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How does it feel to treat me like you do? When you've laid your hands upon me and told me who you are I thought I was mistaken, I thought I heard your words Tell me how do I feel? Tell me now, how do I feel? Those who came before me lived through their vocations From the past until completion, they'll turn away no more And still I find it so hard to say what I need to say But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me just how I should feel today How does it feel to treat me like you do? How does it feel to treat me like you do?

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9993chelsea 답글 연결
I watch this movie because of this soundtrack in trailer . its just awesome music which fit this action pack movie.
Movila Daniel
Movila Daniel 1 답글 연결
everything you want is on the other side of fear..
Dementor9000 답글 연결
Love James McAvoy watch the movie guys and girls its great !
Sollatare 답글 연결
Sounds strikingly similar to Come Back Down by Trevor Something. I actually thought they were the same song for a while.
Rosie Phoenix
Rosie Phoenix 답글 연결
"I feel the rush to send me zoomin...."
Atreyu Blueflame
Atreyu Blueflame 1 답글 연결
Seriously in love with this, obsessed . Double o7 but better.
Aidra Malware
Aidra Malware 답글 연결
Matthew Saldana
Matthew Saldana 1 답글 연결
good movie
Juan Carlos Topic
LIKE #1000
Gurate job
Curtis Sharpe
Curtis Sharpe 7 답글 연결
Just saw this movie today and it is fuckin awesome!
The Grimm Swordsman
The Grimm Swordsman 5 답글 연결
Okay, what about the song for the trailer that was like 6 seconds long?
ranzudezu 19 답글 연결
I want a Millla Jovovich x Charlize Theron movie 😍🤗☝️🙏
Anonyme User
Anonyme User 1 답글
featuring angelina jolie, michelle rodriguez and ruby rose ;)
jmb Jc
jmb Jc 답글 연결
Bons tempos. ..........
Justin Getty
Justin Getty 4 답글 연결
Girl James Bond yeah!
Denisa Dosca
Denisa Dosca 답글
you're missing out
Justin Getty
Justin Getty 답글
Sounds better.I haven't seen John Wick by the way.
malphas1234 4 답글
I would say "She-John Wick" lol.
Zoid Commando
Zoid Commando 답글 연결
Nice...Nothing will ever replace the original but...I like this infinitely more than Orgy's take on it. This actually feels like they are taking it somewhere instead of just putting a flavor over the original like Orgy's poor man rip off of it...Maybe it is me...Was never a fan of the Manson sound it Orgy always sounds like Manson it covering it. :/
Jose Francisco Medeiros
Is it me, or is this song Blue Monday missing deep bass as I remember it from when I would hear it at the Oasis Nighclub in 1988, with DJ Julius Papp? Is You Tube filtering frequencies below 60 hertz?
edalder2000 1 답글
Nope. Google "Loudness Wars." In the last 25 years or so, mixes have pumped up the volume on tracks while clipping the highest highs and lowest lows. There is a lot less dynamic range of highs and lows with different sounds.

Also-digital compression can wreck an analog mix.
Mark Lesselroth
Mark Lesselroth 6 답글 연결
Awesome Soundtrack!
Arnold Aguirre
Arnold Aguirre 1 답글 연결
Its New Wave New Order- Blue Monday

Mal Aw
Mal Aw 17 답글 연결
Reminds me of Trevor Something - Come back down
feriel bebop
feriel bebop 45 답글 연결
that movie is going to be a classic ...
Catcher Morningstar
Catcher Morningstar 답글
Nazgull123 i have low standards in movies and this movie was boring
Nazgull123 7 답글
It did not suck. Movie is fucking awesome and is in my top 10 of all time now
Meme Lord 3000
Meme Lord 3000 1 답글
sucks that it sucked
Janik Ti
Janik Ti 5 답글 연결
suck for dirty money
Cinematic Curtain
Cinematic Curtain 105 답글 연결
I'll fully admit I'm a bit of a movie snob, I rarely buy into dumb action films... but my god am I pumped for this!
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman 답글
Cinematic Curtain was
Nazgull123 5 답글
rdbeyer i'm assuming you love it
rdbeyer 5 답글
I've seen it three times in five days so...
Covfefe 4 답글
Same! the music and trailer was too good.
Aisling Oharrigan
Aisling Oharrigan 61 답글 연결
All the 80s techno remixes in this movie! <3
Electronic rock, not techno.
compteck7 1 답글
Aisling Oharrigan All the 80's songs period..a few of the remixes, at the end, aren't bad and HEALTH did ok with Blue Monday
Al C
Al C 6 답글 연결
gotta love the vibe