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Tom Odell - Heal
Benny Banks - Bada Bing!

Heal 가사

Tom Odell - Heal
아티스트: Tom Odell
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Take my mind And take my pain Like an empty bottle takes the rain And heal, heal, heal, heal And take my past And take my sense Like an empty sail takes the wind And heal, heal, heal, heal And tell me somethings last And tell me somethings last Take a heart And take a hand Like an ocean takes the dirty sand And heal, heal, hell, heal Take my mind And take my pain Like an empty bottle takes the rain And heal, heal, hell, heal And tell me somethings last

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Bouhra Alwany
Bouhra Alwany 답글 연결
when i lost her i started to realize that nobody can full the empty hole in my heart
00:00 - 00:10 I don't know why, but i feel nostalgia with this intro
carla williams
carla williams 답글 연결
this reminds of the day I came home to find out that my brother had committed suicide. I wished I was dead
FuzzySpuffy xo
FuzzySpuffy xo 답글 연결
isn’t this the same song in The Miracle Season movie?
2019 ?
Jibon Rana
Jibon Rana 답글 연결
this is awesome to listen more just click here
Rosalie 답글 연결
I miss him so much.
sabrina santos
sabrina santos 답글
a d u l t c h i l d r e n
Well then
Salma 3 답글 연결
I’m here because i guess I finally found the one who’s gonna heal all my wounds, we’ve been together for only couple months but I feel like I want to be with him forever,I’m so grateful.
hope I’ll come back to this comment after a very long time and still feel the same way, please god..I don’t wanna get hurt again:’)
Meysam Ah
Meysam Ah 답글 연결
واقعا قشنگه مرسی 👏❤❤❤
Siyabonga Sibiya
Siyabonga Sibiya 답글 연결
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pennylane 답글 연결
This book was sooo sad...
anton log
anton log 1 답글 연결
1Peter 2:24 -
He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.
Cecilia’s Tutorials
I’m gonna edit this comment when I’m finally happy again and over a guy who’s broken my heart and soul. I have faith in myself...
Roni Skaly
Roni Skaly 6 답글 연결
This song calms me down and makes me feel hopeful when nothing and no one can.
adam tesla
adam tesla 답글 연결
Take my mind ',,,,,'it’s just enough to know how this’s song a great n awesome 👏 ohh Tom Odell ❤️❤️
Yornalys Estrella Polanco
I want to thank Tom Odell for creating this beauty, that sound made me feel then I'm here and I'm real so human, 2019
Grissel YH
Grissel YH 답글 연결
Dios como pasa el tiempo, te extraño 2014
Abigail C
Abigail C 답글 연결
PSA: We here for the song, not your tragic backstory.

Mel Rehder
Mel Rehder 답글 연결
hello darling - you’re doing so great, you’re breathing and you’re more alive than ever, make every moment in your precious life count, you’re an incredible human being and you will do incredible things okay xo take care of yourself lovely xo
Sumit Garg
Sumit Garg 답글 연결
anyone from novel?
Kaycee More
Kaycee More 답글 연결
i cant get enough of this song, the words just hit straight to the core of the heart word to word, beautiful song
Jungkook's ChimChim
A bitch is sobbing and that bitch is m e
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson 답글 연결
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson 답글 연결
I'm a guy and not really into movies with live but got to hand it to this. Good movie enjoyed it with my daughter and her mom.
Aashna Suneja
Aashna Suneja 1 답글 연결
One of the songs you want to listen with lights out, staring at the ceiling in the dark, full volume.
esdras pires
esdras pires 답글 연결
Sou brasileiro, fã desse cara, canta muito. Nilópolis RJ
mira nehlawi
mira nehlawi 답글 연결
Tom odell is exactly what this generation needs
rox rox
rox rox 답글 연결

Taylor Fernando
Taylor Fernando 1 답글 연결
Okay but I'm here because of the miracle season not if I stay, anyone else?
Jungwoo is why im here man
Both for me haa
Na medida do possível né
Nem sei o que ele está falando ,mas...essa fode o psicológico do indivíduo
Brockenglass Glass
Je l’aime
Jaylee Martin
Jaylee Martin 답글 연결
The book is so good! ♡
A heart named Lee
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres 1 답글 연결
after 4 years i finally found this again.
Leo Arias
Leo Arias 답글 연결
Lo material lo material! Ese intento de llenar algo o distraerte de como estas por dentro.
Serenify10 답글 연결
This song and movie gets me every time😭
Texting story Story
On a picture he’s Look’s like jughead
OH O NA 답글 연결
ME: heeyo heeyo , heeyo
YOUTUBE: she's mentally disturbed!