Rain Boy

Really Slow Motion - Rain Boy
아티스트: Really Slow Motion

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Christopher fan espeleta
It's the part when the bully's bully dasey and Matt save the day
Christopher fan espeleta
Never give up
Who is here for The Last Guest?
Phylicia Aldridge
it is
GD Demon
GD Demon 1 답글 연결
Always be strong ;) 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Scotty’s 답글 연결
yea yea
DRIN_TKS 답글 연결
Very Emotional
・Brqak_Bone・ 1 답글 연결
Be strong, little guy. Always be strong.

I took that message and all of them in the movie in an emotional way. It is a beautiful movie. You did good, ObliviousHD. A truly stunning piece.
BloxWatch IsHere
BloxWatch IsHere 답글 연결
This is perfect for my phantom forces gameplay
Hanny Riggs
Hanny Riggs 1 답글 연결
This makes me want to adventure
busk animation
busk animation 답글 연결
Matthew Gamer
Matthew Gamer 2 답글 연결
Gael Zarate gil :3
Gael Zarate gil :3 1 답글 연결
alguien mas bino aki por el vídeo de --Aztek--como saber si eres un nub 7 o doy el único?
Really Slow Motion
Really Slow Motion 답글
RabbitE4rs YT
RabbitE4rs YT 답글 연결
2:37 is my favorite part, I love the piano 🙂
Taylor Cahoon
Taylor Cahoon 답글 연결
the last guest :)
Felix's the store
Be strong, always be strong. - The last Guest's parents 2018.
Crispy Skeleton
Crispy Skeleton 1 답글 연결
0:36 - 0:44 This is the toon of my life, I repeat this part to my self almost every day, and never get sick of it. If the characters I come up with or at least my personality in general, this would be my theme! :)
RiceRhysCLIPS K.S 1 답글 연결
1:47 guest gets punched by bullies
Emillio Lopez
Emillio Lopez 답글 연결
Looking at the background i can imagine the orca jumping out of the water with the boy in the air

Also the thing on the left of the moon looks like a pokemon to me
Idk why
Xvier12 답글 연결

The king Of gamer
1:51 MATT!!!
The king Of gamer
Wanna be friends? Yea sure
Lyu Hori
Lyu Hori 답글 연결
is amazing !!!!!!
chicken dodo
chicken dodo 답글 연결
Almost like a wedding
Sky Light The Wolf
this was the part when The bullys bullied The Last Guest And Daisy That Matt Haved Saved The Day :D
noobie starts
noobie starts 답글 연결
Azat Bekbergenov
Azat Bekbergenov 답글 연결
Is Rain Boy = me RainBoy00
mikidstone 답글 연결
To the last guest
Ok who’s here for the last guest
Lυcαѕ Bαll-Kun
matt (ObliviousHD) Appear to Fight the bullies and rescue The Last guest and daisy

Yolanda Caldera
Yolanda Caldera 답글 연결
last guest
JadanCult 1 답글 연결
This makes me think about all the old memories and friends I lost in elementary school I didn’t forget but I just feel like it’s all gone and not coming back.......
Roblox Dhillon
Roblox Dhillon 답글 연결
XxCell TeamxX
XxCell TeamxX 답글 연결
Thanks to this music, i have no more frustration because of oblivious HD
Eric Keogh
Eric Keogh 답글 연결
not all heroes wear capes,
not all are noticed,
but if they are, there rain of hope showers over
Juana Mateo
Juana Mateo 답글 연결
When I heard this song is making me not to give up
Moonlight_ Studios
yara dagher
yara dagher 답글 연결
Be strong already guest ;-)
Louis Reynardo
Louis Reynardo 2 답글 연결
Be strong Always Be Strong
Dont FalI
If You Have Problem
Devyn Schumacher
Devyn Schumacher 1 답글 연결
I was born in 06... and I hate what my generation has come to. I wish more kids went outside! Climed trees! Fake sword fight with sticks for crying out loud! But no everybody is stuck inside playing "fortnite" like what the heck! I want people who know how to live not win a victory Royale
Really Slow Motion
Really Slow Motion 3 답글
There’s still hope for mankind thanks to people like yourself!