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Sharon Van Etten & Juggernaut Kid - What a Wonderful World
아티스트: Sharon Van Etten & Juggernaut Kid
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I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world I see skies of blue, clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself what a wonderful world What a wonderful world

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Little Moonchild
Little Moonchild 답글 연결
Can they put this on Deezer?
hkhipster 답글 연결
Release this on iTunes
Dainis Virvics
Dainis Virvics 1 답글 연결
sounds like lana rey del
Ian Lozina
Ian Lozina 3 답글 연결
I picture this with such a dark story of revenge
Why I’m talking about WW2?
Coisaspradedeu 답글 연결
A música nesse formato já me dá um desespero...
Andrea Gonzalez
Andrea Gonzalez 1 답글 연결
Me da miedo la cancion😵😵😵😵😵🐔🐔🐔🐔
Lobstarr 4 답글 연결
1:09 Ай сиська!
CarrotCatastrophe78 1 답글 연결
Doesn't sound so wonderful
Miranda Mennillo
Miranda Mennillo 1 답글 연결
is this the song from the Toyota Commercial?
EdanZy 답글
yep but more clear, and less creepier. This one is more darker
Cheah Hao Jie
Cheah Hao Jie 4 답글 연결
100% sure gonna play this at my funeral while my young photos compiled and projected in front of my coffin
Thiefinhide 답글 연결
Звучит умиротворяюще, проникая в душу. Великолепно.
Counselor Gallius Rax
World is being obliterated while this plays in background Palpatine Appears "Ironic..."
Елизавета Smile
Русские отзовитесь
Mery Cat
Mery Cat 1 답글 연결
Russia? Not..
Matheus R. R. Kortz
Now we want Florence and the machine singing at it
Kate Robertson
Kate Robertson 14 답글 연결
This song kind of freaks me out but I can't stop listening😬
Alejandra Hernandez
Alejandra Hernandez 답글
Kate Robertson same
Irfan RAF
Irfan RAF 3 답글 연결
Animal Kingdom bring me here
XxgamerpiggyxX uuunnniii
Irfan RAF geostorm did me
J brownies
J brownies 답글 연결

KylerInvention 21 답글 연결
casually loops this for about an hour
Charlotte Danielle
Charlotte Danielle 28 답글 연결
I see trees of green
red roses too
I see them bloom
for me and you
and I think to myself
what a wonderful world
I see skies of blue
clouds of white
the bright blessed day
the dark sacred night
and I think to myself
what a wonderful world
Chickenlegs 답글
No, they were right, it's sacred
Martin Danko
Martin Danko 답글
It is secret night :)
Kiru 5 답글 연결
"What a wonderful world" its by itself my favorite song and now they do this!!!! OMG IM CRYING ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!1!1
Green_ Day_Everyday
I wish this cover was on iTunes. I would buy it in a heartbeat. :D
Salvatore 9 답글 연결
Lana Del Rey style...
MyGuyWiFi 11 답글 연결
omg yessssss I found the song :)
Janessa P
Janessa P 3 답글 연결
Is this on itunes?
Thalia Escalet
Thalia Escalet 32 답글 연결
I first thought this was sang by Lorde
Salvatore 답글
I though it was Lana Del Rey !
Pugkake 답글
Wtf Is Randy doing?
Lifeless 2 답글
Me too
Caity Pat
Caity Pat 1 답글
Thalia Escalet same
andrea salinas
andrea salinas 50 답글 연결
Can they put this on Spotify😩
alearvizuu 답글
:( its not there
Edd Del Angel
Edd Del Angel 5 답글
andrea salinas y
Yes please, at the moment I saw the Geostorm Trailer, the first thing I did after was to look for it on Spotify. But... F*ck it's not there.
Thatgirl101 22 답글 연결
Sorry but this song is #1 disaster movie music
Yuh 답글
Theunicornwhoknowsalotbutalsoasavage cough cough San Andreas cough cough

jimenita SANTIIAGO
jimenita SANTIIAGO 1 답글 연결
Indria Neige
Indria Neige 1 답글 연결
미드 OA 재밌습니다. 생각을 많이 하게 만드는 드라마죠.
정민섭 답글 연결
dGurl 10 답글 연결
We should all wear tinfoil hats to this movie.
Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, Global Dimming, Weather Modification is already in effect worldwide. They have been manipulating our global weather patterns for decades. Just look up in the sky and you will see toxic nano-aluminum particulate chemtrails being sprayed every single day. Barium, Strontium, Cadmium, Mercury, Lithium, just to name a few of the lovely ingredients. Anyone notice how many people are getting sick and dying lately? patents filed in 1991. NASA and various government agencies have already documented this ongoing truth buried in lies.
Wake UP!!!!!!!
The government loves to hide things in plain sight, hence this movie.
Samuel Joseph
Samuel Joseph 6 답글
dGurl What's the significance of tin foil hats?
Jayea 1 답글 연결
Jorge Mendoza
Jorge Mendoza 1 답글 연결
Geo tormenta
Ruh - Sara Setek
Ruh - Sara Setek 답글 연결
круто звучит, прям жутко круто
Dickard 36 답글 연결
Just an English comment coming through.
Mammon Hatter
Mammon Hatter 2 답글 연결
Mot - What a wonderful world
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Chan Wook Park
Chan Wook Park 2 답글
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