Cannon Division - Greenery
아티스트: Cannon Division
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MovieTrailers Entertainment
Can you publicate more?
Ghost Black Project
Here I’m .... months later still listening to this track a few times a day 😁
Simsi J
Simsi J 1 답글 연결
Its not in Amazon Music😫😭
Ghost Black Project
Ghost Black Project 1 답글 연결
Please make a longer version 😇This masterpiece is too short !
Pikachu Pakau
Pikachu Pakau 3 답글 연결
But This is not exact music which was in the trailer.
Please tell me know if you got that.
spacezji 답글 연결
There should be a longer version of this incredible song! It is amazing! ❤
MultiMonologue 6 답글 연결
I was very very very disappointed when that trailer scene came up. It wasn't you guys but generic bullshit. The whole energy was gone. Can you Imaginl; I had high hopes and everything withered down, I kept holding on the straw that I would see the scene with this music in the cinema. But o boy was I dissapointed! You guys deserved to be in the film! (the boy said angrily!
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 2 답글
MultiMonologue ha! Amazing comment thank you! We DEFINITELY wished it would have made it in. 😩😩
dean bornman
dean bornman 답글 연결
Love it!! good job
Ghost Black Project
This track is so addictive , listening to it at least 20 times throughout the day has become one of my daily routines for the last 2 months.
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 답글
Damon Trudeau
Damon Trudeau 1 답글 연결
Wow this is incredible!! I like this version better than the trailer version to be quite honest, amazing work glad I found you <3 :o
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 답글
Damon Trudeau thank you for the kind words! Definitely more in the works.
MovieTrailers Entertainment
Please Make more greatness music like this, this can not be compared, this is epic!
MovieTrailers Entertainment
Cannon Division I will be waiting!
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 답글
MovieTrailers Entertainment™ appreciated! We are working on it. Stay tuned!
GURken 1 답글 연결
isn't in a trailer was used some sort of a mix of this track? cuz there was much more of a bass and drums.
spacezji 2 답글 연결
Valerian was truly amazing but all the time I was thinking it was sad this was not in the movie.... This song sounds amazing!!! I think the movie would have been even better using this sound in the movie. ^^
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 2 답글
killerpenguin94 thank you for the kind words! Wish it could have been in there too. Hopefully next time! Lol.
caspar.camera 2 답글 연결
I have to limit myself to one listen a day its too good :(
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 2 답글
Caspar Brown maybe once in the morning and once at night?!?? Glad you dig!
Nayexus Lei
Nayexus Lei 5 답글 연결
I make it a habit to go out of my way to look for music that can inspire me when creating my art and when i heard this from a compilation of film trailers (when valerian popped up) I just had to find it, and I'm very glad it's here. Thanks so much for this piece.
IvoryT13 4 답글 연결
I saw Valerian a couple nights ago, and while Desplat's score is beautiful, I didn't find it particularly memorable. THIS is the music that really brought out the magic of the imagery in the second trailer, and I missed it the entire time I was watching the film (even though I still enjoyed it). I can't help but feel that the decision to go with a mainly classical score was a misstep.
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 1 답글
IvoryT13 such an awesome note thank you!!! Glad you dig.
Jordan Studdard
Jordan Studdard 2 답글 연결
YESSSSSS been looking for this for weeks. Awesome sound
RetroCorn Gaming
RetroCorn Gaming 4 답글 연결
I honestly wish you guys had scored the entire film.
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 2 답글
us too :( but appreciate the kind words!
Ghost Black Project
Ghost Black Project 7 답글 연결
This track is divine, whoever made it cannot be possibly human .
This is ANGELIC !
whywhyman 10 답글 연결
0:00 to 01:56 trying to figure out the meaning of life & why you exist!
01:57 to till the end is when you find out what LIFE really is! Damn I can't get enough of this track.
Is there anything at all that I can do to convince the composer that he is pure genius & I love him! Would really love an extended version, looking forward for more! Peace.
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 4 답글
working on more! appreciate the listen!

Are we absolutely sure that this is the full song? No extended version? I LOVE the second half - the part that's in the trailer - I just wish it was longer!
