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Xzibit - What It Is
아티스트: Xzibit
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[Verse 1: Xzibit] Get down, turn around, show me what you got You a pow-pow, Juggernaut, take it up a notch Oh my god, wow, take 'em out, let me take a shot I'mma sit down, get a drink, let you work it out Step back, I can nearly put it in your mouth Have a cocktail, never fail, turn your body out We can set sail, overseas, you cannot pronounce All the places you will see, currency amounts Fluctuating, better learn, quickly how to count We can pass out, wake up, make another drop Got a pornstar appetite, get it while it's hot How you ticking like a clock, tie your panties in a knot Let me crush that, rush that, let me come again It's a must that I touch that, where do I begin? In the back? In the front? Damn, show me what it is Fast lane, with a fast dame, only way to live [Hook x2] Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Show me what it is Show me what it is [Verse 2: Young De] You a bad chick, you deserve every single dollar And your assets make me wanna come and do the honors Forecast says, you gon' have some money raining on you With the chance that it's gonna last all the way until tomorrow Cash-in, go and put a price tag on it Cause your ass, I could probably fit a mic stand on it Refrigerator, or mattress and a nightstand on it Make a nigga wanna go take a loan, finna own it You flaunt it, can't lie about that When you're lying down flat and you're arching up your back Crazy, face, crazy, taste, crazy, I save you Practice making babies, maybe I'm getting a lil' ahead of myself But I know I put it down better than anyone else, does But this ain't about love, this about Two pills, a bottle of champagne and a hot tub [Hook x2] Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Show me what it is Show me what it is

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Izzy Wizzy
Izzy Wizzy 1 답글 연결
yooo put this on spotify!!!
garcia 871
garcia 871 답글 연결
Disney xd
Asgard Ninja
Asgard Ninja 답글 연결
I miss this kind of music
Asgard Ninja
Asgard Ninja 답글 연결
He looks kinda Asian
Marcus NineStarr
Marcus NineStarr 답글 연결
King Ijaz MaliK
King Ijaz MaliK 답글 연결
2096: Still Here
TheDanilux 답글 연결
The Art of 2009 / 2012 <3
patrick_LD diaz
patrick_LD diaz 답글 연결
Lo unico que escuche fue:

Git creneva chomimachuma tyro pau pau tokera tekoracora turo pau pau tokera loquiticocha amisui liriro toninaquiro
Louis Miller
Louis Miller 답글 연결
You all here from despicable me smh what happened to pimp my ride
Fat Giorno
Fat Giorno 답글 연결
Disney XD ogs like this comment
Richy 답글 연결
Screw despicable me who came from Workaholics?
Series Clips
Series Clips 답글 연결
2018 avn awards anyone?
Ian Moone
Ian Moone 답글 연결
Could use a bit higher bpm.
southpark 981
southpark 981 답글 연결
I remember this from workaholics lol
Yatiraj Shetty
Yatiraj Shetty 답글 연결
Best rap
Scott Eastwood
Scott Eastwood 답글 연결
Watch Dogs 2 but not on Car Radio
zdrastvutye 답글 연결
ich habe es in einem youtube intro spot (naspa, mit dem moped von marburg nach biedenkopf) gehört
Joe D
Joe D 답글 연결
Workaholics brought me here
King Ijaz : 1996-2096
Ian Moone
Ian Moone 답글 연결
Thanks Despicable me 3. :D

Best off the World man
What this is download
Connor 답글 연결
This is the song i listen to after I fuck Montez's wife.
TyInc 1 답글 연결
Some body 2018 ?
God kratos
God kratos 1 답글 연결
Cool music.👍
Midget Vision
Midget Vision 1 답글 연결
“We can milk money,and also get lit songs in a kid’s song”
King Ijaz : 1996-2096
That Beat 💓
Fixzel 1 답글 연결
Kîñg Ärmãn
Kîñg Ärmãn 답글 연결
Am I th only one who knew this song before despicable me

Michaeljackson Lover
curly hair girl...No Homo but...DAMN !
Michaeljackson Lover
1:44 I am a girl but...Dang !
lola robotics
lola robotics 답글 연결
I came from Bad Girls Club jfc
jacksonj1113 답글 연결
this song is fucking lit
Kjiell Daw
Kjiell Daw 답글 연결
I came here just because i like this song even im not a big fan of rap, those beautiful women brought me here too ;)
Boc3hM3hj3 답글 연결
Aiden Carey
Aiden Carey 답글 연결
Whoever doesn't like this song is f**** stupid
steve joe
steve joe 답글 연결
I'm here because of bad girls club and hit the floor
Eduardo Rangel
Eduardo Rangel 답글 연결
Can't believe that this song has bad words
adarsh aryal
adarsh aryal 답글 연결
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