Rain Boy

Really Slow Motion - Rain Boy
아티스트: Really Slow Motion

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이 음악이 쓰인 영상

gαмιиg gαlαχу cat
TeH lAsT gUeSt!!!11!! guys shut up everyone knows..
Moonlight Lana
Moonlight Lana 답글 연결
Me too
Amelia Haddock
Amelia Haddock 답글 연결
Nico Yazawa
Nico Yazawa 답글 연결
2:19 when they were gaming all seasons
Natalie Maguire
Natalie Maguire 1 답글 연결
This music also reminds me of my friend who lost his mother... But he is staying strong the best he can
GhoulKiller9001 답글 연결
who came here from your World Within?
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 답글 연결
I love this song❤️
Logan Paul,nah just a fan Lol
Natalie Maguire
Natalie Maguire 1 답글 연결
This music is awesome!!!!! this was used in the last guest
Alan Barrera001
Alan Barrera001 1 답글 연결
This song does not sound like rain boy sounds like the last guest
ArtSaber RB
ArtSaber RB 1 답글 연결
FanTastic !:)
Luffy - Sama
Luffy - Sama 답글 연결
Phil Used Dem Magic again >:O
Hayden Cruz
Hayden Cruz 2 답글 연결
Be strong aways be strong
Merasmus HZAA
Merasmus HZAA 2 답글 연결
Last guest ._.
Moonlight Lana
Moonlight Lana 답글 연결
This musi is Awesome!!
Epi Dimlas
Epi Dimlas 4 답글 연결
finally i found the music from the last guest
Nazri Razak
Nazri Razak 3 답글 연결
Be strong.....always be strong
TheWiseOne #W
TheWiseOne #W 1 답글 연결
The moon boy

He is a foster but a wild creature so no one would would take him.
But he has nature to adopt him and the moon is his home and the
Orca will bring him to greatness.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 답글 연결
Beautiful song :3
Muhamad Hazif gaming
Cried 😢😭

Justin 1 답글 연결
Hey get away from her!
Hey look that little rat showed up!
Come on fight me tough guy!
bully punches guest
You weak pathetic guest! Along ur spiaecs died out!
Matt push the bully
Pick on your own side will ya’ll?
Deep2 Deep
Deep2 Deep 4 답글 연결
This is relaxing
Oktanto Heri Subekti
it make me wanna cry
Toon Studios
Toon Studios 7 답글 연결
Always Be Strong.
Toy ChicaTR SFM
Toy ChicaTR SFM 답글
Toon Studios last guest
Vladimir Nikolskiy
Vladimir Nikolskiy 6 답글 연결
I love this song. And it was used in The Last Guest. R.I.P guest.
Gunner Tribe
Gunner Tribe 4 답글 연결
any last guest
Bleach clorox
Bleach clorox 3 답글 연결
the last guest
Matthew Phan
Matthew Phan 답글 연결
It is
coolgirl102139 roblox
Mooney The Arctic Fox
It's kinda creepy

cake chocolate
cake chocolate 답글 연결
hi im daisy ;)
Justin 답글
Justin 답글
Hi I'm guedt
JackGamer_RBLX 답글
cake chocolate liar
cake chocolate
cake chocolate 3 답글 연결
cake chocolate
cake chocolate 1 답글 연결
im gonna win this no i am woo hoo im the champion
xXROBLOXLOVERXx 29 21 답글 연결
last guest anyone?
Duck Lord Vlogs and Gaming
i am from the last guest
Moonlight Lana
Moonlight Lana 답글
Sometimes I change my Avatar into Daisy's, I met Guest at Red Invader!
Moonlight Lana
Moonlight Lana 답글
Jana Tuntevska
Jana Tuntevska 답글
xXROBLOXLOVERXx 29 me Roblox
Moonlight Lana
Moonlight Lana 답글
+Annonaymonster9999 I actually cry for no reason sometimes and that is not wierd
ObliviousHD 71 답글 연결
Amazing song ❤️
Robloxian Army
Robloxian Army 답글
This is probably how he got the music for The Guest.
comment control
comment control 답글
Justin Jaramillo, nope, this is when Daisy was being bullied at the park. And that part where the music just stopped, that’s when the Guest got punched in the eye. Then, when the music suddenly intensified, that’s when Matt came in.
comment control
comment control 답글
GamerIsBetter Doge fam, I noticed you were on the other song as well, the “To Look Up” by Lucas King, I made a playlist of all the songs used, here’s the playlist link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naXeVOvDfck&list=PLdUhEyZdNhEi8W8j7eEbKc4T8IAzzAr_4
Manofofday 123
Manofofday 123 답글
Merasmus HZAA
Merasmus HZAA 답글
Justin Jaramillo and when they both got bullied and rescued by matt
cake chocolate
cake chocolate 11 답글 연결
this song is on the last guest not gonna lie
Your not lieung
Justin 답글
We know
cake chocolate
cake chocolate 답글
Arthur I Black Bear
Arthur I Black Bear 답글
Annonaymonster9999 답글
Arthur I Black Bear
Mostly my reaction was sad, mad, intense, about to cry, angry and other stuff that gave me a very mixed-up vibe and emotion.
RedandBlackJack 답글 연결
Just want to show my appreciation: I used this song on my latest video. It's now circulating on Facebook with hundreds of thousands of views with people leaving very nice comments about how the video gives them goosebumps and tears. I credit that mostly to your song. Keep making the good stuff!
Tomy Ray
Tomy Ray 답글 연결
This music is a scape for me, whenever I feel sad (always) listening to this music is perfect, I remember all the beauty of this world and it's like traveling around the magical places we live at...thanks Phil
Epic Music Land
Epic Music Land 답글 연결
Great Introduction!
sharker spit
sharker spit 답글 연결
Happy ending 😇