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Xzibit - What It Is
아티스트: Xzibit
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[Verse 1: Xzibit] Get down, turn around, show me what you got You a pow-pow, Juggernaut, take it up a notch Oh my god, wow, take 'em out, let me take a shot I'mma sit down, get a drink, let you work it out Step back, I can nearly put it in your mouth Have a cocktail, never fail, turn your body out We can set sail, overseas, you cannot pronounce All the places you will see, currency amounts Fluctuating, better learn, quickly how to count We can pass out, wake up, make another drop Got a pornstar appetite, get it while it's hot How you ticking like a clock, tie your panties in a knot Let me crush that, rush that, let me come again It's a must that I touch that, where do I begin? In the back? In the front? Damn, show me what it is Fast lane, with a fast dame, only way to live [Hook x2] Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Show me what it is Show me what it is [Verse 2: Young De] You a bad chick, you deserve every single dollar And your assets make me wanna come and do the honors Forecast says, you gon' have some money raining on you With the chance that it's gonna last all the way until tomorrow Cash-in, go and put a price tag on it Cause your ass, I could probably fit a mic stand on it Refrigerator, or mattress and a nightstand on it Make a nigga wanna go take a loan, finna own it You flaunt it, can't lie about that When you're lying down flat and you're arching up your back Crazy, face, crazy, taste, crazy, I save you Practice making babies, maybe I'm getting a lil' ahead of myself But I know I put it down better than anyone else, does But this ain't about love, this about Two pills, a bottle of champagne and a hot tub [Hook x2] Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Strip down, turn around Show me what it is Show me what it is Show me what it is

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Aiden Carey
Aiden Carey 답글 연결
Whoever doesn't like this song is f**** stupid
steve joe
steve joe 답글 연결
I'm here because of bad girls club and hit the floor
Eduardo Rangel
Eduardo Rangel 답글 연결
Can't believe that this song has bad words
adarsh aryal
adarsh aryal 답글 연결
===================> WORKAHOLICS <=========================
タピオカ/ tapioca
Gabriel Faciotti Gameplays,Saludos y Memes
Soundtrack from Disney xD commercial
Angry Luke
Angry Luke 1 답글 연결
Ngan  Tran
Ngan Tran 1 답글 연결
Despicable Me 3 brought me here!!
ニコ ちゃn
ニコ ちゃn 답글 연결
XxKillerLuzu IsBackxX
where did you take that hot girls??? :DD
Marcus Moodie
Marcus Moodie 답글 연결
This song in WATCHDOGS2 with multiplayer
Girrafe with Some Raffe
Ezibit looks so mad when he raps
Girrafe with Some Raffe
Some point in this video The singers got boners
mi gamer favorito
女性暗い 답글 연결
супер поёт
Nitro Skull360
Nitro Skull360 답글 연결
I came from watch dogs 2
John Cena
John Cena 1 답글 연결
95% Came for Despicable me 3. Me?

I just like Xzibit.
Crazy1536 1 답글 연결
If there was no Despicable Me 3, how many views would there be?
freddyy 1 답글 연결
gru when he finds agnes' stash
Alois Trancy
Alois Trancy 답글 연결
Who came here because of workaholics?

Marcus Moodie
Marcus Moodie 답글 연결
William Frazier
William Frazier 답글 연결
Xzibit isn't shine from empire
Oma Taza
Oma Taza 답글 연결
Does anyone know the name of the girl on 0:17?
Jade A
Jade A 답글 연결
Got here from the Good Wife. Anyone else?

Weird that I like song so much.
Mady Schneider
Mady Schneider 답글 연결
Despicalable me 3 brought me here
Big_Ouchy 1 답글 연결
I realize how inappropriate this song is, and they played in the Despicable Me 3 trailer. Don't get me wrong but it's catchy, I just don't think this should've been the song for the trailer
Musa Ddiq
Musa Ddiq 1 답글 연결
Strip down, turn around
Show me what it is
Amjaad4D 1 답글 연결
From despicable Me 3 trailer to this fucking song god what the hell gone with children!
J Phoenix
J Phoenix 답글 연결
im here kuz love and hip hop ATL scrappy n stevie j THREW HANDS $exxy scrappy stickin up for his babymama....had no clue it was from a kids movie.
Anant Agarwal
Anant Agarwal 답글 연결
Dispicable Me 3 got me here!!

sazham brought us here.. XD
Nora 답글 연결
Am I the only one that knows this song from BGC11?
Mr.Legabauss 1 답글 연결
Disney XD anyone?
Reach Gaming
Reach Gaming 1 답글 연결
I remember I was in my living room thinking of this song but I just couldn't remember the beat or artist (sounds stupid I know) 2 days later watches despicable me 3 trailer and almost faints from amazement
BlackRose_841 답글 연결
Watch Dogs 2 brought me here-
XHow To
XHow To 답글 연결
I'm 10 so I don't care
Artyr17 King
Artyr17 King 답글 연결
гадкий я 3 ёу
kuriTM 답글 연결
Rob Brooks
Rob Brooks 답글 연결
Watch Dogs 2 brought me here
ynjeviuolevi 답글 연결
77 people dont know what it is