Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 가사

Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
아티스트: Led Zeppelin

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[Verse 1] Babe, baby, baby, I'm gonna leave you I said baby, you know I'm gonna leave you I'll leave you when the summertime Leave you when the summer comes a-rolling Leave you when the summer comes along [Verse 2] Babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, baby, baby I want to leave you I ain't joking woman, I've got to ramble Oh, yeah, baby, baby, I believin' We really got to ramble (I can hear it calling me) I can hear it calling me the way it used to do I can hear it calling me back home [Bridge 1] Babe, I'm gonna leave you Oh, baby, you know, I've really got to leave you Oh I can hear it calling me I said don't you hear it calling me the way it used to do? [Verse 3] I know I know, I know I never, never, never, never, never gonna leave you, babe But I got to go away from this place I've got to quit you, yeah Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Oh, don't you hear it callin' me? Oh, woman, woman, I know, I know It feels good to have you back again And I know that one day baby, it's gonna really grow, yes it is We gonna go walkin' through the park every day Come what may, every day, oh My my my my my, my babe I'm gonna leave you, go away [Bridge 2] Oh I miss you, baby It was really, really good You made me happy every single day But now I've got to go away Oh, oh, oh [Outro] Baby, baby, baby, baby That's when it's calling me I said that's when it's calling me back home

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Популярно в България
ritchie is the man, might see it again!
Wira Alamanda
Wira Alamanda 답글 연결
good movie n all create... love u all guys
19notan 1 답글 연결
What a great movie
Black knights? Really? I am sure it is a great movie but stop this nonsense, it is like making some Zulu fighters white or Asian, it is just annoyingly inaccurate.
Sebastien Wiard
Sebastien Wiard 답글 연결
Movie was... lets say Ok. But the soundtrack was brilliant
HD_ Edition
HD_ Edition 2 답글 연결
Led Zeppelin! I love it!
Ceceli 답글 연결
How come this song here is WAY FUCKING BETER than what we've get in the Led Zeppelin Discography in the PirateBay?
aquiliserik 2.0
aquiliserik 2.0 답글 연결
King Of Justice
King Of Justice 답글 연결
What the name of the opining song
Josiah Flores
Josiah Flores 답글 연결
Im trying to find the song during the war scene in the opening credits can anyone help?
Nicolas Caram
Nicolas Caram 답글
You should look for the original soundtrack
Ak47 답글 연결
the only movie that i came to listen its music
Un-Popular Opinions
In the movie itself, there's a scene where Luther uses Excalibur. Sounded Celtic. Anyone know the song?
Denis Sirovec
Denis Sirovec 답글 연결
What song is from 3 to 6 min
SanRiv 답글 연결
Best movie of 2017 !!!!!!
Cinereo 답글 연결
My only problem with the movie was that they used their best stuff at the very beginning. When I saw those elephants in the theaters, I was speechless. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie had a really hard time even getting close to those levels of epicness. They should have saved the elephants for the end.
TJJo FGX 답글 연결
ดาบเอ็กซ์คาริเบอร์ 555 ^^
Michaela Friedrich
Thank you😎 very good
Cedric Heath
Cedric Heath 답글 연결
This is the type of song you can listen while running
Rebeka Røse
Rebeka Røse 답글 연결
This movie was the best! I watched it with a few friends and i just got skyrim vibes through it xD
BanAsh 4 답글 연결
Best Mega Ultra Ever Motherfucking FUCK best Film in the fucking pussy world !

yumiko kido
yumiko kido 답글 연결
Did Jude Law play king arthur? Noo I don't buy that because look at his hair. Don't you ever wonder? lol
PurelySly 8 답글 연결
Loved this movie
carloszdezoito18 17 답글 연결
Extremely underrated movie!
فيلم رائع
Great film, I really liked it. Saw it today here http://bluenik.com/2O0w
LA BANDA SONORA DE ESTA PELICULA ES INCREIBLE!!! La pelicula es muy buena, pero la musicalización se pasaaaaa
Black man
Black man 답글 연결
Best six minutes of my life.
Aramaki Phuong
Aramaki Phuong 4 답글 연결
This movie has the best soundtrack eevr!!!!
Jason Ochoa
Jason Ochoa 답글 연결
0:45 the guy from Marco Polo
Ionescu George
Ionescu George 답글 연결
The movie was a let down , i had so many hopes for it.
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan 답글 연결
OMG!!! What a track!!! ❤

Dr Plague
Dr Plague 답글 연결
I just watch that movie last night
Nathan Kilman
Nathan Kilman 답글 연결
people who don't know The Zepp can kill themselves. go headbutt a knife.
op 이
op 이 1 답글 연결
정말 재미있게 봤던 영화~~ 내 스타일~~
iicaughtfiire 답글
op 이 맞아!
The Official Christmas-Channel
my kitchen knife also turned into the Excalibur
Wolfrik Hordenailer
Wolfrik Hordenailer 16 답글 연결
The movie was a surprise actually.
2kamakashi2 97 답글 연결
I don't care what the critics says
This movie is great
joshua foster
joshua foster 답글
i agree on that
Alan Balderas
Alan Balderas 답글
The same critics who gave 67% to "Mother!".
Linsay Stephania Contreras Cáceres
Cinereo 5 답글
I liked it, my only real problem is that they used all the best stuff at the very beginning. They should have saved the elephants for the end.
ReducedRose 2 답글
2kamakashi2 this seems to be how I feel about all these new action movies. no matter the quality, they're fun af
Rittu VS
Rittu VS 답글 연결
any one know the name of song which is played when he get snake bite in neck ?
Abid As-Syakir
Abid As-Syakir 답글
Rittu VS The Devil and the Huntsman i suppose
Sofía marenco
Sofía marenco 답글
Rittu VS i dont know! :( i want to Know
Ella Dunrossil
Ella Dunrossil 답글 연결
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Movie #FULL https://plus.google.com/+McQuinGanesStaringDika/posts/cEToig5HjFy
Bipin Poudel
Bipin Poudel 답글 연결
and yeah it's a "Led Zeppelin" !! the rocking smash
Влад 5 답글 연결
Watched this music trailer a hundred times. And finally i seen the film and its insanely good.