Superman March

John Williams - Superman March
아티스트: John Williams

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CelestialWoodway 답글 연결
Henry Cavill eat caca
luis alberto nieto duarte

Se parece mucho el Tema de Star Wars- Williams: The Imperial March a El inicio de Parade of The Charioteers Ben Hur-Rozsa para Re-Recording Carlo Savina, que igual se repite en Parade of The Charioteers Ben Hur-Rozsa OST Oficial 1959 Orchestra MGM. Ben Hur-Rozsa Re-Recording Carlo Savina 1960. Ben Hur-Rozsa Re-Recording Miklos Rozsa 1977: Que es el Prelude Ben Hur-Rozsa Tema de Ben Hur; que se repite en: El Inicio Finale Ben Hur-Rozsa. El inicio The Sea Battle Sequences Part Three. The Burning Desert. Messala Revenge. Fanfare For Start Of Race. Ben Hur Crowned. Lepper Search for The Christ, Ben Hur-Rozsa. Misma Parte que Rozsa repite en su The Cid-Rozsa Prelude Tema The Cid; misma parte Rodriguo's Doubts - Death of The Cid. Y que Rozsa utiliza en su Inicio de su Hail Galba Quo Vadis- Rozsa; y que repite en su Inicio de Prelude Knights of The Round Table -Rozsa. Misma parte también Fanfare o Circus Fanfare From Ben Hur-Rozsa, inicio. Similarmente en el caso Williams está Partitura posiblemente la repite en su Superman Theme y Score Superman Williams donde se repita; Por ser Superman y Star Wars Temática Extraterrestre. Valgame aclarar que puede ser una Remembranza del Maestro John Williams de su Maestro El Maestro Miklos Rozsa. No un Plagio. Nunca un Plagio, que igual no podría asegurar.
Necroglobule 답글 연결
When it comes to Superman, there is Christopher Reeve and then there's literally everybody else.
Myrna Laboy
Myrna Laboy 답글 연결
Christopher Reeve will always be Superman in all our hearts and minds.
televolt10 답글 연결
Que homão da porra!
Adam Demgar
Adam Demgar 답글 연결
One time, (after Reeve got paralyzed,) I heard that somebody else got her wish, and was able to meet Superman. And at that time in my life, I also really wanted to meet him SO BAD, that it brought me to tears, half because Superman was paralyzed
Daniel Ring
Daniel Ring 1 답글 연결
Truth, justice and the American way, with super powers far beyond ordinary mortals.
Manoj Varughese
Manoj Varughese 1 답글 연결
Fuck we are going to hear this in the final trailer JL!!
Manoj Varughese
Manoj Varughese 답글 연결
thumbs up if you came here due to Danny Elfman....
Jhon William magnánimo
Scott Destan
Scott Destan 1 답글 연결
"Look up on the screen...IT'S SUPERMAN!!!"
Norris Bennett
Norris Bennett 답글 연결
Great video
Falcão das Sombras Augusto de Souza
Simplesmente o melhor de todos. Saudades dessa época .
mikael med
mikael med 답글 연결
EL MEJOR TEMA MUSICAL de SUPERMAN por LEJOS. SALUDOS DESDE CHILE para el gran compositor John Williams.
The J-Man
The J-Man 답글 연결
Chris Reeve was just magical... will be very hard to find someone better....
gokinsmen 답글 연결
The one and only Superman is Christopher Reeve. And the one and only Superman theme belongs to John Williams.
Timothy Mckee
Timothy Mckee 답글 연결
What is is the Kryptonian space ships? I havent seen one not crash.
이대형 답글 연결
Superman actor movie star was Christoper Reeve whom was best handsome guy than any other superman movie actors in hollywood. He was best best memories actor superman.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 2 답글 연결
For a reporter Louis lane is soo stupid she can't tell Clarke Kent is superman same face only with glasses he is someone else stupid woman should stick to cooking
vicent arreola capri
En paz descanse tipo Jesús o un ser impactante humilde poderoso respetuoso digno de portar inmortalidad como hulk o spawn .el honor de recordad a súper man héroe 1.

I SUCK AT GAMES Skipper toungtastic
Superman trolls buy flying past windows.
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson 답글 연결
In my humble opinion, I think director Zack Snyder should rewatch the Superman films of Christopher Reeve and discover again why it became so treasured and liked amongst the people.
Maryjo Jandreau
Maryjo Jandreau 답글 연결
Maryjo Jandreau
Maryjo Jandreau 답글 연결
megamanxcapcom1 답글 연결
I remember when I heard he had passed away I was still trying to figure out what costume to wear to a costume party my singles ward was throwing after hearing about that I went out and bought the costume and black hair dye and went to the party as Clark and when it came time for the costume contest I went around pavilon and changed into Superman
Aaron Alonso
Aaron Alonso 답글 연결
El legendario Christopher Revee el es primer superman para mi.El líder de la liga de la justicia.
Perfect reeve not over muscle not over anything just just just perfect i say just just so many times coz he was just so perfect for the role
Alex lem.Fucking bang on kid There is only one superman in my eyes. ALWAY CHRISTOPHER REEVE. WITHOUT A DOUBT. M8 FUCKING BANG ON
이명진 답글 연결
30여년쯤에 엄마랑 형이랑 토요명화에세 봤던 생각이나데요
그때가 그립습니다
Ma Lei
Ma Lei 답글 연결
christopher reeve is superman

Alejandro Vazquez Tinoco
Hate is Baggage
Hate is Baggage 2 답글 연결
I wish superman would appear and save the world from Donald Trump. That comment is from an American.
Michael K.
Michael K. 1 답글 연결
The Definitive Superman movie. Margot Kidder & Christopher Reeve will always be the true Lois & Clark...and this will always be the them to THE Superman.
julien dessolis
julien dessolis 1 답글 연결
il restera le meilleur Superman pour moi
Toys and Toys
Toys and Toys 1 답글 연결
Best Superman and best song theme of all times
gabstanace2 답글 연결
This is absolutely brilliant, epic and breathtaking!
booboo booboo
booboo booboo 1 답글 연결
Reeve is Superman!!...
William Harrell
William Harrell 1 답글 연결
chris is the best.
Humperdoo 답글 연결
I wish this theme would play every time I save a hoe.
Luke Ang
Luke Ang 답글 연결
I'm 13 and yet find this nostalgic. I used to watch this movie when I was 6.