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The Hit House - Catch the Sparrow
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Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 8 답글 연결
You can now easily recognize the Trailer Music Weekly music with the new thumbnail on YouTube :D
spindle12 답글
Do you have the theme of the part that comes after this in the trailer?
Michaël Deleau
Michaël Deleau 1 답글
You know this channel post the tracks in the legal way, so if you want them you need to go elsewhere.
ID-ID Electro Musics 6.0
ID-ID Electro Musics 6.0 3 답글
You should leave the download link on your videos.
Vegeta Solo
Vegeta Solo 답글 연결
This is epic
VynSkully 답글 연결
It's still a bit different than the trailer version :/
TrailerMusic France.31
Je trouve que la reprise du Klaus ... en mode Choir est magnifique !! (second musique theme)
Christopher Manson
Christopher Manson 8 답글 연결
"Pirates have infected the seas for generations, so I vowed to eliminate them all. Then there was this boy... Jack Sparrow. He took everything from me, and filled me with... rage."
#Hi #There
#Hi #There 3 답글 연결
my best trailer music is Avengers infinity war trailer music
this one is 3rd one
Gunkroc 1 답글
Alexandre Faria
Alexandre Faria 13 답글 연결
why does it sounds just like drunken whale from Dishonored score?
Brandon Lang
Brandon Lang 7 답글
Mayron Alexandre that song and this one are renditions of "Drunken Sailor"
LordStarscream100 7 답글
I'm pretty sure it is, but this is a rendition where they say "cursed pirate" instead.
GMT rasengan
GMT rasengan 10 답글 연결
that is like the first half of the trailer. do you know the other half song?
stf092 5 답글
who shoved a stick up your arse bro?
GMT rasengan
GMT rasengan 2 답글
you stop pretending u dont want to
Bornstellar Makes Eternal Salting
You can't find it. Stop expecting to find everything you hear.
Alexandros Xristotzwrtz
Alexandros Xristotzwrtz 1 답글
Michaël Deleau where can we find it
GMT rasengan
GMT rasengan 1 답글
thanks bro