Someone in the Crowd 가사

Emma Stone - Someone in the Crowd
아티스트: Emma Stone

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  • Audition (The Fools Who Dream)
    Audition (The Fools Who Dream)
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[Tracy] You got the invitation [Alexis] You got the right address [Tracy] You need some medication? [Caitlin] The answer's always yes [Tracy] A little chance encounter Could be the one you've waited for [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] Just squeeze a bit more [Alexis] Tonight we're on a mission Tonight's the casting call [Caitlin] If this is the real audition [Mia] Oh, God, help us all [Tracy] You make the right impression Then ev'rybody knows your name [Alexis & Caitlin] We're in the fast lane [Alexis] Someone in the crowd Could be the one you need to know The one to fin'lly lift you off the ground [Tracy] Someone in the crowd could Take you where you wanna go If you're the someone ready to be found [Alexis] The someone ready to be found [Caitlin & Tracy] Do what you need to do 'Til they discover you [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] And make you more than who You're seeing now So with the stars aligned [Mia] I think I'll stay behind [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] You've got to go and find [Caitlin] That someone in the crowd [All] That someone in the crowd [Mia] Is someone in the crowd the only thing you really see? Watching while the world keeps spinning 'round? Somewhere there's a place where I find who I'm gonna be A somewhere that's just waiting to be found [All] Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know The someone who could lift you off the ground Someone in the crowd could take you where you wanna go Someone in the crowd could make you Someone in the crowd could take you Flying off the ground If you're someone ready to be found

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Maya Bofinger
Maya Bofinger 답글 연결
3:47 is the bessttttt
Amalthea is me
Amalthea is me 답글 연결
Can you please make it offline downloadable
killer python14
killer python14 답글 연결
An-swer not on-swer
coolylame 답글 연결
this is the most significant song in the movie.
Peebles McHorror
Peebles McHorror 답글 연결
I wish Mia and sebastian ended up together... Atleast they got what they wanted D:
Josiah Soccerboy
Josiah Soccerboy 답글 연결
best movie ever!
Mariana Fernandez
Is it me or the backbeat sounds like the beginning of light my candle from Rent?
Mandanda Steve
Mandanda Steve 답글 연결
C C C-D-Eb D D D-Eb-F G G G-Bb-G Eb Eb Eb -G-Eb.. Best melody among all melodies I have heard in my life
Space For All
Space For All 답글 연결
What a beautiful song!!!!💗😊💕💟💕💖💗💖💗💖😍😍
MrPatrickdwyer 답글 연결
Ha! the only thing this movie is remembered for nowadays is the whole Oscar shitshow. This time last year however it was being praised by a lot of people as the definitive movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture. I'm not shitting on the movie, i remember enjoying it quite a lot , it just further reinforces my point that the Academy awards are always nominating forgettable movies that aren't talked about even a year later. Does anyone really remember Moonlight, Spotlight or Birdman (The three movies that won Best Picture in the last three years) and who the hell is going to remember movies like "Shape of Water" and "Three Billboards" in a year's time. A cycle of forgettable movies getting nominated while the actual influential movies of the year are left out. It's time to stop letting Crusty old white men choose the films and let the average and passionate film goers have their say!
Baltazar Maradona
Someone in the crowd ♫
Luke Peterson
Luke Peterson 답글 연결
I loved the ending it was so original
Elkin Parra
Elkin Parra 답글 연결
I love this movie the songs make me even cry
Unusederas 답글 연결
It's 4:20 peeps
Anitza Liz Lebrón
I’ve heard this song for the fifth time in 3 hours... I absolutely love it from the beginning until the end. It is perfect
Yumcupkake 답글 연결
If you didn't cry during this movie, you're lying.
OrangeSoda 답글 연결
Sometimes in life, it’s not what you know that’s important: it’s who you know
What a GEEK
What a GEEK 답글 연결
2:26 and onwards is some of my favorite music in cinema
aesthetic trash.
aesthetic trash. 답글 연결
you will be found
aesthetic trash.
aesthetic trash. 답글 연결
3...2...1.... **

aesthetic trash.
aesthetic trash. 답글 연결
Francesco Fanuk
Francesco Fanuk 답글 연결
This film is a Masterpiece.
Emma Stone = Margot Robbie + Lindsey Lohan
Jacob Coley
Jacob Coley 답글 연결
The movie wasn't that good, but the songs are wonderful
Selph94 답글 연결
I literally cry every time I hear this beautiful song !!
PowerStar37 1 답글 연결
"Someone in the crowd could take you where you want to go!" Speaking both relationship, and career, Mia and Sebastian helped each other to reach where they wanted to.... In the heart, and in their career dreams. This movie is just perfection.❣
Jessica McDonald
Jessica McDonald 답글 연결
doing his song for my choral music class, (choir for those who dont know what choral music is) and im in love. its gonna be so cool
Aij Juttner
Aij Juttner 답글 연결
Maalik M
Maalik M 답글 연결
We're dancing to this song this year for Winterguard. Wish us luck!
Sham Marrospezmincraige
What is the genre of this song?

Appleangels Healing
Thank you 💕✨✨ this song makes me so happy😊💕❣️✨LOVE❣️
Dorina Lapadat
Dorina Lapadat 답글 연결
O visto il vostro Vidi in cinica siete stati Bravisimi
Fred Lee
Fred Lee 답글 연결
After 1:26, the instrumental is really nice. Those trumpets.
patriece jenkins
patriece jenkins 1 답글 연결
I love this movie and my sister diamond Needs to go back to theater not here go theater's!
Ashlee Casey
Ashlee Casey 답글 연결
This movie is truely a masterpiece
Jair Martínez
Jair Martínez 답글 연결
This song has so many favorite parts 💕
ThisguyQuake 답글 연결
My god I love this movie!
Joseph Tafuri
Joseph Tafuri 답글 연결
You just have to keep dreaming!
Zachary Perez
Zachary Perez 답글 연결
The feels from this song hit me hard
x.penumbrum conundrum.x
the guys who wrote this wrote dear evan hansen's music and i now i know why i fell in love with this so fast