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Oneohtrix Point Never - The Pure and the Damned
아티스트: Oneohtrix Point Never
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[Verse 1] Love, make me clean Love, touch me, cure me [Chorus 1] The pure always act from love The damned always act from love [Spoken Interlude 1] Every day I think about untwisting and untangling these strings I'm in And to lead a pure life I look ahead at a clear sky Ain't gonna get there But it's a nice dream, it's a nice dream [Verse 2] Death, make me brave Death, leave me swinging [Chorus 2] The pure always act from love The damned always act from love The truth is an act of love [Instrumental Bridge] [Spoken Interlude 2] Some day, I swear, we're gonna go to a place where we can do everything we want to And we can pet the crocodiles [Chorus 3] Love The pure always act from love The damned always act from love That's love The pure always act from love That's love The pure and the damned The pure and the damned Love The damned

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Gelidine 답글 연결
this song is a prayer
ty mo
ty mo 답글 연결
This scene was written in the script. Also in the script, right before Ray falls off the side of the building, he hears a menacing GROWL from the room — I believe it would be the same thing as this monster. Not sure why it was cut, maybe it would’ve been kinda confusing to the viewer. Either way I thought it was pretty cool.
ronny ponce
ronny ponce 답글 연결
passing good time with good song and good film
Dhan_man 07404
Dhan_man 07404 2 답글 연결
Dunno why the Iggy Pop animation scared the living shit out of me first time
But my god it's a beautiful song for a fantastic film
Evgenii Zaets
Evgenii Zaets 답글 연결
the creepiest music video i've ever seen
Phoebe JCP Skuncc
cancel culture is fake we r all just fucked up terrible amazing beautiful humans who wanna love and talk and create and communicate and fuck and touch the crocodiles but noone else thinks other people are actually people like you or me
John Neal
John Neal 답글 연결
Thanks, for reminding me that we are all in this together. So touched by the movie. Hope we have more........
Pure Filth
Pure Filth 답글 연결
My gf just dumped me and this was painful to watch... but it was beautiful
zondaintheair 1 답글 연결
Cross the room if you think your brother is insane.
Jakub Kotýk
Jakub Kotýk 답글 연결
Love at first hearing.
khannak_ 3 답글 연결
Rafaela Souza
Rafaela Souza 1 답글 연결
thank you. thank you so much. i can't even...
Alina 답글 연결
I just finished watching Good Time again and had to come and listen to this. One of my all time favs. iTunes here I come 🔥🔥 I pray Rob and the Safdies work together again. Chemistry is unreal!
let there be lamp
let there be lamp 1 답글 연결
Something happened, I’m not sure exactly what. But he’s been arrested he’s being held at Rikers island.
jimmy hoffa
jimmy hoffa 답글 연결
as if iggy pop wasn't already creepy enough. thank you for the nightmares.
Tristan Jersey
Tristan Jersey 3 답글 연결
I consider this Pattinson's audition for the Dark Knight/Bruce Wayne, and I can see this as his enemies be it Mad Hatter or whoever inflicting this confliction and disturbance within Bruce Wayne's mind and this being the kind of psychological damage that goes on within there throughout the story and in his performance. This is what I expect from Matt Reeves Batman and why I believe he casted Pattinson for the role.
Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez 답글 연결
How do you choose to be; who do you choose to be.
remescen 2 답글 연결
Cross the room if you had a good time
Square In Square
Square In Square 답글 연결
Iggy Pop uses Pantene Pro V in his hair.
EUROPA Music - Official Channel
Does anyone know any songs similar to this? This is so beautiful!
Gary G
Gary G 답글
EUROPA Music - Official Channel Asleep by The Smiths

zyke 2d
zyke 2d 6 답글 연결
Robert Pattinson cast as Batman y'all
Danguole Krevskaja
Armie 😂
Brinton Carrington
I’m honestly so confused I didn’t see any of these parts in the movie
alex armando espinoza tiza
robert pattisnson is a best actor
bowiefreak1 답글 연결
Moving. Startling. Engrossing.
C Helix
C Helix 2 답글 연결
So poetic. Modern day hurt. Right up there with Johnny Cash's dare I say.
Ahmed 답글 연결
u know it's actors, but u also know it's Connie, and his bro, and their time.
Jena Cide
Jena Cide 답글 연결
Ok the song is great but this video might just be the most terrifying thing I've seen in years
Roman Whitten
Roman Whitten 답글 연결
Good Time was the one movie that year that put a frog in my throat and dropped some tears. This song played a big part in that lol
brandon oswald
brandon oswald 답글 연결
This movie got snubbed on so many awards, just shows how much of a joke the Oscars are

Martín Davicino
Martín Davicino 27 답글 연결
"I think i was a dog in my previous life. In fact, i know i was..." I believe that has something to do with the ending of this video, the look in the eyes of Connie tells us that he sees this, that he realizes he is about to hurt himself (or an animal that represents a symbol to himself), and then Iggy ends with the words "Love... the damned"... That animal is damned, but he awaits for love, you can see it in his eyes, and through showing love (in the form of compassion) Connie is realizing that he has to love himself to be saved, and to saved his brother.
At least that is the sense i make of it... The first time that i watch the video i thought that it was just trying to be "artsy" and surreal, but after watching the movie again this hit me, and i think is beautiful... In fact, i know it is. (Sorry for my english)
Álvaro García
Álvaro García 답글 연결
Iggy is the nice dream..
heyyomane 답글 연결
i cri
Flore 답글 연결
This video is crazy
walltape 답글 연결
Of mice and men
lisa zaccaria
lisa zaccaria 답글 연결
Wow wow there are no words to describe how I feel .... speechless
Sloppify 2 답글 연결
Every day I think about untwisting and untangling these strings I'm in.
Jacksirrom 답글 연결
some npr eulogist in 2048 going to reference this collab after iggy dies.
flightjam 답글 연결
I see everyone else is here from Good Time too. 😊
name name
name name 답글 연결
love the cgi iggy pop and the hyena puppet