He's a Pirate

Klaus Badelt & Hans Zimmer - He's a Pirate
아티스트: Klaus Badelt & Hans Zimmer
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Tim Geboers
Tim Geboers 답글 연결
"Now, bring me that horizon ...... and really bad eggs. DRINK UP ME HEARTIES YOHO!!"
Castiel Angel of Thursday
My camp counseler had this playing while we were kayaking. I was a kraken was going to kill me
The Golden Torch
The Golden Torch 답글 연결
my theme song
Huy Pham
Huy Pham 답글 연결
"Now... bring me that horizon... and really bad eggs... drink up me hearties yo ho!"
fucken love it
travis brown
travis brown 답글 연결
i see why they put this song in kingdom hearts ll awesome
Hayden Dickerson
Hayden Dickerson 답글 연결
This make me feel like I’m on the sea
Hayden Dickerson
Hayden Dickerson 답글 연결
John smith
John smith 답글 연결
wasn't that composed by hans and handed over to klaus?
Santiago Adolfo Magaña Alvarez
Me gusta mucho esta canción
syd !!
syd !! 답글 연결
every potc movie's soundtrack maKES ME SO HYPED I LOVE IT SO MUCH
Lucile Benzaken
Lucile Benzaken 답글 연결
Drink up me hearties yo ho!
Lucile Benzaken
Lucile Benzaken 답글 연결
So I was waiting for bus... and basically there were two bus stops near me, the one I was at and one a block away!! The bus would never come, so I waited until this song started and that's when I saw a bus coming but it didn't stop at my stop it was stopping at the other one so I started running I jumped over a dog ran through the road, high fived my friend who was randomely in my way and than boom the doors were closing but I jumped in between them and was in!!! Then I looked at the driver and he looked at me like I was crazy and the whole bus started laughing!😂😂
Kittylove Forever
We play the "Black Pearl" in my school band
Benjamin SIE
Benjamin SIE 답글 연결
Alana King
Alana King 답글 연결
Awesome piece of score from a memorable movie franchise.
Andrew Chavez
Andrew Chavez 답글 연결
Hi this is Isaiah Andrews cousin don't tell him xD
TickTock 1
TickTock 1 답글 연결
Ali Jaffery
Ali Jaffery 답글 연결
This should have been the theme for Euron Greyjoy's entrance.
Pierrick Denux
Pierrick Denux 답글 연결
"Hoist the colors !"

Azzai 1 답글 연결
Am i the only who thinks Elizabeth is a bitch??
Brine_Plays 답글
Nope your not like where have she been the last fucking movies she comes back so dramatic in movie number five
tweepy123 답글 연결
"Mate, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow."
Eric Skinner
Eric Skinner 1 답글 연결
Gentlemen, my lady, you will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow
Sven Wouters
Sven Wouters 1 답글 연결
i listen this when i do homework, It really helps!! also watched all the movies like 5 times!
Ai QuartetNight Mikaze
And who's listening to this in 2017, aye? Me, duh.
Cara Leigh
Cara Leigh 1 답글 연결
yhmmhddmm...and some bad eggs...
drink up me hartees yoho
Nefus1988 1 답글 연결
Recently saw the latest film from 2017 and gotta say the first was the only good one
Guy Trainin
Guy Trainin 1 답글 연결
"Compass that doesn't point north, *pulls out gun, no extra shots nor powder, *pulls out sword, an I half expected it to be wood.
Ilona 1 답글 연결
gives me chills every damn time
Gilli Cat
Gilli Cat 2 답글 연결
BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!11

(and one of the best movies)

Daydream 1 답글 연결
yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy imma 6 years old and somethin and i love thet soung hahahahahahahahahahahah
Zack Briggs
Zack Briggs 1 답글 연결
Is it true these are synthesized instruments?
PirateMonicaG 1 답글 연결
9. 9. 2006, the day I have fallen in love with Pirates... :D
Daniel Anyamele
Daniel Anyamele 1 답글 연결
A pirate's is for me
Δημητρης Ζιριδης
oh god nostalgia <3
Shawn Lemley
Shawn Lemley 답글 연결
I'm listening to it while watching at worlds end I'm listening in 2017!
GondorsHeir 4 답글 연결
Who's listening in 2017? #bestsoundtrackever
Furqan Hasnain
Furqan Hasnain 1 답글 연결
The most harami (bastard) character created by Hollywood and Johnny Depp played it well :)
Беззубик 2 답글 연결
Who's still listening in 2017 ?
l'enfoiré à lunettes
i can put this music to the level of the star wars music.