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TRICELL Inc. 1 답글 연결
Anyone else hyped for Doctor Strange 2?
Samuele Santangelo
I travelled through many worlds...
Papa Vesemir
Papa Vesemir 답글 연결
This would be great for Half live Alex
John Onnembo
John Onnembo 5 답글 연결
dr strange 2 will be WILD!

benedict cumberbatch is brilliant as dr strange
Imagine Wanda working side by side with Strange.....how epic!!!
fasol 답글 연결
carte du magicien
waffenträger auf e 100
я один русский?
Manish Kumar Shukla
How did you get this music!!??
Bigfoot Adventure
Was this a 10 hour music?
Thanapong Angkha
Thanapong Angkha 2 답글 연결
One of the most epic soundtrack of marvel movies I’ve ever heard of.
CyberPunk Girl
CyberPunk Girl 3 답글 연결
Dr. Stephen Strange : I'm not ready.
The Ancient One : No one ever is. We don't get to choose our time
LukeMotionz 답글 연결
so close to 1m..
Lanka Shanmukh
Lanka Shanmukh 답글 연결
I love the original trailer version music. I don't like this.
Ironclad 2 답글 연결
This track is perfect for a master of mystic arts
El King
El King 답글 연결
I originally found this in my recommended from Spotify. I thought it sounded perfect for a trailer, no fucking wonder.
Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios 답글 연결
Felipe Salazar
Felipe Salazar 2 답글 연결
Year 2020:
-Wanda? this is not the real world
(Starts 1:06)
LukeMotionz 답글
You mean 2021?
Tom Mcmorrow
Tom Mcmorrow 답글 연결
just wow!
Enrique 1989
Enrique 1989 답글 연결
Del Winterbottom
Del Winterbottom 답글 연결
Sire…sire…please don’t call me a liar, for I swear I have not destroyed your pen outside of this beautiful empire.
I am your lord, Avoris, and the truth of my pen, I aspire.
But please, my lord, my ruler, my sire, I do not know; I swear I do not know where your pen is, for I am no liar.
Liar, liar, but your clever lies, I do admire, but the truth of your treachery I solely desire.
But what truth can I offer, if I am no liar?
Why, your soul, entire.
My soul entire? For the truth you require? How my soul, do you expect to acquire?
Why, gods, rulers, miracles are my attire, and so your soul, with divine fire, I will tire; your soul, in you, the liar, and I will witness your soul retire.
Please, my sire, spare me this grief, for I would never provoke your ire.
I know it is you, Avoris, my squire, who stole my pen for your own desire, you stole it from me when we past that spire, for it was your wish, against me, to conspire.
My lord, my sovereign, my sire, I swear I did not take the pen, I couldn’t have…please believe that I am no liar.
I do care for you, my squire, but I do not believe that you are no liar; I see your lies lifting you higher, higher, with your mind on fire, into my wrath, entire. I see your soul, so dire, surrounded by my divine slaves: the gods, the miracles, all disguised as my attire…Avoris, let the truth transpire, save your soul, and for once…be no liar.
Okay…it was me who stole your pen, but I did not destroy it in divine fire, I couldn’t, I wanted to but I couldn’t because I lost it prior.
I know, Avoris, I know you did not destroy my pen, for I already have it back. It came back to me, Avoris, and it told me everything. And that is how I knew you were a liar, and now I shall take your soul, and watch it burn in divine fire.

My name is Del Winterbottom, I'm currently the author of five books, with a sixth book on the way.

These are my books, they're all available on Amazon!

The Rulers Above: Volume 1 The Traitor's Fool (Epic fantasy)

The Rulers Above: Volume 2 Awakening Of The Hearts (Epic fantasy)

The Rulers above: Volume 3 Eternity's Glow (Epic fantasy)

Take Me (two dark short stories in one)

The Silent Sheriff (a horror, action, thriller, mystery novella)

My next book - Fable King (a children's/family story - will be out next year.

Check out my Wattpad for free samples of my work.

Happy reading.

Got’3m 1 답글 연결
Dr strange is my favorite badass
Kyff Hazard
Kyff Hazard 4 답글 연결
0:25 He Learns
1:06 He Unravels
1:29 He Understands
1:48 He Sees
2:14 He Is Doctor Strange
Jude H
Jude H 16 답글 연결
I love how half of it is serene and mystical, but the other half is sharp, with heavy techno beats
Shitposting CHANKROSO
"Just won in 1 finale of 14.600 millions of finals"
Manish Kumar Shukla
Manish Kumar Shukla 43 답글 연결
Doctor strange is the most powerful avenger but unfortunately, he is so underrated.
G M P 1 답글
With most of the OGs gone, he has got a lot to do to save the MCU. I wish it doesn't gets filled with Eternals and Captain Marvel shit.
Wishva krish
Wishva krish 1 답글
Lyric 답글
@Manish Kumar Shukla thanks dude
Manish Kumar Shukla
Manish Kumar Shukla 답글
@Lyric yeah! Point!👍
Lyric 7 답글
He is stronger than everyone but they had to retire a few actors and so made them stronger wait till doctor strange 2 it will be the best mcu movie yet
The Armlink
The Armlink 1 답글 연결
Dr Strange + Scarlet witch= starlet
RjayeGural 1 답글 연결
Who's here after they announced
Hmongyaj1980 답글 연결
This movie is describing a doctor on steroids.
The Real One
The Real One 41 답글 연결
Doctor Strange 2 is going to be AMAZING

I just know it
Vasqu3z 1 답글
@Jim Spork no because of fucking Disney
Jim Spork
Jim Spork 답글
Vasqu3z is it gonna be R-rated?
Jude H
Jude H 1 답글
@Vasqu3z Really? I didn't know it was gonna be horror. I'm excited now
Vasqu3z 3 답글
@Jude H its the first horror movie in the MCU tho
Jude H
Jude H 2 답글
Have you heard the title though? Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 😂😂
Yehonatan Sabov
Yehonatan Sabov 답글 연결
You better use this track in the horror-film sequel!!!!!

Mirio Togata
Mirio Togata 답글 연결
Yall i accidentally created a whole movie trailer of something that doesnt exist and its looks so cool in my mind
Javier Aguirre
Javier Aguirre 8 답글 연결
Can we appreciate how the victory over thanos and saving the universe basically was thanks to Dr strange? This man manipulate everything and everyone for this to happen
MR 7 Kaisar Asunder
MR 7 Kaisar Asunder 답글
Well he was see through the 14000000+ future so yo know
Xavier Perez Acosta
Xavier Perez Acosta 1 답글
Sudipa 28 답글 연결
Doctor Strange has one of the best soundtracks in the MCU. The teaser, the trailer, the movie, everything included.
Shery Ali
Shery Ali 1 답글 연결
You think this material universe is everything
What if I told you that reality you know is one of many
HUNK 답글 연결
This is how Ciri described Cyberpunk world
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange 1 답글 연결
“I’m not ready”
Sarwat ud doula khan Oisha
I've spent so many hours peering through Youtube looking for this video
mutexin 7 답글 연결
Who is here after watching "Cyberpunk 2077, as told by Ciri"?
Dølaproduksjoner Studios
This gives me mortal engines vibes