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AURORA - Nature Boy
아티스트: AURORA
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There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far, very far Over land and sea A little shy and sad of eye But very wise was he And then one day A lucky day he passed my way Then we spoke of many things: Fools and kings Then he said to me "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return"

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J God
J God 답글 연결
Alex Love
Alex Love 답글 연결
GOD OF WAR/SHADOW OF WAR. You decide what game this should be on.
Cry가브리엘 1 답글 연결
Amo mais que tudo ❤❤🇧🇷
SterPal 답글 연결
That boy was cristiano ronaldo
Asghar Abbas
Asghar Abbas 답글 연결
this girl can make the gods fall in love with her and weep out in frustration in their inability to attain her
Emilio Mariscal
Emilio Mariscal 답글 연결
Jellybean05100 답글 연결
Nat King Cole 💕
Xerra Finite
Xerra Finite 답글 연결
GORGEOUS rendition. Lodge 49 brought me here. Not sure if this is the one featured at the end of episode 01x06, but so glad I found it. Thanks for sharing.
례이Xingmis 답글 연결
Lucas Martins Cândido Machado
Asdc Gamer
Asdc Gamer 답글 연결
awesome :3
Keyakeyabobeya Tyree
Moulin Rouge anyone.
Broderick humphrey
Broderick humphrey 2 답글 연결
This feels like it should be in game of thrones or lord of the rings or something.
Mark D
Mark D 답글 연결
Originally Covenant brought me here I have returned after watching the new Godzilla trailer
Ritochit Barua
Ritochit Barua 답글 연결
I get goosebumps every single time I listen to this song.......
Mo Chuisle
Mo Chuisle 답글 연결
Hebrew Anon
Hebrew Anon 답글 연결
This song is so magical, her imagination is marvellous. Who is she in the song? Why did the boy cross her path?
Suane de Souza
Suane de Souza 답글 연결
Mith randir
Mith randir 답글 연결
When everything crumbles in my mind, I come here to listen to you, to recover...
Maria Leticia
Maria Leticia 답글 연결

Noobs Mobile
Noobs Mobile 답글 연결
Is this Melissa Kaplan from Splashdown and Universal Hall Pass?
Jennifer Endres
Jennifer Endres 답글 연결
Moulin Rouge came to mind first...
RoadKing818 답글 연결
Moulin Rouge Intro ;)
Major Ziggy Sane The Thin White Mime
Beautiful cover. Bowie would be impressed <3
Mistress Mortem
Mistress Mortem 답글 연결
I’m sorry....but Loki is just written all over this.
MD Mitch
MD Mitch 답글 연결
David Castaneda
David Castaneda 답글 연결
I think it was a lovely cover to Nat King Coles
Alejandro Molina
Alejandro Molina 답글 연결
Just saw the Godzilla trailer.
Gokul dev
Gokul dev 답글 연결
Any one here by Godzilla 2: king of the monsters... Trailer..👍
bebo leon
bebo leon 답글 연결

bebo leon
bebo leon 답글 연결
You can really feel the lyrics
cah takeda
cah takeda 답글 연결
Iza J.
Iza J. 답글 연결
Omg! Just saw this now and suddenly I'm reminded of Moulin Rouge.
Her voice is sooo... ETHEREAL. SO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
Bia D
Bia D 답글 연결
Her voice is so powerful and angelic! It is unbelievable!❤️
Mahmoud Refaat
Mahmoud Refaat 답글 연결
ام ان لاف عليا الحرام ❤
Bruno Henriq
Bruno Henriq 답글 연결
Ric flair
senpaii sensei
senpaii sensei 답글 연결
This song has such a sinister undertone. I can't get enough.
Ven De
Ven De 답글 연결
Elsie Tatumn
Elsie Tatumn 답글 연결
She is doing David Bowie good
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 답글 연결
Does anyone know someone who makes similar music to this ?