The Hardest Button to Button 가사

The White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button
아티스트: The White Stripes

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We started living in an old house My ma gave birth and we were checking it out It was a baby boy So we bought him a toy It was a ray gun And it was 1981 We named him 'Baby' He had a toothache He started crying It sounded like an earthquake It didn't last long Because I stopped it I grabbed a rag doll And stuck some little pins in it Now we're a family And we're alright now We got money and a little place To fight now We don't know you And we don't owe you But if you see us around I got something else to show you Now it's easy when you don't know better You think it's sleazy? Then put it in a short letter We keep warm But there's just something wrong with you Just feel that you're the hardest little button to button I had opinions That didn't matter I had a brain That felt like pancake batter I got a backyard With nothing in it Except a stick A dog And a box with something in it The hardest button to button [x12]

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tanya winters
tanya winters 답글 연결
Why am I just now learning of this group????? Love love love it!!! Thanks for sharing!
Zoka 답글 연결
meg 💗 pack v':
William Leitzell
William Leitzell 답글 연결
hide and go seek
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando 답글 연결
My y love is for music
Winston McGregor
Winston McGregor 답글 연결
I dont know why but this song was like a trance to me when I was a kid (90's). I didn't hate it or love it then I just watched when it came on.
Shane McDaniel
Shane McDaniel 답글 연결
Man, she is so beautiful!
Dilan Yamil Ferreyra
Drum to Drum, Hardest edit
The Wicked One
The Wicked One 답글 연결
Every time watching this video I'm so amazed, that I can't hear much more lyrics than 'The hardest button to button'. The amount of work put in it is just outstanding!
CKru8789 답글 연결
“How’d you get here?”

“Travelled by drum.”
Marshall Lemon
Marshall Lemon 답글 연결
Recuerdo que vi esto por primera vez en los simpsons
Razura 답글 연결
Hey look... Another 33 in music videos
..guess people gonna comment about illuminatti and music industry nonsense all again... Well... Nobody see it coming
RedHotSlap 답글 연결
I preferred Bart's version.
Daniel Olsson
Daniel Olsson 1 답글 연결
how many drums did they had? lol
William 답글 연결
Imagine if the white stripes came out right now in 2017. The technology they would have is crazy!!
Reptile 답글 연결
Woah they have another song
Snaggletooth x
Snaggletooth x 답글 연결
0:39 Mój stary 😂😂😂😂😂
Anaís Watterson
Anaís Watterson 1 답글 연결
Where is Bart??
leonardo santos
leonardo santos 답글 연결
Where the hell is Bart! xD
VodkaVova 답글 연결
Eugene Lk
Eugene Lk 답글 연결
It reminded me a Windows glitch when PC becomes unresponsive and dragging the window leaves silhouettes

venus adonis
venus adonis 답글 연결
Jack is so sexy
SNFLR 답글 연결
This song plays at 5 guys all the time. Love it when i comes on
Leonardo Hernández
My licke rock
Leonardo Hernández
Like rock
Sam Mazensky
Sam Mazensky 답글 연결
I want to make an action movie in which a hero must hit a big red button and stop a giant, dramatic countdown.... Dunno why. Love this song!
Wonder how much all this cost...?
SBF HAWK 답글 연결
I know we are living in a made up Matrix false sense of reality I just saw it thru this song I Work for a company for an IT department and right when I paused this part of the Song the background shows the Metro bus numbered 720 then in the back of the Column is the number 33 (Masonic Number) Just then I pause it and I get a call from store 720 calling with an error 3333 dude if that is not a fucking Glitch in the matrix I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS
John Smith
John Smith 답글 연결
I was waiting for Bart to crash into her.
rainbows and Memes
1% everything else
99% drumsets

Vincent DiMurro
Vincent DiMurro 답글 연결
Justice League theme song along with icky thump White stripes Rock
Flute Loops and Fun
This is such a cool video!
Willy Berthold
Willy Berthold 답글 연결
the best Video ever ...!! GREAT!!
Molly Jaeger
Molly Jaeger 답글 연결
cough did OK go help with this?
megajezior 답글 연결
Emmm first?
Ą̸n͆dre̋y Sy͆nt̸h
James Leron
James Leron 답글 연결
Drugs Alert🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋
douglas falcão
douglas falcão 답글 연결
a baterista tem a cara da kylie jenner
Dick Joshua
Dick Joshua 답글 연결
barry allen ? bruce wayne
Dick Joshua
Dick Joshua 답글 연결
barry allen ? bruce wayne