would take a different attraction We don't want that [x3] Oh no [x2] I can't go on without you [x2] Can't go on without you, yeah I can't go on without you Oh so, what's the point in breaking my sweet heart? She wanted me to let down my guard Well, you know what they say, it's better that way So, so you better hush and walk away We don't want that [x3] Oh no [x2] I can't go on without you I can't go on without you, oh lord Can't go on without you, ooh ooh I can't go on, won't go on, living on, without you Woah yeah Woah ah Well, was I supposed to wait for you sweetheart? And hide away the shame Yes I keep it all inside Though the thought had crossed my mind To do all the things I regret and we don’t want that We don't want that [x3] Oh no [x2] I can't, I can't, I can't go on without you I can't go on without you, oh lord Go on without you, ooh ooh I can't go on without you babe Yeah Ahh, she loves me She loves me not She loves me My love's gon' love me Oh so what is left but a broken man? Cause nothing hurts like a woman can I can't go on without you I can't go on without you, oh yeah Can't go on without you I can't go on without you, oh Oh without you lord, without you Without you babe Oh lord You

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this YES is real music
Ligiane Rodrigues
haikel soltani
haikel soltani 답글 연결
<3 <3 <3
Still gonna Send it
My blacked out self can't mess up a word. Can't fuck up a note. Can't bring myself to upload seriously. This song cuts to the bone. My lady couldn't understand.
Still gonna Send it
I can't go on without you honey.
Ryan Fitzsimmons
Ryan Fitzsimmons 답글 연결
You sing for heart and soul not money..
Ts Austin
Ts Austin 답글 연결
This has so many styles...
Songs on 🔥 🔥 🔥
Popi Chrisanidou
Popi Chrisanidou 답글 연결
Such a great song!!! And live much more better...You are awesome guys❤️
Kat Ntam
Kat Ntam 답글 연결
I love every single one of your songs but this is my favourite 😍😍😍
Vivian Viti
Vivian Viti 1 답글 연결
Best song ever heard.
repulsive. 답글 연결
Longmire, anybody?
M BAREK 답글 연결
Daniel Malpica
Daniel Malpica 답글 연결
Que buena rola
jason mcsweeney
jason mcsweeney 답글 연결
so.. so ... mick flannery excellent tune
Sara Ahmad
Sara Ahmad 답글 연결
My soul brings me here he is great and pure and his voice is 🙏🙏💓
anders1621 답글 연결
This is the first time i hear about this group. I don´t think it was ever played on Danish Radio, and that is pissing me off..
Kaleo makes some of the best music i have listen to, for a very long time..
Csanád Heyliger
Csanád Heyliger 1 답글 연결
Ez a dal olyan gyönyörű
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz 답글 연결
tracey byram
tracey byram 답글 연결
I hear WayDownWeGo on slacker radio and had to hear more from him. My new favorite
Sara Bejaj
Sara Bejaj 답글 연결
the perfect voice...

fanatsywriter 12345
I just read about Kaleo a few minutes ago and checking him out now. This is the second I've heard by him/them and so far AMAZING
Imad Faiz
Imad Faiz 답글 연결
crazy 'bout this song
Кира Мелехова
А мне нравится!!
Ahella Khattab
Ahella Khattab 답글 연결
You always leave me speechless..
girl who's too emotional
Someone who sing deep lyrics with all his soul and emotions gets barely 1m views, yet someone who says "gucci gang" 5000 times has

Jesus where is this world going..
Mehmet ihsan Yıldız
Harikasın dostum
Amanda Nieves
Amanda Nieves 답글 연결
Got similar voice to robert pattinson first time hearing this group very relaxing
Grandma1374 답글 연결
Who else here from watching LONGMIRE?😂😂
Ege Anıl Sezer
Ege Anıl Sezer 3 답글 연결
Trevor Mitchell
Trevor Mitchell 답글 연결
Me me big boy

Scott Schulz
Scott Schulz 답글 연결
2000 don't appreciate good music
Michael Cramer
Michael Cramer 답글 연결
kanipow :D
kanipow :D 답글 연결
he looks like an alpaca
Ameen 답글 연결
Why am i only hearing this now ....
Chrissiida Tzortzi
Chrissiida Tzortzi 1 답글 연결
Honestly, I can't even put into words how in love I am with this band. I went to their concert last night in Athens, Greece and the guys just surpassed every single expectation that I had. Every song, I mean it, especially this one and Vor í Vaglaskógi, managed to hit me right in the feels. Last night was simply amazing, crazy and intense. I just can't wait for their next concert already!
Patricia Peoples
Patricia Peoples 답글 연결
Another young bunch of musical geniuses....
Ani Ayvasian
Ani Ayvasian 답글 연결
love all yours songs!!!!!! it's already the biggest band for me!!!!!! love you gyus!!
lamine aissani
lamine aissani 답글 연결
a group of young, with a nice combination between the blouse and contry he plays the guitar well
Mostafa Mimoo
Mostafa Mimoo 답글 연결
Antje Ritter
Antje Ritter 답글 연결
total shocker!