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Tim Myers - Life's Adventures
아티스트: Tim Myers

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Tell me a secret And unlock my heart Can't get between us Won't keep our love apart Oh, oh, oh It's my life oh, oh, oh, It's your life Ohhhhhhhhh, A story unwritten This chapter ends I'm turning the page A new one can begin Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh It's my life Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh It's your life Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Who, what we are It's written in the stars A moment flashing by All we need is time We can make it right if we try oh, It's my life oh, It's your life ohhhhhhh

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Ninja Bornavito
Ninja Bornavito 1 답글 연결
I love you auggie:) <3
kev 420
kev 420 답글 연결
This song is an inspiring song love it
Duean S
Duean S 답글 연결
I really this song and searching for a while heard this in ost wonder
maye odell
maye odell 4 답글 연결
Who came here bc of wonder
Amber Fulcher
Amber Fulcher 답글
maye odell almost everyone
kev 420
kev 420 답글
maye odell. Me😂😂
janisson Lima
janisson Lima 1 답글 연결
Wonder... :)
kev 420
kev 420 답글
janisson Lima ikr
janisson Lima
janisson Lima 답글 연결
🎧 🎵
janisson Lima
janisson Lima 답글 연결
Linda música
Aryoda Kemal06
Aryoda Kemal06 5 답글 연결
Wonder... :)
Stoj The Wanderer
Stoj The Wanderer 1 답글 연결
If they stare, let them stare.
You can't blend in when you were born to stand out.
Amber Fulcher
Amber Fulcher 답글
Stoj The Wanderer best quote ever
Anna B
Anna B 3 답글 연결
Wonder movie ♡
Just A Potato
Just A Potato 4 답글 연결
Who came from the trailer Wonder.
kev 420
kev 420 답글
Just A Potato me😂😂
mcblue 답글
Just A Potato I did XD
Moon Cat Gamer
Moon Cat Gamer 8 답글 연결
I love you auggie :) <3
Macushla XOXO
Macushla XOXO 2 답글 연결
'Our story...it's been written in the stars...'

And the story reads, happily ever after. ❤️
kgirl ,and,wizzy, show
OMG can't wait for WONDER!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
kev 420
kev 420 답글
kgirl ,and,wizzy, show ikr😂😂
Jun 1 답글 연결
"Watch the wind blow on a field of gold, feel the change" where can i find this song?
Wilson Cajamarca
Wilson Cajamarca 3 답글 연결
Does anyone know the lyrics please. I've been looking, but I can't find them.
MamiDuck JulieTheGamer
Happiness music
Since then
Catch when
Taking a chance.
I’m going, somewhere I’ve never been before. I open the door..
I lived! Life’s adventure.
I fight! Life’s adventure..
happy music
Something.. Maintain. Waiting for me I have a big chain... It’s SanDipity
I live! Life’s adventure...
I fight! Life’s adventure...
Oh! x10
I live! Life’s adventure..
I fight! Life’s adventure..


Wonder 2017
anton day769
anton day769 18 답글 연결
perfect music for the movie Wonder
Colinmaster44 답글
anton day769 for one sec I thought u predicted it😂😂
Dr. Who
Dr. Who 1 답글 연결
Suryakanth Roy
Suryakanth Roy 1 답글 연결
What's the name of the African sounding song that they dance to after he returns from the kidnappers?
Andjela Tatarovic
phew this song grows on you :P

Hessa Aljasmi
Hessa Aljasmi 답글 연결
fearea 1 답글 연결
What a wonderful movie loved it !
Official Bacon Puffs
Official Bacon Puffs 답글
HelloWorld! 15 답글 연결
Am i the only one who is looking for happiness?
SistahBallingah _
SistahBallingah _ 답글
The world is full of sadness always realize happiness is for you, just like you your asking for happiness :) you need anyone, im here for you

Find me on twitter, the name is SistahBallingah :)

Happiness is there for you, so am I!

Everyone seems to only look at sadness and forgets Happiness. Thats up to you to find it :)

It will never pop into your hands like magic
Jacob Ebertowski
Jacob Ebertowski 답글
God bless.
Jacob Ebertowski
Jacob Ebertowski 답글
I am also looking, HAHA.
김성훈 3 답글
Life's so hard sometimes. Everyone seems happy except for me. But never forget everyone has the time of sadness and after the period you'll find that you are pretty nice.
Tommy Kay
Tommy Kay 답글 연결
anyone know the piece of music at the beginning of the film where he's dreaming....flying a plane...rolls the plane over...dog falls out....etc...
damon trudeau
damon trudeau 3 답글 연결
whats the song that plays when he gets kidnapped and he asked the kiddnappers what the meaning of happiness is, he gets the pen back and he uses it to get free because it has the name on it?
Muhammad ali
Muhammad ali 답글
+damon trudeau Eureka! here it is. It's called "Cumulonimbus Stereo Mix."
Muhammad ali
Muhammad ali 답글
+damon trudeau still looking high and low for it
Bill Campa
Bill Campa 3 답글 연결
Wonderful movie with music aiding tremendously.
KnottyOrchid 12
KnottyOrchid 12 답글
speaking of Wonder can't wait for Wonder
HC Piano
HC Piano 2 답글 연결
Where can i find that cheerful jazz-tune from the movie? What is it called? It is from the part when Hector is flying first classwith Stellan Skarsgård. ^^
Aqib.A.C 답글
(HC Piano) Cool, so what was it called?
HC Piano
HC Piano 답글
I found it on iTunes ^_^
rallenification 8 답글 연결
took me so long not to find the songs name from the trailer but to actually find the song thank you
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway 2 답글 연결
I thank you for posting this...   ;)