Trailer Rebel - Radiant
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HeyItsMike 1 답글 연결
Any news on the 2nd music of the Wonder Woman 'Origins' trailer?
HeyItsMike 답글
It's fine as long as we hear the whole thing.
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 1 답글
Actualy is not suppose to. The track is not suppose to be related to the movie in anyway.
If one day I post the track on the channel they will be no Wonder Woman related to it.
ThatDudeRightThere 답글
HeyItsMike *Thursday now, still on EHM though ^^
HeyItsMike 답글
You're the coolest.
ThatDudeRightThere 답글
HeyItsMike Epic Heaven Music :)
wildevil 답글 연결
Whoah.......This is some EPIC HERO Music right here...
Chocolian 답글 연결
This song is playing victoriously in my head because, as of right now, Wonder Woman is at a NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT on Rotten Tomatoes. Finally! A good, no, GREAT DCEU movie!
Atlaz19 답글 연결
i love you ♥
Spencerr 답글 연결
Sounds like a Disney live action score mixed with MOS
David Datura
David Datura 1 답글 연결
This is another great WW poster above. My second favorite after the one released at Comic-Con last year. I've got that one on my wall already. And I think I'm going to get this one too. Her pro modeling career I think helps with all these WW shots big time. She just looks so bloody good in them! I just hope the movie ends up being as good as these posters are! Oh and a great piece of music too.
WhyteLis21 답글 연결
note this score was produced by han zimmers co team members but not by him personally.
Transient Motion
Transient Motion 답글
This track wasn't produced by Hans Zimmer, it was produced by Trailer Rebel
Dance In Focus
Dance In Focus 답글 연결
This is so good! Love It!
Zach Prosperi
Zach Prosperi 2 답글 연결
Eiliestl 21 답글 연결
Nobly Gaelic Quinn Harmony Label Network
Base On A True Story Anger
Nicki Minaj is dying "For Real" his A Lesson To Learn Song (She Will Like It)
LostWanderingSoull 7 답글 연결
when the wonder woman trailer plays before the video
Nickson Rodríguez
Nickson Rodríguez 9 답글 연결
Beautiful, I need more of this music in Wonder woman movie.
Nobly Gaelic Quinn Harmony Label Network
Nobly Quinn Harmony Music Official
Real Man?Song Part 2 (Reach)
TheZzZzZzZzZzA 답글 연결
Epic Music VN uploaded this track two hours earlier, how can this be exclusive? :O
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 2 답글
All the track on the channel with "exclusive" on it are legaly send by the owner of the track, but you can also see on youtube that I am the only one to have this with 4:26 minutes, wish is the right time of the track.
Cyberplay 답글 연결
You can upload the second music?
HeyItsMike 답글
Yeah, my ears are failing me. Can only hear 2 music; this and is she with you at the end. Thanks anyway.
Novi 1 답글
+HeyItsMike More like the third I'd say. Rewatch the trailer and listen again, you'll hear it. It's very powerful, and more action packed sounding
HeyItsMike 답글
Isn't the 2nd music "Is She With You"?
Novi 답글
HeyItsMike yep
HeyItsMike 답글
second music? from the recent trailer?
Guilherme Aranha
Guilherme Aranha 2 답글 연결
Alessandro Sonic
Alessandro Sonic 6 답글 연결
Amazing...so beautiful!!!! Now i want the second music of Really Slow Motion and Giantapes Music!!! Can't Wait!
Transient Motion
Transient Motion 1 답글
No problem
Donovan Rodriguez
Donovan Rodriguez 1 답글
+Epic Trailer Music​ Thanks for keeping us updated!
Transient Motion
Transient Motion 2 답글
Praise the gods of epic music, the track has been uploaded and it's amazing
Lydia Camurati
Lydia Camurati 답글
Epic Trailer Music My nails are gone Haha '
Transient Motion
Transient Motion 1 답글
Hey guys, the premiere is today so look forward to it
Gts Edit Wrestling
Gts Edit Wrestling 39 답글 연결
Come on Wonder Woman give those arrogant critic bastards a lesson to remember
jos ben harris
jos ben harris 2 답글
..and so it was
David Datura
David Datura 1 답글
Here here!
Ben Crawley
Ben Crawley 3 답글
Gts Edit Wrestling I hope so I'm so excited and hopeful for her !
Michael Boyle
Michael Boyle 17 답글 연결
Sounds a bit like the Man of Steel score!
Vladimir Dilworth
Vladimir Dilworth 1 답글
Yes you do hear elements from Man of Steel in this score especially the beginning part of Flight.

HeyItsMike 답글 연결
So this isn't from the official soundtrack?
ThatDudeRightThere 1 답글
Trailer music mostly isn't. In many cases the soundtrack isn't even produced at the time the trailer is edited. ;)
Michaël Deleau
Michaël Deleau 1 답글
Nop, only the origin trailer.
Speedy 1
Speedy 1 1 답글
HeyItsMike no!
Speedy 1
Speedy 1 3 답글 연결
epic.thank you
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 15 답글 연결
I'm happy to present you this exclusive new track "Radiant" by Trailer Rebel & Cavalry and composed Cesc Vilà Aulina. It's their first track on the channel, and I'm glad it's for Wonder Woman. I hope will see them more in the future :)

More about Trailer Rebel :

More about Cavalry :

More about Cesc Vilà Aulina :
Jacquelynne Bishop
Jacquelynne Bishop 답글
Trailer Music Weekly is this available on iTunes in Canada?
Isaac Acevedo
Isaac Acevedo 8 답글 연결
Been waiting for this to drop. Gave her origin trailer so much depth!!