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Tom Odell - Heal
아티스트: Tom Odell
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Take my mind And take my pain Like an empty bottle takes the rain And heal, heal, heal, heal And take my past And take my sense Like an empty sail takes the wind And heal, heal, heal, heal And tell me somethings last And tell me somethings last Take a heart And take a hand Like an ocean takes the dirty sand And heal, heal, hell, heal Take my mind And take my pain Like an empty bottle takes the rain And heal, heal, hell, heal And tell me somethings last

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misty life
misty life 답글 연결
One of the songs you want to listen with lights out, staring at the ceiling in the dark, full volume.
esdras pires
esdras pires 답글 연결
Sou brasileiro, fã desse cara, canta muito. Nilópolis RJ
mira nehlawi
mira nehlawi 답글 연결
Tom odell is exactly what this generation needs
nishi nishi
nishi nishi 답글 연결
A heart named Lee
My body!!! my rules!!! CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL! I think old people are distorying the earth. I'm raw vegan!! I don't eat death/meat and feel great, so why the fuck are they not teaching this!!! Please help me so I can build a off grid home!! @t
Taylor Fernando
Taylor Fernando 1 답글 연결
Okay but I'm here because of the miracle season not if I stay, anyone else?
Gucci TAE
Gucci TAE 1 답글
Both for me haa
Na medida do possível né
Nem sei o que ele está falando ,mas...essa fode o psicológico do indivíduo
Brockenglass Glass
Je l’aime
Jaylee Martin
Jaylee Martin 답글 연결
The book is so good! ♡
A heart named Lee
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres 1 답글 연결
after 4 years i finally found this again.
Leo Arias
Leo Arias 답글 연결
Lo material lo material! Ese intento de llenar algo o distraerte de como estas por dentro.
Serenify10 답글 연결
This song and movie gets me every time😭
Texting story Story
On a picture he’s Look’s like jughead
OH O NA 답글 연결
ME: heeyo heeyo , heeyo
YOUTUBE: she's mentally disturbed!
Sara .S
Sara .S 답글 연결
This is the song I make my pimples listen every night...."heal, heal....heal....heal" ; ( :
Shalini Singh
Shalini Singh 1 답글 연결
This song hits me so hard that I cant tell.
I was in other country where I found someone I am not supposed to, the age difference and culture forced us to be apart. It's been more than 3 years since we saw and talked to each other. I miss him dearly and deeply and this reminds me of him everyday. I just hope he is happy and healthy.
stalin merino
stalin merino 답글 연결
Danielle Estrada
Danielle Estrada 1 답글 연결
When I first heard the song was a couple days ago I wasn’t aloud to watch the movie when I was little so a couple days ago I was on a plane and I saw this movie so of course I watched it and when it ended it felt like that song was a song that I have heard many times before even tho it was my first time watching it. I went on YouTube to go on a playlist that I created a week ago for that plane ride and I found this as the first song there even tho I am absolutely positively sure that I did not place it in here and that made me think the things we love and want will always come back to us
Victoria Lemon
Victoria Lemon 답글 연결
It's been 4 months since my soulmate, the love of my life and my best friend, was killed right in front of me..I miss you Harry everyday. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and cry. I don't know how to live without you, I don't want to..

Lucky v
Lucky v 답글 연결
Words resonate, my soul bleeds ,nothing will heal me .when u feel your losing the love of your life. When u watch them slipping away towards another love .the pain is unbearable, im looking for something to save me or some way of healing the rift ,I love her deeply but its drifting quickly ,I love our children and the life we created ,but it hurts so much more when it was me who pushed her to destroy it. Words are easy and fool to often .but my heart is hers and always will be .
Vroni Miller
Vroni Miller 답글 연결
Värmland 답글 연결
It was on this day exactly, I remember it well.
You didn't come to school that day, the first time I'd had to feel your absence.
I spent that day worrying in silence, worrying about what had befallen you.
Not a word, not a missed call or an offhand text, nothing.
It killed me.
Getting that phone call late at night, hearing the weary, shaken up voices of your parents on the other end, I knew I was not worrying in vain.
I sat by your bed, holding your lifeless hand in my own, wailing for you.
I hope you heard it from your seat in heaven.
Heard how much you were loved.
Here here, pour a little out on the ground, sink another hot one for those no longer with us.
Rest in piece to you, and all our fallen brothers.
I love you man.
Your GameSpot
Your GameSpot 2 답글
That made me really sad bro
Rip to your loved ones 🙏🏻
Abigail Clarke
Abigail Clarke 답글 연결
Cheryl Bj
Cheryl Bj 1 답글 연결
This song has too much emotions. I can’t take it. It’s such a calming, sad song.
F H97
F H97 답글 연결
This hits hard ...sadness is a disease which am becoming used to it and satisfied by it and that's creeping me out
Kuntal Patra
Kuntal Patra 답글 연결
GO get some MILK

..............to HEAL
almosh ksab
almosh ksab 답글 연결
What the things that last ?
mikekurtz1999 답글 연결
Everyone who commented on this video is soft as shit and doesn't know shit about shit. You just want to feel like a victim
Don’t worry Be happy

Shaggy Horan
Shaggy Horan 1 답글 연결
He ruined my hopes to find love again. I say I'm gonna find a guy who'll truly be the one for me, but I'm sure when I get to that time, I'd be scared shitless. I'd be paranoid and insecure about my presumed "one". All this because of him. I had one of the best times of my life with him but if I had a chance I'd never go back. After he broke it off, which was on loose ends, he went ahead and messed around with two girls in not less than 2 months. And then, he went for my best friend. They dated for more than a year. And that left me in a hard spot emotionally. It's been more than 3 years and I can't completely get rid of him or hate him wholeheartedly.
Mina barb
Mina barb 1 답글 연결
Anders Andrade
Anders Andrade 답글
If I Stay
Ana Karoline
Ana Karoline 1 답글 연결
A música e muito boa . Gostaria de sabe o nome do filme . Ou série .
Ana Karoline
Ana Karoline 답글
@Anders Andrade obrigada 😆
Anders Andrade
Anders Andrade 답글
If I Stay filme
Anna Miller
Anna Miller 답글 연결
It is good but sad🙁but it is a really good movie I watched like 5 times because I love it so much I would love to be in that movie!
Mermewel 2 답글 연결
Chyba Ty... <3
MATEO Solar 답글 연결
Been looking for this song for years, finally glad to find it
Pajama Mane
Pajama Mane 1 답글 연결
That moment when this was your special song with your girlfriend and you find yourself still listening to it, hurting, 2 years after the break up
Brandon Vetsch
Brandon Vetsch 5 답글 연결
my dad recently went to jail and this song remineds me of him and our good times
Eda Darı
Eda Darı 답글 연결
o kadar özledim ki anıları, anlayan insanları, gülüp eğlenmeyi, mutlu olmayı, sevilmeyi.
Em G
Em G 2 답글 연결
I do not remember when I stopped feeling. I'm not sure if it was before or after him. Now I'm here. Im living a foreign life like an out of body experience. I wish I could do this as someone who felt deeply. I dig deeply and I feel nothing. I cannot heal because I do not exist.