Anonymous 1 답글
there's a 17 min extended version floating around somewhere. Saw it but lost it.
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards 32 답글 연결
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 7 답글
turbozen 1 답글 연결
Reminded me of the Goth soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcE9G8g8Zis
MovieTrailers Entertainment
I Love this music, hope you will do more like that!!
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 6 답글
MovieTrailers Entertainment™ definitely working on it! Appreciate the listen!
Taccat 1 답글 연결
ชอบมาก from Thailand!!
Anonymous 답글
Blub Nerd
Blub Nerd 10 답글 연결
It's incredible what music can do. Valerian didn't inherently capture me, but this song + the trailer, it just clicked. I was immediately drawn in the first time I heard it. Then when I went to see Guardians, I heard this again from the Valerian trailer. I instantly made a note to find this song after the movie lol. Also very curious that the trailer version isn't the original, but both are audible bliss.
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 3 답글
Blub Nerd what an awesome note thank you! Glad you dig. Yes the trailer version was edited differently. Actually there are a few different versions for different versions of the trailer - thought it would be cool to hear the original track as it was. Still haven't caught it in the theatre trailer yet though - excited for that!
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 1 답글 연결
dota 2!!!
Marcelo 8Kibon
Marcelo 8Kibon 답글 연결
dota 2 credit, end major Kiev 2017 music very God
Marcelo 8Kibon
Marcelo 8Kibon 답글
Cannon Division I was watching end of Major 2017 Dota 2 that was in kiev when finished major passed the credits with this song and when it was finishing the credits was "Music Cannon Division Greenery
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 답글
Where did you see this?
Mark McGivern
Mark McGivern 1 답글 연결
Abhilash Balaji
Abhilash Balaji 1 답글 연결
PGL PogChamp

Kirill Sidorov
Kirill Sidorov 3 답글 연결
kiev major bye chat BibleThump
superpsion 5 답글 연결
Dota 2 Kiev Major ending brought me here ... think green ... OG FTW !
superpsion 1 답글
hehehe... True !
Mihien 1 답글
Notail is bae
Chearod Britton
Chearod Britton 1 답글 연결
Epic!! Thanks for the upload!
Tom Kalowski
Tom Kalowski 10 답글 연결
This is amazing, I fell in love with this track at first sight ^_^
Mahesh Pamidimarthi
Mahesh Pamidimarthi 1 답글 연결
I cant find this track in Spotify :(
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 답글
Not up yet - working on it.
rayilo 5 답글 연결
10/10, is it possible to buy it in a good quality? Let me know please
Maurice Kube
Maurice Kube 1 답글
Hopefully you gonna step further and compose the soundtrack to this adorable movie! So glad to hear this tune...
rayilo 4 답글
Cannon Division thanks for quick reply! Keep up the good work :)
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 8 답글
rayilo not yet working on it though
Piplum 52 답글 연결
You know what? I will watch this movie only because I've heard this music in the second half of Valerian trailer :D
Luke Klaus
Luke Klaus 2 답글
Piplum me too
PRIME 3 답글
haha same here man!
Occasional motorcycling
Occasional motorcycling 2 답글
Robertas Sedleckis
Robertas Sedleckis 5 답글
Me too :D
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 5 답글
Piplum amazing! Hahaaa. Much appreciated!
Power of the Epic Music
Very nice and congrats, can i upload on my channel, please ?
Ghost Black Project
Ghost Black Project 1 답글
Cannon Division can't wait !!!!!!!! lol
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 1 답글
kind words thank you! stay tuned for more!
Ghost Black Project
Ghost Black Project 2 답글
Cannon Division Are you guys even Human ?
This is angelic ! This is probably on GOD himself music playlist .
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 1 답글
Power of the Epic Music drop a message and can figure! Glad you dig! Cannondivision@gmail.com
Nina Nevermore
Nina Nevermore 3 답글 연결
Nice :3 searched the whole time for this song, thanks for uploading =) Nice work, hope we hear a lot more from you guys ;)
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 2 답글
Seiya thanks for checking it out! Definitely more on the way.
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Swag Style
Swag Style 1 답글
Cannon Division
Cannon Division 3 답글
Swag Style awwwwwwwww