Come Together 가사

Gary Clark Jr. - Come Together
아티스트: Gary Clark Jr.

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Here come old flat-top He come grooving up slowly He got ju-ju eyeballs He´s one holy roller He got hair down To his knee Got to be a joker He just do what he please Yeah He wear no shoeshine He got toe-jam football He got monkey finger He shoot Coca-Cola He say, "I know you You know me" One thing I can tell you is you got to be free Come together Right now Over me He roller-coaster He got early warning He got muddy water He one mojo filter He said, "One and one and one is three" Got to be good-looking ´cause he´s so hard to see Come together Right now Over me Come together Right now Come together Right now Yeah Come together Right now Over me

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Luke W
Luke W 답글 연결
Thank you Chuck Berry for this.
One of the Best Songs in last 20 years!!
Traps And Beats
Traps And Beats 답글 연결
Gary Clark, did you ever live or do you have family in Iowa? Des Moines
D Mer
D Mer 답글 연결
Finally a black making real music again
Ray Brookes
Ray Brookes 1 답글 연결
Takes a fair bit of guts to cover a Beatles song but this version is one to be proud of.
Салих Алиев
america Nunes
america Nunes 답글 연결
Nossa porque não aparece o Superman 🤔
ahmed essa
ahmed essa 답글 연결
the most fuckin and stunning intro ever could be ..... dazzling ............................
Captain Sharkey
Captain Sharkey 답글 연결
The Beatles and Michael Jackson sung it to
Evelim Brito
Evelim Brito 답글 연결
Pixel Pusher
Pixel Pusher 답글 연결
did song proud my man.....thank you!
Charles Padul
Charles Padul 3 답글 연결
ReleaseTheSnyderCut DC!!!!
Dillon Davis
Dillon Davis 답글 연결
Much swag in this video. Love ✊
cds records
cds records 답글 연결
whate the fuck that good song is te best
Nick Sheldrake
Nick Sheldrake 답글 연결
If you try and think the Jla scenes arnt from a movie and just for the video, this is pretty awesome
Francesco s
Francesco s 답글 연결
I think that Gary Clark is a very overrated guitarist, but well introduced in the show biz. I've seen him here in Italy this summer and he was quite boring; same notes, same sounds, same rhythm ... This is a smart version of Come Together , but quite silly.
D Mann
D Mann 답글 연결
3:23 Watching that Pokémon Sword and Shield commercial be like....
fjf sjdnx
fjf sjdnx 답글 연결
i just dont like how they changed the 6/8 of the original to a standard 4/4
Hiroyuki Singson
Hiroyuki Singson 답글 연결
In my own opinion... such great music was wasted on a terrible movie. I mean even this video was better than the actual movie

James Perez
James Perez 답글 연결
That is really awesome. Bravo
Aja Graham
Aja Graham 답글 연결
Why ???? Why ????? Why am I just finding out about this man!!!!!!!??? Repeat
I just can't get enough of this remix!!
Luiz Felipe Santos
Justice League !!!!
Michael Niedersteiner
good remake liked the attitude
Elisa Le
Elisa Le 답글 연결
This is hot!
mistermaster____ 3 답글 연결
So... someone actually covered a Beatles song and it is better sounding than the original? Damn
Mighty Limpit
Mighty Limpit 답글 연결
The best cover and better than the movie it self
david cass
david cass 답글 연결
Jimmy Hendrix covering the Beatles, awesome!
Vinicius ™
Vinicius ™ 4 답글 연결
A perfect cast, an incredible soundtrack, so much potential... but unfortunately on the wrong hands...
RickyPez 답글 연결
Best Beatles song?

Crazy Racoon
Crazy Racoon 답글 연결
Если б не Ивлеева, никогда б не знала о существовании этой песни
Tyler Shain
Tyler Shain 43 답글 연결

Black Dude: Fine.. Fine.. I'll remake it.
Дастан Кожахмет
he's such a good vocalist, i just love his remake
The History of Music
John Lennon had say "Wow"
Riannah Avora
Riannah Avora 답글 연결
/me adds to playlist
Coaching 답글 연결
holly shit, tahts brilliant
August Holloway
August Holloway 2 답글 연결
Let's all agree to disagree the original wasn't pumped enough and every time they would say come tougher the beat would rise..... then nothing calm. TOTAL LET DOWN. Obviously the original was awful look it up and listen to it. This is the true song..... should have been the original.
Oceana Moore
Oceana Moore 답글 연결
Vale Montaner
Vale Montaner 1 답글 연결
Yo escuche esta canción por aparte hace rato y me recordo a una de iron man (no se por q).. Y acabo de darme cuenta de q era de la pelicula de la liga de la justicia.. Me siento ofendendida por mi misma 💔 :( (me siento mal mientras veo el video)
치킨크로켓 답글 연결
영화관 알바할 때 퇴장안내하면서 듣기 신났던 곡
SeeJay X
SeeJay X 답글 연결
I want to Make my DCEU Teen Titans Movies
Here's a Few Songs in going to Add in 'em

Nickelback | Burn it to the Ground
The Used | Burning Down the House
Public Enemy vs Benny Benassi | Bring the Noise Remix
Amped to 12 | Shinobi Ninja
Hood Took me Under | MC Eight

I Wanna Make A DCEU Teen Titans Movie (based off the 2003 original series)