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Sharon Van Etten & Juggernaut Kid - What a Wonderful World
아티스트: Sharon Van Etten & Juggernaut Kid
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I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world I see skies of blue, clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself what a wonderful world What a wonderful world

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It'sJustDylan 답글 연결
Is this free to use? Could o use this in a project if I leave dedication?
RoterDrache 답글 연결
Ynel Abril
Ynel Abril 답글 연결
Am I the only one who thinks of Joker?
anonymous the ten-year-old Wonder
this song it's supposed to sound apocalyptic right
Dark Humour
Dark Humour 답글 연결
I'd love this to be the trailer music for Godzilla VS Kong next year.
Man Onion
Man Onion 답글
anonymous the ten-year-old Wonder i would rather love to have that song in an dramatic avengers movie
anonymous the ten-year-old Wonder
@Man Onion or a new Zombie Apocalypse movie
Man Onion
Man Onion 답글
Dark Humour or what about The Next Avengers movie?
Will -e
Will -e 1 답글 연결
animal kingdom bring me there
Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis 답글 연결
President Trump theme song lol
m3rk 답글 연결
Bass drop at 1:53
Mayu Kun
Mayu Kun 1 답글 연결
Curse of Nabi :v
taeyo ;}
taeyo ;} 답글
Bruna Jauregui
Bruna Jauregui 답글 연결
a cena nessa música mdss que dor
I am irrational and autistic but
When I hear this song, I think of a nuclear missile striking the ground and creating a large irradiated mushroom cloud. The shockwave blasting everything away.
Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis 답글 연결
Weird I see creepy other YouTube videos when I click that video lol
Mariann Velasco
Mariann Velasco 답글 연결
Wow i got goosebumps this is kinda scary how global warming hit us very strong tho.
Pol otaku
Pol otaku 답글 연결
Este es un cover verdad? :'0 que miedo
Yinyang 12 답글 연결
Curse of Nabi brought me here and I love this
J-hope ee
J-hope ee 1 답글
Oml same
Karlo Divina
Karlo Divina 1 답글 연결
LT. Lickme brought me here.
Nicole Kotlyarov
Nicole Kotlyarov 답글 연결
This is so fucking creepy but I can't stop listening to it
Runner 59
Runner 59 답글 연결
This song should be in a monster or horror movie
нєlєηα Kooktae
Güzel bir müzik👍👍
Turn1and2gang 답글 연결
This shit is creepy I mean fortnite anyone

mr Haidir
mr Haidir 답글 연결
so good and so creepy
Aulia Ilecsi
Aulia Ilecsi 답글 연결
Creepy af
seulrendipity 2 답글 연결
I kinda thought that Lana Del Rey singing this at first 😂
Bailey Dixon
Bailey Dixon 1 답글 연결
Love this song because its on the new Coronation Street trailer
Eddy Keegan
Eddy Keegan 답글 연결
Marcus Crockett
Marcus Crockett 답글 연결
Riley Nicole
Riley Nicole 답글 연결
Is there anywhere at all where I can download this version of the song? SOMEONE MUST KNOW WHERE. THEY MUST KNOW THE ANSWER!
J 117
J 117 13 답글 연결
Kinda creepy listening to this at night alone in a dark room while at 0.5x slowed down speed.
dead now
dead now 34 답글 연결
Madagascar 4: The Last Straw
KobeWanKenobi 답글
Julian cant take Morty's shit anymore
Jorge Lozano
Jorge Lozano 답글 연결
0:25-1:46 her singing the entire time

Little Moonchild
Little Moonchild 1 답글 연결
Can they put this on Deezer?
hkhipster 답글 연결
Release this on iTunes
Dainis Virvics
Dainis Virvics 1 답글 연결
sounds like lana rey del
Ozozar Xikuuze
Ozozar Xikuuze 28 답글 연결
I picture this with such a dark story of revenge
ŋıƈƙყ ƙąɬ
ŋıƈƙყ ƙąɬ 답글
Ozozar Xikuuze I AGREE
Dexterity 1 답글
Or you know, GEOSTORM. Could also fit with Deadspace.
Why I’m talking about WW2?
Coisaspradedeu 답글 연결
A música nesse formato já me dá um desespero...
Andrea Gonzalez
Andrea Gonzalez 1 답글 연결
Me da miedo la cancion😵😵😵😵😵🐔🐔🐔🐔
Lobstarr 7 답글 연결
1:09 Ай сиська!
SirGecko 1 답글 연결
Doesn't sound so wonderful