Hi-Finesse - Andromeda
아티스트: Hi-Finesse

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The Calvin Show
The Calvin Show 1 답글 연결
This should be the soundtrack for a Star Trek trailer or something
Lone Avenger
Lone Avenger 2 답글 연결
I would absolutely love it, if this became the end credits music for Mass Effect: Andromeda.
DigiTac 답글 연결
That is a Caterpillar...
kelwiak5000 답글 연결
i think that the end of this song is use in teaser avengers infinity war but is little different :/ correct me if i'm wrong
Garlandds 답글 연결
this music is so epic
RayPall 6 답글 연결
This just SCREAMS "Mass Effect: Andromeda" Bioware, make it part of the OST!
Royank Gaming
Royank Gaming 답글
RayPall probably for the launch trailer
dandakidd 2 답글 연결
Pablo Pereira
Pablo Pereira 답글 연결
bela imagem!!!!
Commander Paco
Commander Paco 2 답글 연결
Hey EA/BioWare, you used Hi-Finesse's "Edge of Twilight" in the N7 Day Trailer last year, so why not double dip and use this (or a variation of it) for an ME: Andromeda trailer?

It's just begging for it.
I will be disappointed if BioWare doesn't use this in an E3/EA Play trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Aaron Lacson
Aaron Lacson 12 답글 연결
1:30 this summer....
Brendan Routh
Brendan Routh 15 답글 연결
We can only hope this is the gameplay trailer music for Mass Effect: Andromeda at E3.
Super Dougie
Super Dougie 3 답글
That's exactly what I was thinking! Lol
Trolling soul
Trolling soul 5 답글 연결
7 guys think that dislike button is a download button
SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB
Aleksa Skaric 20
DW Fro
DW Fro 답글
Aleksa Skaric I agree
SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB
InappropriateTV 답글
Johnny Jackson
Johnny Jackson 답글
fools think that.......
Renee Bender
Renee Bender 답글 연결
this is Really Slow Motion's Mercury Rises
Anton Wratschko
Anton Wratschko 답글 연결
Thank you.So Wonderful
frycook48 답글 연결
Soviet World War II footage brought me here, intense music!
The Clash king
The Clash king 답글
link ?
diguinhuxD1 답글 연결
rafa me mandou aqui
seth visws
seth visws 답글 연결
1:40 would be a beast start to a montage
KoWe Kingdom
KoWe Kingdom 답글 연결
Burz ruined this song with their shitty tt.
jayson oro
jayson oro 6 답글 연결
I found it, this is the trailer theme of Avengers: Infinity War.
The O-Man
The O-Man 답글
jayson oro Either you're thinking of Event Horizon or Odyssey, both are from Hi-FInesse
Hank Valencia
Hank Valencia 4 답글
He meant that the ending part of the song....
WriterTyler 3 답글
+jayson oro Nope... that is Odyssey by Hi-Finesse

blackeagle2294 4 답글 연결
This will be epic with a mass effect trailer when they launch anyone
Pablo Linares
Pablo Linares 11 답글 연결
Mass effect andromeda should add this in like the introduction cinematic or something
Drakensson 답글
No. For the character creation menu ;) Most intense creation in gaming history
Universe 3 답글
+Pablo Linares this crappy game does not deserve such epic track !!!
Pablo Linares
Pablo Linares 2 답글
Like when it comes out this song would be good
Exile 9 답글 연결
Mass Effect AD.
Cheeky Armchair
Cheeky Armchair 2 답글 연결
This song is so epic, would love to see it in a game or movie or something!
Miguel Angel Huete Gutierrez
+Cheeky Armchair If serious epic that item
Marissa Kelly
Marissa Kelly 2 답글 연결
Learning about atoms has never been made more interesting!
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson 15 답글 연결
3 dislikes... how the hell does somebody do that to a song like this?
DW Fro
DW Fro 답글
Sam Richardson it's actually 10 dislikes
Johnny Jackson
Johnny Jackson 답글
Talha Mansoor
Talha Mansoor 답글
Ask who can do that to Hi finesse millennia.
DeVooool 6 답글
+Sam Richardson Or retards...
Becky Unger
Becky Unger 5 답글
+Sam Richardson Trolls, that's who
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson 30 답글 연결
Do these guys make ANY bad songs?
tea_rex87 답글
some might think so :)
Forsaken1919 2 답글 연결
OMG this music is so good!!   It's like a wet-dream for my ears.  GG
David K
David K 28 답글 연결
Mr. DeSomber
Mr. DeSomber 1 답글
David K andromeda was a disappointment
Pablo Linares
Pablo Linares 3 답글
Mass effect is da best
Naod A.
Naod A. 4 답글 연결
I can imagine the Justice league uniting
Jeferson Pedro
Jeferson Pedro 2 답글
So sad it will be The Avengers.

2009gyne 1 답글 연결
Damn!  The ULTIMATE motivational sounds!
Abcd123 20 답글 연결
This youtube website has given me the knowledge of maybe more than 15 composers of epic music
Volitivecone 959
Volitivecone 959 답글
Abcd123 Yep.
kungfuman82 6 답글
This is why I support the uploading of music on YouTube. I've learned of more composers, bands, and other things I would've otherwise have never known about because people who did know shared this excellence with the world. Now that I know, I can go on iTunes and support this group… shit. 
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes 답글
batman13823 17 답글 연결
Infinity war brought me here. Besides odyssey
The Clash king
The Clash king 1 답글
Link please ?
NEF Spring
NEF Spring 1 답글
+batman13823 SAME
DutchJuggernaut 2 답글 연결
That's a Drake Caterpillar in the pic btw...
FunkyDovahkiinCat 51 답글 연결
2:32  a wild "Infinity War" logo appears
The Clash king
The Clash king 답글
Can Someone give me a link to that trailer because I just didn't find that music in any of the '' Infinity War '' trailers lol
Sebastian Tirado
Sebastian Tirado 답글
Exactly... Happens way too many times
Olivia xxLuna
Olivia xxLuna 답글
+FunkyDovahkiinCat idk why but it also reminds me of 'The Future is Past' and 'Odyssey'...they all sound similar xD
Rafael 3 답글
+Poy From Raze 2
Because the choir is part of Hi-Finesse - Odyssey. It's just mixed with 2:32 of Andromeda.
Tigo Kun
Tigo Kun 답글
ninjaofenvy 1 답글 연결
This is sick
Oliver Ritler
Oliver Ritler 4 답글 연결
THHHAAAAAAANNNKKKSSSS for this awesome uploaded Track!!! :-)