To the Moon

Andre Ettema - To the Moon
아티스트: Andre Ettema
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Anthony Zerangue
Anthony Zerangue 답글 연결
I used to listen to this while I played Mass Effect Andromeda and it was fucking amazing
Laughing Octopus
Laughing Octopus 2 답글 연결
So much wasted potential...
Random Boy
Random Boy 2 답글 연결
Anyone know if there's a full track that plays during the second trailer (I think) right when they show the derelict crash for the first time? Kinda sounds like a swarm of insects at the begining? Kinda reminiscent to the beat that was used in one of the Prometheus trailers,too? Idk how else to describe it...but it sounds awesome and I'd love a longer version if one exists.
Ghost Ninja 10
Ghost Ninja 10 1 답글 연결
Ever wonder what will happen if you put actual teenagers in the Alien universe? Have a small group of teens (usually 4 or 5) combat Xenomorphs? Away from any actual adult help?
PNG Productions
PNG Productions 답글
They wrote a book with this premise. Alien: Cauldron
Wineke de Jong
Wineke de Jong 1 답글
worgax 2 답글 연결
Xenomorph is a really beautiful creature...😁😁
zenszkij 답글 연결
what an epic music..what an epic story...ALIEN
Neno 1974
Neno 1974 2 답글 연결
This track makes me think of the poor covenant crew
Aaron Michaels
Aaron Michaels 4 답글 연결
Love it, poor Covenant crew, they make me cry....
Nicholas Guerrero
anyone know the chords?
mario orozco
mario orozco 답글 연결
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 IN LOVE
Abigail Harry
Abigail Harry 3 답글 연결
the Last 30 seconds
Tristan Nichols
Tristan Nichols 2 답글 연결
This song isn't on iTunes yet and it upsets me 😒😭
JasonZilla93 2 답글 연결
Alexander H
Alexander H 2 답글 연결
Beautiful track, so rich and full of possibility.
ωæfe 美的
ωæfe 美的 1 답글 연결
You had me thinking this was some sort of Interstellar 2 shit, fuck yourself.
David Dominguez
David Dominguez 4 답글 연결
just brings me to tears
Zombified 1 답글 연결
thank youuuuuuuu
Ghost Ninja 10
Ghost Ninja 10 14 답글 연결
I know Alien Covenant is supposed to be the most gruesome out of the entire franchise and it's probably not for me since I'm 16,but I don't care! I'm a hardcore Alien fan and I can't wait for this movie! I really want to have the chance to see this film as it looks epic!
Raymond Jameson
Raymond Jameson 답글
Stoner Yoda937 for one it's "you're" And 2 everyone who understands alien lore knows he fucked it up. Watch all the vids on YouTube on how AC sucked ass. You're just a triggered 8 year old who doesn't understand shit about lore. The film barely got back the money it spent on top of that. Nobody likes the movie or Ridley Scott so fuck off you irrelevant little shit
Stoner Yoda937
Stoner Yoda937 답글
Raymond Jameson how has he fucked it up .... he hasn't your just a little bitch who didn't understand the undertones

.... your opinion is moot =nothing
Ghost Ninja 10
Ghost Ninja 10 답글
Raymond Jameson Ah. Right. It's like George Lucas fucked up the Star Wars Prequels. If I remember correctly (I wasn't born when the 1st Prequel movie came out),The Phantom Menace was supposed to have been as great as A New Hope. And then George done fucked it up with Midichlorians and Jar Jar and introducing an epic villian and then kills him off in the last 10 minutes of the movie.
Raymond Jameson
Raymond Jameson 답글
Ghost Ninja 10 the movie sucked....ridley scott fucked it up
•Φ• 답글
The Cronenberg.
Thanos ‎
Thanos ‎ 답글 연결
Where to get the wallpaper?
Brockster 답글
Thanos ‎ Screenshot the video
Anthony Zerangue
Anthony Zerangue 18 답글 연결
last thirty seconds make me want to go into space and have space sex
CambossX12 3 답글
...alright then.

Anthony Zerangue
Anthony Zerangue 8 답글 연결
the last thirty seconds or so are the best
Yuli Corns
Yuli Corns 답글
Anthony Zerangue true
Zombified 답글
Anthony Zerangue yep i love it
jaime javier
jaime javier 답글
Anthony Zerangue for real
Anthony Zerangue
Anthony Zerangue 9 답글 연결
this is nothing like interstellar you homeless unemployed mother fucker
ichaffee1 답글
Anthony Zerangue no need to be so mean
Pan Paweł
Pan Paweł 답글 연결
Callum Williams
Callum Williams 답글 연결
Could you possibly send a link to where you got the image from? I love the image so much, I'd love to use it as a wallpaper
Brockster 답글
Callum Williams just take a screenshot of the video :P
finavarro97 7 답글 연결
been looking for this song forever!!! you the mvp bro
Vinyl Record
Vinyl Record 22 답글 연결
sounds like interstellar.
Nocny Narrator
Nocny Narrator 2 답글
u wish
King Grimlock
King Grimlock 15 답글
But better
36/36s 2 답글 연결
Very calm , thank you .
Julian Penguin
Julian Penguin 답글 연결
Dat thumbnail tho...
Brendan Bernard
Brendan Bernard 50 답글 연결
Sounds a bit similar to Interstellar.
SkriWall 답글
yes at 1:36
Chiara R.
Chiara R. 답글 연결
non so perché, pur avendo i suggerimenti attivi,YouTube mi consiglia musica che non ascolterei neanche sotto tortura...

EMM 11 답글 연결
Thank you. Do you know the music from the second part of this trailer?
Nature Boy By Aurora
politechnology - 政治 技術
It sounds a little similar to Day One by Hans Zimmer
Paradoxar 답글
nope thats a different trailer
Paradoxar 5 답글
same -.-
EMM 5 답글
I've been looking for this song for a month already.
star knight
star knight 답글 연결
cool cant wait for movie
Games Proxy
Games Proxy 1 답글 연결
Perfect <3
MëTÂ BøSS 9 답글 연결
Wow this music is amazing
John Carter
John Carter 41 답글 연결
YES!!! Oh my god THANK YOU!!!! I've been searching everywhere for this!!!
John Carter
John Carter 답글
You know it ;)
Anthony Zerangue
Anthony Zerangue 1 답글
have you ever had a Disney style adventure on Mars?
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