Nobody Speak 가사

DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak
아티스트: DJ Shadow

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[El-P] Picture this I'm a bag of dicks Put me to your lips I am sick I will punch a baby bear in his shit Give me lip I'ma send you to the yard, get a stick Make a switch I can end a conversation real quick [Killer Mike] I am crack I ain't lyin', kick a lion in his crack I'm the shit, I will fall off in your crib, take a shit Pinch your momma on the booty Kick your dog, fuck your bitch Fat boy dressed up like he's Santa And took pictures with your kids [El-P] We the best We will cut a frowny face in your chest, little wench I'm unmentionably fresh, I'm a mensch, get correct I will walk into a court while erect, screaming "Yes! I am guilty motherfuckers, I am death" Hey, you wanna hear a good joke? [Refrain] Nobody speak, nobody get choked [El-P] Get running Start pumping your bunions, I'm coming I'm the dumbest, who flamethrow your function to Funyuns Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest Now face the flame, fuckers, your fame and fate's done with [Killer Mike] I rob Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Linus and Lucy Put coke in the doobie, roll woolies to smoke with Snoopy I still remain that dick grabbin' slacker that spit a loogie Cause the toter of the toolie'll murder you friggin' Moolies Fuck outta here, yeah [Refrain] Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey, hey Nobody speak Nobody speak [El-P] Only facts I will shoot a Baby duck if it quacks, with a Luger Top billin', come cops some villainous shots is boxed, shipped out, and bought, and y'all feeling it El-P killin' it, Killer Mike killin' shit [Killer Mike] What more can I say? We top billin' it Valiant without villainy Viciously foul victory Burn towns and villages Burning looting and pillaging [El-P] Murderers try to hurt us we curse them and all their children I just want the bread and bologna bundles to tuck away I don't work for free, I am barely giving a fuck away [Killer Mike] So tell beggin' Johnny and Mommy to get the fuck away Heyyo here's a gun, son, now run, get it the gutterway Live to shoot another day [Refrain] Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey Nobody speak Nobody speak Nobody speak, nobody get choked

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Jacob Sayre
Jacob Sayre 답글 연결
Government shut down!!!
Dawson Trask
Dawson Trask 답글 연결
"I'll punch a baby bear in the shit."
Mr. Wunzo
Mr. Wunzo 답글 연결
Damn, killer mike and el-p are actually in this video. It's fucking insane I didn't notice that earlier
GrrlX13 답글 연결
This video is simply brilliance
GodsSon987 답글 연결
GOAT video
Kevin Norwood
Kevin Norwood 답글 연결
Dey know di wey
Grassy Tiger
Grassy Tiger 답글 연결
If only politicians were this simple we would be alot better off.
Stue P
Stue P 답글 연결
This is one of the most amazing things ive ever seen
Poison 답글 연결
where the hell did the birds and pigs come from?
Fishdinner 답글 연결
Remember when this whole concept seemed shocking?
John Lohr
John Lohr 답글 연결
pretty sure this is what happens when the government shuts down lol
rougetbray38 27
rougetbray38 27 답글 연결
let's have a party in the u.s.a for for Mrs. Ceili
Elenora W.H.
Elenora W.H. 답글 연결
I was so happy to recognize this on the Chia
Rules To The Game Marketing
Oh My Damn.. Hard as FUCK!! YESSS
Rob Field
Rob Field 답글 연결
Is this one of the all-time great music videos, or what?
Pat Westbrook
Pat Westbrook 답글 연결
This is how I pictured congress negotiating DACA to avoid govt shutdown....
FUK NUK mkII 답글 연결
One hit wonder.
Run the jewels.... shit.
This is all you get.
Your welcome.

Go on boys.
One more good tune.
Just ONE.
Without appearing in my dreams.
Your 2 pathetic fucks.
This is the only good tune you will ever have.
Keep the money.
Not even a blip.
Kindest regards,
the Golden Goose.
Алексей Козлов
A day in Ukrainian Goverment))))
wpedronan 답글 연결
ill! loved the police cameo
Toxic Chipmunk
Toxic Chipmunk 답글 연결
One of the best vids I've seen in awhile

ImʂoÇσσl4321 답글 연결
The director of this video deserves an award.
Dalareaux 답글 연결
This video is God. Not good, God.
Spyros Karakanas
Spyros Karakanas 답글 연결
what tha fuck is the vid
kellynofx kost
kellynofx kost 답글 연결
best vid ever
Elp Smith
Elp Smith 답글 연결
OMG. I've never even heard of this guy but this is unbelievable.
Rouge Tbray38
Rouge Tbray38 답글 연결
who'$ the wookie they talking bout I got a cousin named wookie...
upgradesky56 답글 연결
2016 election in a sexy nutshell
Will Smith
Will Smith 답글 연결
Cut a frowny face in your chest
MayanMountainInc 답글 연결
I just noticed there is a live chicken in there. lol
Zoliath 4125
Zoliath 4125 답글 연결
at 0:57, you can really feel the tension between these two. And when that sax comes in, ooh, there's a serious slickness to it.

Adam Denmon
Adam Denmon 답글 연결
Great track and video but I can't help but think, "Nobody move, nobody get burnt!" from Eazy E every time i listen to this lol
Yoel Udi
Yoel Udi 답글 연결
Silicon Valley !!!
Major LeeHung
Major LeeHung 답글 연결
The opening line had me in stitches for an hour.
Jeff Spicoli
Jeff Spicoli 답글 연결
Awesome! Totally awesome!!
Jihad Iqbal
Jihad Iqbal 답글 연결
this is the dopest shit ive ever seen!
Michael Crosby
Michael Crosby 답글 연결
I wish both parties really had this much enthusiasm about their mandate.
what dose this vid sound like without the rapping and just the people IN the vid talking these lines....?
Eryk Gol
Eryk Gol 답글 연결
It fucked me up more then all indoctrination
TheSplint3r 1 답글 연결
DJ Shadow and RTJ need to do a whole album together, there needs to be a kickstarter campaign to make this happen.
Todd Parks
Todd Parks 답글 연결
Everything about this video and song is straight dopesh!t!